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  1. Does anyone know how far north these vans would have gotten - I.e. north of Hadrian’s wall?
  2. A long shot but don’t suppose anyone has any Trouts for sale, or knows of any for sale? Preferably the LNER version (R6544) or BR a lack (R6650) - please PM if so! Thanks in advance.
  3. Considering buying one of these to create 60011 'Empire of India' in BR green with blue nameplates; could anyone clarify whether the loco carried a streamlined corridor or an un-streamlined corridor tender in this period? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Wondered if anyone may have a spare chimney cap from a Hornby Brit? Seem to have lost the one on my model - so does anyone have a spare/damaged body/one they have removed to replace with a brass chimney? Aware you can get the latter from PDK but not sure that I have the nerve to take a file to a model to remove the bottom half of the Hornby chimney! Thanks, Andrew.
  5. Evening, In the unlikely event that there is anyone selling some of Hornby's LNER Trout ballast hoppers please get in touch and we can agree a price! Will take as many as possible. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  6. Perhaps an odd question but does anyone have a spare box (or even just inner sleeve) for one of these coaches? Just acquired a second hand set of five, one of which Is missing the ice-block packaging. As I am collecting stock for a layout which is yet to be built I would like to know that the coaches are stored securely until I can run them! Happy to pay a reasonable amount or donate to a charity of your choice. If anyone can help please send me a private message. Thanks, Andrew
  7. Sorry to dig up a very old thread, but can you remember (or suggest) the appropriate paint to use to paint out Hornby’s darker red lines between panels?
  8. Hello all, I have recently purchased a number of unboxed Hornby Thompson suburbans and Gresley Corridor stock for use on a future layout but in the meantime I will need to store them safely. Aware I can buy generic OO gauge storage boxes, but it would be nice (or my OCD is in overdrive!) to have the appropriate boxes for them. Not worried about matching the exact R number by box to coach, just something which will hold them relatively securely! Would be willing to pay a reasonable sum per box/donate to a chosen charity and of course reimburse postage.
  9. Many thanks; ended up prying off gently. One spigot had snapped, so both cut flush and chimney glued back on. Not perfect but for the price paid I can't grumble!
  10. I managed to pick one of these up in Oxford's "factory reject bin" on Sunday at Model Rail Scotland for £20. It was advertised as a non-runner with split gears (which I have now fixed), but the chimney is also not sitting correctly on the smokebox. I am a recent returnee to modelling with limited skills, can anybody suggest what might be the best way to remove the chimney so that I can reattach it in the correct position? I can live with it (especially for £20!) if it is a very difficult task. Thanks in advance.
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