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  1. And I wasn't trying to sound patronising but in hindsight maybe did, I know I didn't specifically say there was a pic in the first post!
  2. It must be out of date then given the aforementioned Facebook post with a photo of one on it.
  3. I saw that Richard from New Junction got his Northern one from Tony's trains
  4. It's a funny one isn't it. I'd have thought some of the newly emerged families would be a good target. Aventura, Civity, DesiroCity etc. along with the Electrostar which I have been amazed at not being done for a while. While I aren't complaining about it, I was surprised by the 56 announcement from elsewhere this last week simply because I never thought the existing one from Hornby was worth competing with, not amazing but I think there will be some sort of reaction to make things difficult. Good for the consumer nonetheless. If people are wanting to go into battle vs
  5. But that was exactly my point (as I brought 099 up to begin with), forgetting DCC for a moment. The comparison with Accurascale was to do with detail, and lighting positions and tooling for massive amounts of variation is something we hear a lot about from AS. Bachmann not so much and it would appear they haven't tooled all the headlamp positions on their new 20, but they specifically did so for 099 which means they can and do when they want to. It's also worth noting they updated their 70 tooling for the intake mods (shame it didn't get independent end lighting at the same time).
  6. 1 and 3, I have decided to have some. Just need a £1 selling fee weekend on eBay now to get rid of the others!
  7. I appreciate they explained it, but whether it's an excuse for cutting corners or a valid reason I don't know. For example if there was a competitor on that model would they have achieved it? There are plenty of things that all of a sudden become achievable when the desire to do it is increased. It's not my place to design one, but it's one of the reasons I haven't bought one. If it was going to add £10 more to the loco I'd have taken the £10 increase and probably had one or more (given they tend to run in pairs). I know it's a different design challenge, and old toolin
  8. Sorry for bringing this thread back to life, but I am on my 2nd Northern 153 (sold the first, regretted it, bought another) and the first was bad at low speed with a Gaugemaster decoder (I presumed it was the decoder), this one I have a Lokpilot 5 in, and tweaked the CVs to get it nice and smooth running from low speeds. The only niggle is it seems high geared or something, as in if I have mine voltage at 2 then it won't move. 3 it moves and is moving probably about 5mph. Most of my stuff I can get it running all the way down to crawling slowly. Is it that this gearbox/motor combin
  9. Those 20/3s without marker lamps you mean? Don't get me wrong they do tend to be excellent models, but they do sometimes overlook/not go to the lengths to do certain things. In terms of the comparison you were replying about, sometimes Bachmann do have the correct tooling for things such as lighting positions, sometimes they don't. The new TFL 20s don't have the lights in the right place IIRC, 37099 they tooled specially for. This is exactly the sort of thing AS make a point of telling us all about when they do something. So yes, Bachmann are good but there's a couple o
  10. I was considering this, £75 is a lot for a coach but the Hornby ones look like they fetch about £40 at the moment and these look a lot better.
  11. And I'd rather they kept the price to themselves until it's definite too, one manufacturer has upped prices on something I had on preorder with them.
  12. I was going to say that on Facebook groups etc. there are more than what there are on here proportionally, but I also think that any sort of social area for this sort of thing doesn't depict the true demographic, other than shows perhaps. Facebook is probably popular with younger people on average than internet forums, but then some people (generally older) won't involve themselves with either. And I think that the younger somebody is the more likely they are to want more recent stuff. I feel that around the present day (which is what I am into, although I am considerin
  13. I am happy with my Hornby one, but they haven't done a DC grey one yet.
  14. They are different classes so unlikely to matter. Given the 56 is at CAD render stage and the 69 is at photograph of prototype stage, one looks ahead of the other....
  15. Yep those are the liveries I am interested in, mostly DC as I have a Colas one already.
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