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  1. Damo Here it is. That's all the paperwork there was in the box when I bought a new one years ago. Incidentally, ViTrains locos were made in Italy and were originally commissioned and imported by The Hobby Company. But I believe that The Hobby Company no longer exists and, therefore, it is very difficult to find spares. I currently have a 37371 in bits on the workbench following an "accident". If you get stuck with any repairs I may be able to help with advice (but no spare parts!). Regards bkk-bkk instructions 37371 vi-trains v2048 mainline locomotive (maintenance,
  2. Hello John This is fantastic. Thank you for taking the trouble to make the circuit diagram. I’ve abandoned the idea of battery operation and am now fully into AC fault-finding mode (until the magic smoke appears). I have taken some more photos: Figure 2.1 shows a side view of the thermal overload showing that it is actually open. How is this reset? Figure 2.2 shows a close up of R4, R5, R6 They are very difficult to see against the background of the dark parts of the PCB. They are very thin so I have used light from the side to try and highlight
  3. Hello John Thanks again for your help. I've progressed beyond fault-finding mainly because I don't really have the necessary skills and I probably would have to buy replacement parts from overseas where postage costs would be prohibitive. I’ve kicked off my alternative plan and bought a 12V battery. Next job is to modify the controller for 12V DC input. I have disassembled the controller into four major parts and photos are enclosed of the result. Figures 1 shows the 4 major components laid out in the order top to bottom and Fig 2 shows the same
  4. Hello again everyone Many thanks for your continuing input. This is the first time that I have used any forum where the conversation has continued beyond the first question and reply. First a summary of the current situation. This is followed below by answers to specific questions and suggestions. First the reason for the exercise. I have about 25 OO gauge diesel locos, all periods from BR blue through to sectorisation and privatisation. They have all been in storage for about 10-11 years and some of them need minor repairs. They are all fitted with DCC decoders, i
  5. Many thanks for all your helpful suggestions which I read with interest and tried in the latest fault finding exercise. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is the DC controller that is at fault, so I have binned it. However, I do need a replacement DC controller but I don’t want to spend too much and air freight charges are often more than the cost of the item being bought. Low and behold, the DCC controller has a DC function (https://www.bachmanntrains.com/home-usa/images/E-Z_Command_instructions.pdf bottom of page 6). I tried it today and it works but I think it is only a temp
  6. I have a problem where DC locos will not run whereas DCC locos run well on the same track. The track layout is a small Peco Setrack Starter Pack oval with two turnouts and two short sidings. The track is clean and in good condition. It was working fine in DC until recently. No alterations have been made since then, except that I have started to use it for DCC operation (but not at the same time as DC). DC Electrical Arrangements and Operation A Bachmann mains plug in transformer supplies 16V AC to a basic Bachmann rectifier/controller. This, in turn, supplies variable DC to the track
  7. Does anyone have a list of specialist spares dealers? I remember East Kent Models used to specialise in Hornby spares, but I believe they have closed down. Examples of what I'm currently looking for are modern era OO gauge wagon bogie frames (Bachmann, Hornby, Dapol, Heljan). Also Bachmann Class 70 bogie frames, Vi-Trains class 37 & 47 pick-ups, Bachmann IFA bogie centralising springs, etc, etc. Any help will be much appreciated. My apologies to all if this already exists and I have managed to miss it. Regards Brian
  8. Hello 34C You are spot on with the simplicity and economy. And such a simple suggestion. I'll keep this idea in mind for any of the wagons that I can't easily get modified. One of my concerns is not getting a bad reputation as an eBay seller. People do buy without reading the small print and as I mentioned before returns and recriminations could be deadly. I did read some of the posts about eBay on this Forum yesterday and it does seem that there are quite a few idiots around. Many thanks for your suggestion. Brian Gledhill
  9. Hi everyone, I need some replacement bogie frames and 2-axle running gear (without axels and wheels) for about 70 OO Gauge modern era Bachmann, Dapol and Hornby wagons (see attachment). Can anyone suggest where they can be sourced from? The reason I need all these parts is that half a lifetime ago I had grand ideas of building a room size layout using Peco finescale track with medium radius spiral easement curves. Rolling stock would be fitted with Kadee couplings suitable for the medium radius curves. Lots of miscellaneous rolling stock was bought and converted to Kadee. The wagon conver
  10. Hello Tasmania from Thailand

    Just joined RM Web and this is my first enquiry.

    I have about 60 different Bachmann OO gauge wagons that need new bogie frames. Looking at the three that you have on one of your posts how did you produce these diagrams?

    I'm reluctant to get them printed commercially because of the cost and am seriously considering buying a printer just to get these items made. But, I need to be sure that I can get the software and develop the skills needed to create the files before I start spending on the hardware.

    Best regards

    Brian Gledhill (bkk-bkk)

    1. amandalee


      Hi Brian.....Im a residential drafter so am fluent in Cad, I used online drawings combined with photos an d measuring wagons I have, to produce the drawing file. Then sliced that to produce the .stl file to print from.

      I have quite a few good wagon books which have dimensional drawings, as well as just interpreting photos. There is a bit of fudging as well due to the limitations of the printing process, my current printer is a creality cr10s.

      I generally print at .1mm resolution and fairly slowly too, around 30 - 40mm per second. I print parts to get the best look fo rthe surface seen, so some are printed flat and the attached to other parts printed in a different plane. 

      It really is a bit of trial and error!

      What is it you are after as I would be happy to help a bit, true I do sell some on ebay, but thats more to have the printing be self funding rather than make my fortune.





    2. bkk-bkk


      Hello Amanda

      Many thanks for your response.

      I have just posted a more detailed (and long-winded) description of the problems "Replacement OO gauge wagon bogies and running gear".

      This contains an attachment with details of the wagons for which I need replacement parts.

      Looking forward to your reply


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