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  1. Looks very good Jeff up to the Uckfield MRC standard! Martin
  2. Good to see this progressing. Is there any visibility of the cost as I am committed for three of these and it would be good to know which side of Christmas too?
  3. So I had forgotten all about these so it looks like they will still be produced.... I think they could do some more production runs and still sell them easily? It would be good to understand the inside commercial story on these and do they make money for rails? I hope so...
  4. Excellent news. It is still good to have an old school magazine in the days of everything on line.... Perhaps MRJ should be seen as the vinyl of the railway magazines? Now coming back into fashion...... Martin
  5. Linny looks interesting. I do like the 4 wheelers makes up a nice train. Pre grouping trains are generally shorter than more modern ones and easier to fit in... Martin
  6. Guy I managed to P4 Toms wagon I just had to file back about 0.2mm on each solebar for the rocking w irons. Not to difficult to do and they do look smashing wagons... Well worth the effort in my view Martin
  7. Jeff all looking very good. We missed you at the UMRC Skype call tonight it would be good if you can join us an give us a guided tour of the layout next week? Martin M UMRC
  8. I can't think of a better reason for my wagons to be delayed ! Well done Dapol/Rails. Are any other manufactures doing anything similar? Martin
  9. What about a SE&CR Cattle wagon as the next choice? Looks like you are having great success with SE&CR wagons.... Martin
  10. Is it me or does this bare a passing resemblance to a SE&CR D class? Martin
  11. Tom I am interested in the latest wagon when you are ready and no rush. Pm me when you are ready. Very interested in the SER brake van as long as it has not been done before? Put me down for 2 of these... Martin M
  12. Yes please i tried to order 2 but as I hadn't ordered within 24 hour I missed out as I am sure many people did... Any earlier version with single sided brakes would also be interesting or how about a SE&CR Cattle wagon? Martin
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