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  1. I paid my 50% deposit by bank transfer. So I’m not the only one this has happened to. A week ago I emailed them giving them two weeks notice to refund. That will take the deadline to 24th December. If I don't get a refund by then, I’ll send a recorded letter with a warning of legal action from the small claims court.
  2. In a march 2018 I paid them £800 as 50% deposits which they say they needed. In that time there has been communication from them but only that they had issues with the OO units. Have heard nothing after asking for a refund. mid no reply by early next year I’m considering legal advice on this. Its unacceptable that they haven’t replied about deliveries. Or a timeline for delivery.
  3. Hello All In Match 2018 I ordered OO scale Nelevator from a company called Nelevation. Still not delivered and hardly word from them after chasing up progress several times. Has anyone here recently had a unit delivered or having issues like mine? It’s very frustrating. Thanks
  4. Hello All I'm new here and hope this will be a really good site to share ideas, for me to gain model railway knowledge and get to know fellow modellers on here. I’ve been a model railway enthusiast for many years and want to say hello to everyone!
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