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  1. Hi Great Bear, Thanks for your comments, The Firebox is tapered. I think its the poor Render Angle. I must admit it took 9 hours just to get the boiler right using the original GWR drawings. I am interested in large scale so I will be printing in 0 gauge and 3.5" The model has a shell of a thickness of around 10mm on which will allow me to plastic weld the parts / slices. Also I have very large 3d Printers including the XYZ Super. Thanks
  2. Hi All, This weekend I have been working on the "City Of Truro" I have done the wheels separate, This is now ready to 3d print. The cab roof and frames are printed apart. Hope you like it
  3. Hiya, As Jim as said above a resin is deffo the way to go with N gauge size, look at filament based 3d printers the main thickness is 0.02mm - 0.03mm thickness with a 0.4mm nozzle. This can make things harder to produce small detail. I am working with a company to upload a huge selection of 3d Printable Files in the Rail world. This will be available in early 2020.
  4. By using Netfabb 2020 I am able to Hollow Shell, Join, Repair, Cut in to what ever number pieces I need. Which will then allow me to reassemble with glue
  5. I have 1000's of Drawings, if you get stuck let me know what you are after. I have them all in Solidworks 2019 , AutoCAD 2019, Inventor, Fusion 360, DWG, DXF, PDF Format (Sorry my hobby is CAD lol, Hence I have so many) Cheers
  6. HI, Thanks all for your replies, Okay so the thickness is not an issue main body is around 40mm thick, Thicker on my Diesels. I am more focused on (GODS WONDERFUL RAILWAY) GWR from the early days, day dot, through to BR I do have some Militarily Locos and some Trams that I made just for classes I did a while back. I will have a crack at splitting today and gluing. The motors are all set 12v sets using the wagons, coaches as Control Module and battery holders keeping cost and design down. The only thing in the Locos will be drive gears and motors thats it. Down full you cant run without a wagon or coach except with Tender Engines... Thanks
  7. Hi All, I have designed loads of Locos in 0 Gauge and 3.5" Gauge i.e Class 40, Class 30, GWR Pannier etc.... I would like to know what would be the best way to split (Cut) the file for for reassembly? I have 10 printers including large build XYZ super, IdeaMaker Super etc and no novice to design and printing. I am using Netfabb Pro 2019. Just wondering if there is a standard way in the world of Model Railway? Thanks
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