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  1. Just wondering if 97301 ever runs with MK3 DVTs on the other end of a train (other than moving them about)? From what I can see it normally runs with a DBSO but they aren't easy to come by! Actually since posting this I have found a pic of it top and tailing with 37099 which is good enough for me as I have it!
  2. Yeah but they have made their fair share of DB 60s now haven't they? Dowlow is still hanging about yet they are doing two more this year! Anyway it was just an example, there are quite a few "broken records" in terms of stuff that seems to appear almost year on year and interest must be low surely? Yet a loco in a very nice (IMO) livery, with RTR stock to go with it on its way (which is more than can be said for quite a few locos) needs to go through this process. We don't know how many people want mk5as, how many people already have Brutus, how many Dapol need to sell, etc. etc. so it is really an unknown what's going to happen!
  3. Yes but the question is how popular are they? For example, have the Irish company already got enough orders to cover their costs? If not then it might also mean there isn't enough demand, whilst quite a lot of us want it, to do a run exclusively made up of TPE 68s. It's a funny one. Hornby can do runs of red class 60s year in year out (2 this year!) without bother but Dapol need expressions of interest for what is a popular locomotive in one of the most desirable and sought after livery on the network.
  4. There is only one respray I have looked at and thought wow I want that! It was Rainbow's Northern Railtrack 156 And at £275 or something it's not badly priced vs a normal one I don't think
  5. I would be pleasantly surprised if the TPE one goes ahead TBH. Having said that there seems to be plenty of us ordered 2, and my only "real life" model railway friend has ordered one. I can't help but wonder if Dapol have set this up to see if the numbers match the noise. Although you'd expect the quantities to make a 3 locos viable would be far less than to make 2 sets of coaches viable.
  6. You'd think 033 would be a logical choice (vs other DRS ones) because of that. There's no real reason why that would be a bad idea
  7. The silly thing is that the circumstances where a TPE 68 would be running flasks would probably mean either 68033 or 68034 running TPE instead meaning a 50/50 chance of what I am proposing not happening either given I have 68034! Which I specifically bought as one of the 2 DRS ones with the gear for running with MK5s in case the new TPEs never see light of day or Brutus (which I had in my possession at the weekend but sent it back as dissatisfied with the condition) doesn't drop in second hand value.
  8. If the 68s come back end I may have 2 68s, 2 sound 37s and 1 sound 92 (which I haven't ordered yet) coming all at the same time! The "issue" with the Accurascale models is the sound looks good value vs upgrading down the line. I use ESU Lokpilots anyway (so about £30) meaning a sound 37 or 92 is only £60 more than DCC and it will come with all the functions mapped already.
  9. Another thing is (but I aren't sure it ever happened) is I have 68034 which could work with one of them on nukes possibly? Maybe a bit of a tenuous link there but... I have a rake of JNAs and MOAs which from what I can see on Flickr there is hardly any diesel loco still running which hasn't been on the front of a rake of those. I do actually want some more 68s, especially a ScotRail one but I am resisting as I am already getting carried away!
  10. I am going to park one up in a "York station" kind of scenario or run it on other stuff as if it was on DRS duty like they were reliveried before they were allocated to TPE. And then I will probably buy a second rake of coaches. I only got back into it last year after a 20 year hiatus and looking back at the last 5 years there hasn't been that much to get excited about for me in hindsight other than the Dapol 68, but this year I have loads of stuff on pre order and I am about out if stuff I aren't that bothered about keeping long term to flog! Pretty much a Northern 153, some HHAs and a 221 which given the amount of work I have put in making it full DCC I aren't sure I want rid of yet! So not making a big dent in the outlay. At least most of it is back end, if not delayed, so I can save up.
  11. I have had Destroyer on pre order since the announcement, but last night impulsively put my name down for an Achilles too. Maybe an expensive mistake as I'll probably then have to order more carriages...
  12. TomScrut

    Hornby APT 2020

    Exactly. But the % if it matters is 16.666 recurring. 100*0.2/1.2= 16.666 recurring
  13. They had a post on FB saying it has been postponed for a week due to issues with YouTube
  14. TomScrut

    Hornby APT 2020

    16.6666% recurring actually, so you could be making an absolute killing off that 0.1666%!
  15. These look great, it's a shame they don't run anymore and so a bit early for me.
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