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  1. I think you have to create a new order and unfortunately pay postage again. I asked this question to Revolution a while back when I had 2 packs on order and wanted to add another and that was the answer I got. Oddly enough I now have 4 packs in 3 separate orders.
  2. Yeah TPE do this on theirs, you need to look at the board to see what end which coach is.
  3. Which do they even do a 156? Are the new models now available for pre order? The website looks like they are.
  4. Thanks that's a really interesting summary, I am not familiar with the GWR network so it is informative. So my understanding is then that the turns occur during service either due to diversions (as you mentioned) or possibly the nature of some routes (are there any triangular services?) unlike the example I gave of the TPE 68/mk5s where it is that the lines leading to the depot are perpendicular to the route?
  5. And is the direction of the set an obligation? Or is that a GWR responsibility other than when it leaves a Hitachi depot? Do they get spun around when they go to the depot as per the TPE Mk5 sets, when they go to Longsight they end up reversing out and so the destination from the depot relative to where they came in from affects the end the loco is on.
  6. Yeah the few sound locos I have I think I don't do much other than engine and horn to be honest. I cannot be bothered with cab door shutting, and so on. I have done the Illuminated mod on one, it is a bit of a faff, more of a faff IMO than axle boxes on Hattons 66s for example. Yes and sorry I should have said I'd still be keen to have Hattons ones. I agreed with the post I was quoting but obviously that's not obvious in the context of my reply!
  7. Although given I have these from Bachmann I expect their values would plummet!
  8. Couldn't agree more, and this was a point I made to those bleating on about the big light issue a few months ago. It's still more realistic than the Bachmann one they were all going to start buying again!
  9. Yes the livery errors are annoying. I'd have had an orange FL one if it had been the right colour. Having said that it is also worth noting that in realism terms when a loco is on its way round a layout the lighting is very important IMO, I think the lighting on the Bachmann ones sticks out like a sore thumb as it just looks daft with one headlight and the high marker on. That's on ALL of their models, the livery issues are only on a few (varying) Hattons ones.
  10. Well, that's going to sell a membership to me, I was considering it anyway but this is the deciding factor
  11. It was there the other day as I was looking myself
  12. I didn't think this was bad: https://clarkrailworks.com/collections/oo-gauge/products/Hornby-oo-r2955-virgin-coach-pack-r4431-virgin-charter-relief-coach-pack Pretendolino coaches, MK3 DVT and 90 for £200.
  13. I'd assume JMRI would do it assuming you have appropriate feedbacks but I might be wrong. It wouldn't be a fade though it would be a switch off I expect?
  14. Dapol have announced today that they are on the water so Jan in shops.
  15. That somebody was in fact... me! But thanks anyway!
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