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  1. Thanks @marc smith, glad you like the layout I know there was a reason for not choosing a 3-way but can't remember of the top of my head. I surprise myself sometimes with the Scalescene stuff too, luckily if you mess a bit up can always print out another It's pretty grim in Aberystwyth today as well!
  2. A little more progress today with ash piles and water crane drains. Ash piles were created using some spare polystyrene glued to some thin card and then covered in masking tape. A rough hole was chiseled out of the already glued ash layer blue blob glued in place and then ash on top. Some areas need going over again due to slip on the steeper bits but pretty happy with the look. Another pile will appear in due course next to the coaling stage Before starting the ash piles I released I hadn't but the drains for the water crane
  3. The slow but steady progress continues with the shed. Name change Living in Aberystwyth my interest in the Cambrian and Carmarthen lines has been growing so wanted the shed and locos to reflect the lines (rule 1 exemptions apply obviously) Shed ballasting Adding the ash layer has continued. No proper photos but hopefully previous photos show progress with it. I have found the Hattons solution is too dark, good for an oil spill, not general ash so a weak wash using Railmatch roof dirt sufficed to give the dark colour and more uniformity as the gl
  4. A new "allocation" to the shed arrived today with Ex-GWR Mogul 7310.  Very impressed with the model, despite it arrived with the left buffer and dart loose in the box. Nothing a bit of glue won't fix. Full update on progress to follow.
  5. Having put 7310 back together and run in I'm very happy with my model Just a shame about the QC but everything was there are easily rectified. Time for her to join the rest of the fleet at Cambrian Shed- 
  6. Mine has arrived and looks like I got a Friday afternoon model One buffer rolling round the packaging and the other one basically hanging off. Doesn't look like they have been glued!!! The smokebox dart is also missing. First looked as though it had broken off but there is no stub within the door and you can fit a 0.7mm drill bit in. Whilst looking at the tender it spat out the whole dart Not a good start to my Dapol loco experience Hopefully it run, then I'll give it some TLC it deserves as apart from the bits falling
  7. These look awesome @tmc. Definitely tempted to pre-order one now, question is which one
  8. Not bothered about the wait. They arrive when they arrive. Though I would appreciate it if they arrived after the 20th which is payday for me
  9. A massive step with regards the layout and just general modelling happened today. I've gone DCC . After much research I opted for an NCE PowerCab as recommended for beginners and I have to say set up was very simple. Wire the controller to the track, fit decoder to loco, plonk on the track and select an ID number and off we go! I've probably been having too much fun with just one loco (14xx missing face) just going up and down and playing with different features. Still need to get used to the momentum setting, may have over run the buffers and driven through the back of
  10. Bit of track progress Dug out some spare bits of track to experiment weathering ballast and to test out the Hattons "Oil Spill" kit. Pretty happy with the results. I'm happy with the colour of the ballast weathering and the spill kit looks decent. The only minor problem encountered was small air bubbles forming in the spill kit when PVA was applied leaving holes in the surface when dried. Easily sorted though, just pop them with a kebab stick Onto the main layout.....
  11. I'm really starting to like the EFE Rail brand. Nothing for me ATM but looking forward to future announcements. Not wanting to turn this into a wishlist but the Kernow O2 could appear, as well as some other DJM projects such as the Hudswell Clarke
  12. Really like the look of these and could fully warrant buying one as it would fit in perfectly with what I like to model. I'm a little put off with the price though. £180 RRP for a pokey little 2MT!!!!! The unrebuilt MN costs the same and the new A2 variants are only £10 more. Quite happy to pay that price for a top link express loco but a 2-6-0?
  13. https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/video-Dapol-product-update The Mogul got a mention in the GETS Dapol Product Update. (first feature) Summary from the video. The models were on the water on 28th September and expected in shops mid-November I think given that new revised date I might save mine as a Christmas present to myself (insert santa emoji)
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