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  1. Yeah but the current Turbostars don't really have a place in the market given they aren't DCC ready. Although as I have said elsewhere on here I do think they would have a place if they were DCC ready at the right price. I'm amazed nobody has yet TBH. But it's backward thinking I reckon to consider it at what could be near the end of their lives. I suppose there are plenty of liveries to go at. If it were me I'd be keeping an eye on Aventras, Desiro City and Civity to pick classes with as much tooling commonality/geographical range/liveries.
  2. Newly tooled stuff I can't disagree with you. It's the fact that the stuff that has been around for years leaping up that raises my eyebrows. A newly tooled Heljan 47, including what I presume is Gaugemaster's cut on their commissions, is available for about £10 more than a Bachmann 57 IIRC. And the second statement there might be the problem with the first. The marketplace has changed a lot since then. I have more money's worth of stuff on pre order with Hornby, Accurascale and Revolution than I do with Bachmann, but given my only interest is present day or the
  3. And a 5 car 800 can be bought from Hornby for £355.
  4. I think that's the thing that is happening with prices now TBH. The prices are not beyond what I will pay for something I really really want/must haves. There are loads of things on my layout that don't fall into that category as I felt they were at a price I could justify. It might be that things are going to end up where people are buying 50% less stuff and paying 50% more for what they do buy. But I expect it will be a self fulfilling prophecy that then the price goes up further still because runs are smaller because people are buying less.
  5. The body is a new tooling to represent the changes to the toilet IIRC, but not a new chassis.
  6. I do have a Northern RT 156 on order, that to me is more important than the 150 as well. As my area of interest is around York I am picking on Northern for the run of the mill DMUs but given I only really want 2 or 3 I am being fussy. 158 is my favourite, then 156. The 150 is just because there is no 158 at the moment TBH. OTOH I think realistically I am going to work on a time range for the layout from late 2019 to present so actually a 142 would work too.
  7. Yes, that uplift is just enough to probably rule me out of a 150, just like £280 was enough to rule me out of a 156. I get that they charge what they want/have to and people can take it or leave it. But if it rules people out who are on the fence then it's everyone's loss. I'd probably pay the £320 -15% for a Northern 158, because they are my favourite sprinter class.
  8. Wow, whilst I don't agree with most of the whinges at the cost of multiple units I expect it will be a hard sell at that rate. I see the Northern one has gone up to £295 as well. I have one on order for £220 (£260 RRP minus the discount allowed), I think I will be declining the purchase if the price goes up another £30 TBH.
  9. I presume this is new information, as some of them didn't have prices before? Might mean they decide to make them sooner rather than later in that case.
  10. I expect they could do something similar to what Dapol did with the 68 and Hattons did with the 66 where two different valances come with the loco/DVT and the user fits which one they want.
  11. Ah I didn't realise there were two colours, I had just assumed it was the finish of the model and the lighting why they looked different. Ok so not a rerun, would be good to have some royal blue ones to run with a Cappagh 60!
  12. TomScrut

    Class 88/93

    And that is something I really hope happens more often, although in terms of crowd finding I do prefer placing a deposit rather than the full amount having been burnt before (in a non model railway situation). I hope somebody does a mk2 NR DBSO on these grounds like Revolution have with Caroline. There are a few items that I think would benefit from that, where it would seem the manufacturers have done a run or two of and then not done any more (probably due to slow sales) yet nowadays they fetch strong money on eBay etc. Dapol MRAs, Bachman JJAs, Polybulk wagons, Hornby/Drax Bioma
  13. TomScrut

    Class 88/93

    No it doesn't, but the fact that you haven't spotted this does work for the point you're making! Haven't the 88s pretty much been all over the UK at one point or another?
  14. TomScrut

    Class 88/93

    I am pretty sure that was covered in the lengthy "Dapol can we have an 88" (or whatever it was called) thread. IIRC DRS didn't want to negotiate the 88 at the same time. Yes, I have an EP/ROG 37 on order from AS with literally nothing for it to pull at the moment, the livery sold it. I am thinking of sorting some barriers for it in due course but I will wait, I think somebody will make some. There soon will be 3 manufacturers having done ROG 37s, and 2 having done ROG 47s so I'd expect the market for stock will be there. As with this, the loco is sellin
  15. TomScrut

    Class 88/93

    And if I recall correctly DRS have some sort of IP ownership on the shape too (probably why these don't look the same), which AFAIK is unusual, I *think* most of the time there would be a negotiation with the manufacturer for the loco design and then the operator for the livery. For example I'd expect Hornby will produce 800s with agreements with Hitachi, GWR and LNER, and it could be the reason why the TPE 802 didn't happen. I expect most of the time it's either a formality where the owners of the IP get a small fee for doing very little, or its an absolute nightmare where the own
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