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  1. Hi all, I am building a layout in HO set between Arbia and Asciano on the Siena-Chiusi line, and I was wondering how to get hold of a set of Rivarossi ALn 663s in XMPR (art.HR2426) and ALn 668.3000s in XMPR (also from Rivarossi). Sorry to hijack the thread! Stan
  2. Looks good! A company called Fratix make them but they are quite expensive at €195 for 3 coaches. Even three coaches would look good on your layout so have a think. Here is the link http://www.fratix.it/prodotto/art-fx-2209-set-thello/ as always, your decision!
  3. Have you thought about Thello coaches? I caught that service from Milan to Paris in 2010 and even in the night I could see the sea over the single track line!
  4. Oh the E656 in front would be infinitely better. Such a shame that the line from Andora - Imperia P.M. - San Lorenzo has been rerouted inland, I wish it was still there because it was such a beautiful line. It's great that people are modelling it though! I saw the E483 down at Scarlino in Tuscany for the Tioxide works down there, it was shunting when I went past on a Frecciabianca. It sure looks nice on an IC though! Looking forward to the next update! I saw that Mehano made an E444 Tartaruga too but I'm more of an HO person myself. Stan
  5. There was a company who made MDVC (regionale) coaches and E464 propelling locos a few years back, they would look really good on your superb section of Liguria, something like this.... They were called LoCo models but I'm not sure they make them anymore. I think these are available on Ebay too. Just a suggestion though, it's your layout and you choose what you put on it!
  6. The catenary looks amazing, it really looks like the GEML again. Great work and good luck with the sound on the 153!
  7. Love the great work as usual!
  8. Wow, that looks amazing! Well done to squirrel rail! It really suits the layout, good choice. Looking forward to the Pretendabellio.
  9. At last! I look forward to see it behind your Powerhaul Class 90 in the grey!
  10. Nice one! I would like to see a short video of the depot in action.
  11. I really like the disused line, and the signalbox really looks like the one at Bishops Stortford! well done
  12. Great paintwork so far. Good luck with the rest of the project!
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