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  1. That'll work. It'll still be instantly recognisable as Heckington if the mill features on the backscene. Cheers David
  2. The Dukedog might be implausible but I was astounded to learn that an Adams Radial was used on the Fortrose line around WW1. (and a GWR steam railmotor).Perhaps that gives you an excuse to keep one whole and run it on the FNL. There is a picture of it at Fortrose in Jack Kernahan' s book on the Black Isle Railway.
  3. Andy, it is a great book. A great example of what you are saying is the picture of a Dornoch train in 1928 with three 6 wheel coaches,two Midland and one LNWR, and a through bogie coach,also LNWR.
  4. Looks to be a very interesting project. Are you including the 8 sail windmill or does space available preclude that? Cheers David
  5. Hi Kevin I am sure Richard knows this but I had flick through Romance of Scotland's Railways in which I recalled there were pictures of pre grouping coaches on the Northern Section in BR days. Found the following , Ex GSWR corridor brake composite no SC7396M at Dingwall in 1955 EX CR pullman car scM219 in 1951 Ex MR 3rd class clerestory dining car no 157, still in LMS livery in 1949 Ex LNWR composite dining car M289 in 1949 The last 3 all at Inverness Of course there was a Highland TPO which survived to the sixties, it would have worked So
  6. This is really high quality modelling. Stunning. Am enjoying watching this grow Cheers David
  7. I had a similar thought but for NBR coaches. I think the profile of one in a rake of Gresley suburbans would be reasonably convincing from a distance. Convincing enough for me anyway. David
  8. Thanks Gibbo. I did suspect the lathe was in a separate building. I will still include it in my shed for added interest. Cheers David
  9. I think we can come back to it after some time off. I dont know about you chaps but I have learnt a lot about railways I did not know. The only problem i have now is i have about 20 new projects running around my head. Thanks to Gilbert for taking the time to have the polls. Cheers David
  10. Thanks Andy. I have definitely decided on Rannoch for the other side of the layout so that is my WHL fix sorted! I have shelved the Fort William Shed project for now in favour of a much smaller scheme based on Allerton shed. I have called it Little Allerton DED, it is on the 7mm+ section.GQS and Rannoch will be the main priority though.
  11. That is looking great Andy Cheers David
  12. The Lauder branch, J69's with tenders!
  13. To be honest, it was your low level shots that put me in the notion of this plan.
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