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  1. At last! I look forward to see it behind your Powerhaul Class 90 in the grey!
  2. Nice one! I would like to see a short video of the depot in action.
  3. I really like the disused line, and the signalbox really looks like the one at Bishops Stortford! well done
  4. Great paintwork so far. Good luck with the rest of the project!
  5. I like the sound of a not-in-use class 37, especially with the tail lamp. Are you going to do a repaint on it?
  6. Looking forward to pics of the stock from other TOCs, especially the 156 I saw on your YouTube channel! Keep up the great work, it looks so realistic.
  7. Great project, consider it followed. I will look forward to how this develops
  8. Thanks for the info! Good luck with the 455/9 too. Also, I saw on Britannia Pacific Models they are making a GatEx 387 via 3d printing. Might suit your era and location just about
  9. It’s looking really good! May I ask where did you get your kit of the 455 as there isn’t an Rtr model?
  10. Looking great! Can’t wait to see this layout develop. Following with interest!
  11. Looking great Jacob! How’s Redwater coming on?
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