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  1. Ok so I found a supplier. There are 3 types available... 98% tin, 1.5% bismuth, 0.5% copper 92% tin, 8% antimony 92% tin, 7.75% antimony, 0.25% copper Im thinking I should go with the first one
  2. I want to cast some scenic items and platform accessories. A friend of mine made the rubber molds for me but I have a question about the metal itself. I have a 1 lb. ingot of what I thought was white metal, but after casting the items this metal looks way too shiny to be white metal, and it didn’t pick up the tiny details as well as the scrap white metal pieces from various oo scale kits that I used the first time, although the ingot did melt at the same low temperature. After my buddy examined it, he told me that the ingot I have was “pewter”. So to my ques
  3. Mainly Trains fret #MT-230 is an excellent item. Normally when I build plastic kits I cut off the w-irons and use sprung or rocking ones, but for this kit I felt like just leaving the original ones. This is Parkside kit PC42. Added full LMS clasp brakes and other cast bits from 51L. Transfers are modelmaster. I think these vans were all bauxite, but looks good in maroon. 1 little issue I had, I burnt one of the w-irons with the soldering iron, as you can see in the photo.
  4. I'm sorry about asking so many underframe-questions these last few weeks, but I am a total underframe geek, with a little OCD. But to my question, does anyone have any clear photographs (the real thing or models),or clear diagrams, of the underframes w/ all the pipework for the following wagons... SR/BR PMV/CCT, LNER Extra long CCT, GWR Mink G, GWR Mink D, GWR Bloater. I have plenty of unopened kits laying around of these wagons but I don't want to start the builds until I know I have all the little bits needed so I can begin soldering once i've completed the body and floor. This will be my
  5. Does anyone know of any issues with the Peco item #SL-113 code 75 to 100 transition track? My layout is in code 100 but I’m going to have to use code 75 on certain areas for a number of reasons, one being that they don’t make the Peco double-slip in electrofrog code 100, only code 75. I want to know if anyone has has any issues with the SL-113 transition track. Thanks
  6. Just an update, i finally finished the kit, my first brass. I have no idea how the livery looked so I got a little creative with it. I'm awaiting the Mainly Trains brake detail fret. Also one of the brake shoes snapped off and fell into my carpet.
  7. Ok after doing more research I found that Masokits produces etches for this. Unfortunately I am living overseas in the USA for the next few years and in their catalog it looks like they do not take paypal or other electronic payments. In the screenshot below I circled the part number (2.01). If anyone is able to get their hands on 2 or 3 of these (2 in 10' WB and 1 in 9' WB, or 1 each), I would be willing to pay you interest on them on top of the original price plus delivery
  8. I am having trouble finding the parts (or a complete kit) of the SR clasp brake under frame (4mm), I've attached some photos. Anyone know of any sellers for the correct parts, plastic, brass, or whitemetal will do. Also does anyone have a diagram of this rigging just in case I have to make it from scratch? Thanks
  9. Can someone please direct me to a store that sells underframe bits to improve RTR coach underframes and bogies? Particularly brass and cast whitemetal parts. Thanks P.S... in 4mm
  10. I found the instruction sheet for the righthand fret. I'm pretty sure I can compete the dual brake rigging with this fret as well as 0.5mm brass wire for the loops. Thanks for the tip
  11. So I’ve spent a good portion of my Sunday alleviating my OCD by making a clear and complete plan for what I am going to do with the wagons I’ve already built and all future wagons. So here goes... EXISTING WAGONS: LMS D1664 Vans (Cambrian): Replace uframe with Rumney and/or Gibson RCH 17’6” x 9’ steel uframe LMS All-Steel Vent Vans (Cambrian): Replace uframe with Rumney and/or Gibson RCH 17’6” x 9’ steel uframe LMS 8T Fish Vans (Cambrian): Replace uframe with Rumney and/or Gibson RCH 17’6” x 9’ steel uframe SR 8-Plank Opens (Cambrian): Repla
  12. Hey I’m back. So I’m almost done with the last of the brake bits and it looks like this kit doesn’t include every part to actually have a complete dual brake system. There are no safety loops for the yokes, and the thing that pivots that the 2 yokes connect to (I forgot what it’s called), as well as a few other tiny bits. Do you think the Mainly Trains detailing fret would have the parts needed to complete the missing brake components? Also what is the best thing to use to make safety loops for the yokes ? Simple brass wire? If so what thickness?
  13. thank you for all of that info. I’m glad Rumney models uframes are as good as they look then. after analyzing all the plastic wagons that I’ve built over the years (about 150 of them), I’ve decided that I will keep SOME of the plastic uframes, to be specific the ones that are moulded finely like Parkside, Slaters, and Chivers. I will be replacing the uframes on the Cambrian and Ian Kirk kits. Have any of you notices that their moulings are very blobby? Like the leaf springs are blobbed together as one single thick spring. I will be replacing their uframes one by one. And from now o
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