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  1. I am looking for a list or database of all the British railways wagon numbering to help with future kit builds. Example: Gunpowder van - B887xxx Meat van - B870xxx ect...
  2. Wow, its crazy how something manufactured so long ago can just remain untouched for so long. Even the packaging is in mint condition. I wonder how many thousands of these were around when they were in production. Back then no internet to place orders. Did you buy your cask wagon in shop or through a catalog?
  3. Since we were on the topic of the accuracy of Hornby RTR wagons a few posts back, I was wondering about the accuracy of the Hornby refrigerator van. I know this was discussed before but i would like to learn a little more. I found this old drawing on the internet a while ago, it seems to be the only photo/drawing of the wagon on the internet. Does anyone have any photographs of this wagon?
  4. This week i was in the mood the hunt around for some older kits as i would like to add more diversity to my layout. What i was able to get my hands on these last 2-3 weeks were... x2 Coopercraft GWR Dia O5 4-Plank Opens x1 Ratio NE exNB Empty Cask Wagon x1 Sutherland Models LNER Fish Van x1 Slaters Rectangular Tank Wagon x1 Colin Ashby GWR 20T Mineral Wagon x1 D&S Models GNR Clerestory Fruit/Milk Van I've already started working on the D&S Clerestory Fruit/Milk Van, unfortunately the roof ventilators were missing, i will either search online f
  5. I was actually just thinking that. Thanks
  6. Before I build this 4mm 51L NER perishable goods van whitemetal kit, I want to know what you guys do about the louvre vents on the sides and ends. Is it best to drill them out or just paint them to give the appearance of open slots. If you do drill them which tool would be best suited for this as it is a 4mm kit so they need to be cut very finely. Here’s a pic from the wizard models web store
  7. Thanks it was a very basic kit, and it is now the first wagon i own with an 8'6 WB lol.
  8. Will do, i noticed that too, it was a tad bit annoying when i tried to make the ends and side perfectly square w/o having a corner gap
  9. By the way, just finished the 51L kit I posted above, with nothing but a craft knife, super glue, sandpaper, and tweezers. I am very happy with how it came out. I just ordered an alignment jig to help with future kits
  10. Interesting, I will give that a try with the next one. I just ordered the ventilated version of the d1664 like the one shown a few posts up
  11. ok so a tool does exist for that. Thank you
  12. Oh yeah in the picture they are not lined because i was demonstrating how the van sits on 12mm wheels. On a side note, does anyone have any tips on how to line up the w-irons with these whitemetal kits. Ive built one before, it came out OKAY, but the wheels were slightly off center.
  13. I actually added the Kadees AFTER i put 10.5mm wheels on the van. They line up perfectly with the smaller wheels installed
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