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  1. I wanted a quick, easy and cheap coach for my "Titfield" stock so I thought I'd use the Bachmann Thomas the tank "Henrietta" which depicts a 4 wheel Wisbech coach I am well aware the one in the movie is a bogey coach, so I may make a new one accordingly in the future, but I'm happy with this for now as it fills the void, I could also try fitting rather small (HO perhaps?) bogeys over axle boxes but again we'll see Rapido have announced a possible Titfield range but I quite enjoy bashing these things myself so I certainly won't stop, how I'm going to tackle Lion is a total wait and see as there's 2 possible RTR ones floating about More to follow - cheers for looking!
  2. I have gotten my mitts on a fairly cheap Dapol 14xx to turn into the Titfield Thunderbolt featured in said movie The cab plates were ordered from Fox Transfers which didn't take long at all to arrive I still need to clean the wheels & add some more soot around the smokebox, but for my first real job I'm very pleased with her More Titfield stock to follow..!
  3. Hello there! 


    Loads of stuff here to explore and enjoy.

    I hope you always feel that you're among friends here at RMweb. 


    Kind regards and welcome aboard, 





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    2. DaveFromSheffield1957




      it was a post about repainting a carriage into the film carriage....




      Regards dave

    3. steve22


      Hi Dave,

      gosh, I don't remember that at all and it doesn't seem like my sphere of modelling.  Have you got the right Steve? 

      Apologies for a memory slip if it was me.




    4. DaveFromSheffield1957





      I am not sure about that....




      Regards dave

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