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  1. Damn it!!!! Was just mooching about on the Rails website, sneezed and accidently pre-ordered the original Caley blue version!!!!! In reality I've been umming and ahing about get one for a while. Might as well get a pre-order in before they arrive given the popularity of the SECR D Class
  2. Given that the announcement of the announcements on Facebook states that they are both running samples I think it's most likely not a 50
  3. Well I certainly didn't expect this when the announcement came out. Never even heard of the A5! It's certainly a chunky old thing
  4. Nice to see these finally have a date. Can't wait to get my hands on L&Y version
  5. Second batch pushed back a year?!?!? When they were announced it was Winter 2021 right? I acknowledge the supply line issues etc. so it's no surprise. More time o save up I guess
  6. Plodding along slowly with progress on the baseboard The central pier for the bridge has been painted, fixed in place and the rest of the area covered with ModRoc and Sculpt Mold. Time to wait weeks for this stuff to dry now! In the meantime I have had my first go at weathering a loco and I'm pretty pleased with the finished product. Just need to add real coal
  7. Only just seen this news and picking up on this thread so don't know if this has been mentioned before. Where does this leave smaller commissioners/manufacturimg model shops, thinking Kernow and TMC for example? Will they be tier 3 as well? It's evident Hattons and Rails fall into T3 as they are in direct competition with the likes of eg. Terrier and Class 66 respectively However I have alway viewed Kernow and TMC as producing left field models or regional specific, Kernow doing lots of LSWR models for example, so they fall outside of Tier 3 because they aren't on direct competition? And at what point is the line crossed?
  8. The past few days I have been focussing on getting the river bridge to a near enough complete state. Firstly, I weathered up the bridge using Citadel Eartshade followed by an airbrush with sleeper grime. I'm happy with the overall look but may dry brush on some rust patches at a later date. The next job was to add the track (finally!). The rail chair are from are from C&L and were preparing beforehand. I don't build track and wasn't for investing in all the bits and bobs for that, so a couple of sleepers to keep the gauge before fixing 4 or 5 chairs at a time worked fine. Everything looks straight and a couple of test run showed no problems The next thing I wanted to complete was the central pier. I've left this until now as I wasn't sure on the size of river I wanted, however with the polystyrene down and carved (ish) I had a better idea of scale and what I wanted to model. The idea is the pier will sit on a shallow sloping shingle bank on the inside of a river bend. Onto building it. The principle was the same as the main parapets, a card construct with plasticard finish. Time for painting!
  9. These looks great. I know I want one but will make my mind up when livery samples arrive I think
  10. The post man delivered the RailTec transfers for the two Standards yesterday so my evenings entertainment involved renumbering both locos I have to say I am really impressed with these transfers with the 3D smoke box numbers, plus the cabside numbers are custom so come as one big print so no need to worry about misaligned numbers
  11. A bit of a progress report for a wet Saturday afternoon... Real railways! I had a week long holiday with my parents over in the Cotswolds last week, which meant I had the opportunity to visit and ride the GlosWarks. 4270 was in action the day we visited seen her running round at Cheltenham Racecourse Layout build Back off holiday it was time to carry on with the layout and start landscaping. This is the result 2 evenings work. Firstly I improved the angle of the embankment seen in the first post with cardboard slats and got the rough shape of the whole thing by packing the underneath with newspaper and gluing over cardboard sheets to give the overall shape. The contours were then built around this using the cardboard and newspaper partion method and then covered this in ModRock. No photos, except the current view, as I was enjoying myself to much to take any. It's fair to say I grossly understimated the amount of ModRock I needed so am stuck with a half finished embankment at the moment Double Standard(4)s Aside from the build I have also been doing quite a bit of research into the Cambrian network and locos present during my chosen time period. Standard 4s were ever present so I wanted to have a couple for the layout and have opted to model 75020 and 75026. '20 and '26 were the first 2 Standard 4s to be allocated to Machynlleth in July 1959. ColourRail has been a valuable source in the research and showed that both locos arrived in BR Black with L/C which I wanted to replicate rather than everything being in lined green. I've had previous experience with the Hornby Std 4s (the S&D models) so wanted to get 2 of the appropriate Hornby versions over Bachmann's offering. The only appropriate model with the right tender (BR2) however is of 75005 which was produced in the first batch in 2012 so cue the eBay hunt! Good news is I was rather successful and managed to get 2 for the RRP of the latest most recent models. Time to get these 2 renumbered!
  12. The Hornby 6w coach conversion sounds like a nice little project. Was the body a chicken coop or a summer house before restoration??
  13. Hello all Currently researching a layout circa 1958-1963 and was wondering the approximate dates when the Std 4 4-6-0s received double chimneys. I've managed to find a list of all the locos that were rebuilt with double chimneys (below) and a couple of dates too. Also been looking at photos on Colour Rail and similar but finding it difficult to work out dates from that. I'm mainly concerned with the WR allocation so 75065-75079 I don't really need to know about Locos rebuilt: 75003, 75005, 75006, 75008, 75020, 75026, 75029 and 75065 – 75079 75003: 6/62 75005: ? 75006: ? 75008: 9/62 75020: 7/62 75026: ? 75029: ? Any help with the other locos would be much appreciated
  14. Hi @johnofwessex The main girder part of the bridge is made using Scale Model Scenery lattice bridge sections, gussets and 8mm rivet strips. Each side is built using 4 of the lattice sections with each separated a 2mm channel plastic strips. The photos probably explain this a bit better
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