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  1. I have given the wagon a ballast load. It is set hard with dilute PVA and is permanent. I like to do this at this stage before completing the brake gear and before painting so I can clean up any glue seepage
  2. That is looking good Brian. Is that the beginnings of Aboyne in the background?
  3. Looks superb Ade, You have really captured the look. Cheers David
  4. Another great video Mr P. Progress is impressive as always, Cheers David
  5. Starting to apply the detail parts now. I am really enjoying the process. Cheers David
  6. The wagon has wheels now so looks more like a piece of rolling stock and less like a tea tray!
  7. That ballasting looks the part and what a difference it makes. 3 hours well spent I'd say. Cheers David
  8. The turntable at Fort William was relocated from London. Interestingly the original Fort William turntable still exists. It is at Kidderminster on the SVR.
  9. A little more progress on the wagon
  10. The kit is going together well so far
  11. I thought you might be sizing up an oil terminal?!
  12. Great video Mr P. The way you have interrupted sight lines with careful placement of the buildings is particularly effective. It is all coming together rather well. Cheers David
  13. With the diorama all but complete my thoughts have turned to the train to put on it. I decided to attempt a kit first before scratchbuilding the train. I chose something easy! À NBR diagram77 3 plank wagon. The kit is by Williams Models. The body is made of plywood and the first thing I did was cut the base to the wrong size! So my base is plastic.
  14. Absolutely amazing modelling. You must be pleased with the shed.it looks great in situ Cheers David
  15. I was off the web for a couple of days and come back to all change at Bute Road. I think your passenger stock looks brilliant and the change you have decided on is inspired. Onwards and upwards! Cheers David
  16. The branch set is looking great Ade. That is quality modelling. Cheers David
  17. This is Glenfinnan box, taken last Friday
  18. Was a fantastic day, here are a couple more
  19. Had a lovely drive to Mallaig yesterday chasing the last Jacobite of the season
  20. All you need now is a class 27 for the full West Highland flavour. As others here will testify I do like a 27!
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