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  1. Dear all, Hornby always fit the same profile bogie wheels to all their locos, for some they are near enough correct; for others they are downright awful! The pattern seems to be in favour of Gresley but when that same pattern of wheel is fitted to Stanier locos; it looks altogether wrong. I notice that Hornby’s proposed new Princess Royal pacific, which although being fitted with correct profile driving wheels, seems to be suffering with the usual wrong bogie wheels; the Duchesses and Black Fives certainly do! Would it be possible to forward my attached pdf file to Hornby’s design team for their consideration? Bachmann bogie wheels are usually better; in the past I’ve even transposed Hornby wheels for Bachmann….now that can’t be right!!! Tony Clout Hornby incorrect bogie wheels.pdf
  2. Dear all, When will Hornby and Bachmann ever get Walschaerts valve gear correctly assembled. With the weight of Railway Modeller, would it be possible to pass on my attached pdf file to the design teams at Hornby and Bachmann who boast of laser scanning the prototypes to achieve the highest degree of detail and proportion and yet when it comes to the positioning of valve gear eccentrics; the manufacturers in China seem to lack correct assembly information and invariably get it wrong; if they were real locos….they wouldn’t go!! Tony Clout Walschaerts Valve Gear eccentric positioning(inside admission).pdf
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