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  1. Where did you get these from if you don't mind me asking?
  2. As well as what @newbryford said, how many people have layouts where they wouldn't be up and down so often it wouldn't look silly? I'd expect on a lot of layouts they would be doing several cycles a minute which could look pretty silly.
  3. TomScrut

    Class 142

    Yeah it's not that it won't stop me buying one, it's that I'd rather have it how I want it if one of them is like that. The main issue for me (and this is not a criticism, more me than the product) is the decision between how much it will be and how much I will want one. The differentiating factor on the 156 is pretty much what Rainbow charge extra for the work they do to put it in Northern livery. It just puts it too close to relevant larger unit/loco coach combinations. And again that's not a criticism as it's a lot of work they do, it's just it's more than I want to spend when I can hope that Realtrack do a factory Northern 156 one day (something I am hoping more than expecting), Bachmann do a Northern 158 (which I think would happen) and I can just buy a 150/2 when they come out.
  4. TomScrut

    Class 142

    @charliepetty are any of the Northern ones going to be as current, which I believe have less branding on them?
  5. Are any of the power cars and Mk3s the same colour?
  6. Which is unfortunate since these power cars aren't applicable before the most recent logo came in AFAIK
  7. I don't know if it's in this thread or not but I have mentioned the Civitys before as a desirable one to do because of potential commonalities across several classes, although the 397 is probably the worst one in this respect other than it may have some parts in common with the mk5s perhaps?
  8. Hmm I may reduce the brightness on my decoder just to be on the safe side. I have a white Z21 so I can't adjust voltage.
  9. It could well be a second half of the original batch too, rather than a "repeat run". Given these turned up just before everything kicked off in China they could have paused production and then resumed with something else to avoid further delays to that perhaps?
  10. I think the positioning of the NR logo/text is less of an issue than the wonky application as the eye doesn't pick that out. I could probably show the power car without context to my partner who's interest in trains is 0, and the wonky writing would be picked out but not the missing marker lights, slight mispositioning of the graphics and larger camera box. I.e. it's not a case of comparison with prototype (unless the prototype was wonky too) but the fact that to untrained eyes it just looks bad. But the NR text has a space between the words, doesn't look like it does on the real thing and I think the angle of the RH edge of the NR logo isn't right either.
  11. The thing is with 20s, a bit like the 37s is that there isn't enough work for locos that size/power to justify a brand new type yet the work does exist so they hang on
  12. TomScrut

    Class 59 in 00

    Aye I think that's the pic I saw to be honest!
  13. TomScrut

    Class 59 in 00

    Nah you don't want them they look rubbish.... Says the guy who has a pair on order and ordered 2 packs of PCAs today...
  14. I think it's that the italic capital Y looks odd TBH. And if anything it gives the impression it's sloped the opposite way to the model IMO
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