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  1. Thanks Dungrange, there’s enough info there to determine that it must be a V4, much appreciated!
  2. Sorry, I can’t as I don’t want to remove the body of the loco but thanks for the info.
  3. Does anyone know the Loksound model shown on my dcc controller as, 151 version 255 please?
  4. Well the Bachmann 4MT tank sound project was concluded satisfactorily and worked out quite well considering the drawbacks associated with fitting a Hornby TTS steam sound decoder to a Bachnann steam loco.
  5. For the record I have the following CV values set thus: CV12=1 CV29=38 CV13=0 CV14=3 CV241=0 CV242=0
  6. Thanks for the reply and query. The first controller is an AGW PE143 transistor power unit, and the second is a Hammant and Morgan Duette, both working well and used for my DC locos with no problems and both giving exactly similar results when used with the Soundtraxx decoder.
  7. Please see the youtube link to see the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f-wvwjUBiQ&feature=youtu.be
  8. I have been trying to upload a short video clip of the faulty running on DC sound with this loco but can't make the clip small enough to fit in the 10 MB limit on this forum. Can anyone assist with this please?
  9. That's fine Nigel but Bit 5 has to be enabled at 32 weight in order for the loco to run on an extended address. This is the default setting for the Soundtraxx decoder as it is usual for most users to have several locos. Regards Doug PS I am looking at CVs 13 and 14 to see if they need tweaking.
  10. Thanks for the thought Izzy, there are no capacitors on the motor, I also removed the two wire wound chokes on either side of the Bachmann 8 pin socket and rewired it accordingly.
  11. Hi Nigel, I looked at your link and tried the ticked suggested setting of 6 for CV29 with no joy, the resultant being no motion at all on DCC or DC though with background sound as before (air pump and generator). If bit 5 long loco address is included then a total of 38 for CV29 is indicated. This is actually the figure I had arrived at on rereading the Soundtraxx manual, I had not enabled the 28/128 Bit 1 speed step mode (Bit weight 2) totalling 38. With CV29 set to 38 the chuffs as before stop wheel movement for the normal duration of the chuff.
  12. Well I'm not having much luck with my sound ventures recently, or is it me? {:O) Having very successfully fitted a Soundtrax Econami decoder, adaptor board and sugar cube speaker into a Samhongsa CPR K1a 4-8-4 and with it running and sounding really good on DCC, I then tried enabling DC mode running on the decoder programming. Not at all straightforward as to enable CV12 must be set to 1 (fine, no problem) then CV29 has to be changed with the number being arrived at by totalling the bit weights which are determined by turning each one of 8 separate bits in CV29 on or off. I enabled Bit 1 (speed steps) which has a Bit weight of 2, Bit 2 APS (DC mode) which has a Bit weight of 4 and Bit 5 (EAM) which allows extended addressing . Bit 5 has a weight of 32, the three weights totalled = 32+4 +2= 38. However when testing on DC power (2 different controllers tried) sound is enabled OK but wheel revolutions are paused at each chuff which itself is only briefly played. Had anyone successfully enabled DC running with sound on on of these decoders please?
  13. A final post to clear up any hint of uncertainty as to whether Bachmann steam 3 pole motors will work satisfactorily with Hornby TTS steam decoders. I have disconnected the motor wires from the Bachmann motor and substituted (off chassis) a Mitsumi motor of the type obtainable cheaply off EBay from China. The sound obtained with the Mitsumi has none of the glitches suffered using the Bachmann motor, the chuff sequences following each other correctly and not jumping erratically. The Bachmann motor is not fault and runs well on a LAIS DCC silent decoder with no glitching. Lesson now learnt and I shall have to find a replacement motor to use the TTS decoder.
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