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  1. Because it has never been needed, it's not needed now & it won't be needed in the future, it's a vanity project to put money into the Governments friends whose wallets are the only thing that is going to benefit. Last estimate was 120 Billion wasn't it? which means it won't come in under 200 Billion, the UK Government after this pandemic will just not have that kind of funds to give to their friends or sell to them for a peerage.
  2. Just watching GCN virtual cycle racing, now I can see the point of this, as in some ways there is little difference with the real thing, as it's man that is powering the machine, but not sure about F1 in pretend cars. As to Sky just looked on Sky GO & it's listed.
  3. The MOT is the absolute minimum requirement of safety for a car, if it can't pass such a simple test it shouldn't be on the road!
  4. I did but my wife told me to get back on my own 1/4 of the bed
  5. Please give your wife my deepest thanks & ask her to pass my appreciation onto her colleagues, I do not know you nor her, but I & every other person in this country owes her & her colleagues a huge debt of gratitude, if they weren't prepared to go to work this country would have collapsed by now. I know the NHS workers are on the front-line & if people want to stand on their doorsteps & clap the NHS, I have no problem with that, but our shop workers should also be included.
  6. I'm with Shania on this one,
  7. I thought F1 drivers were self employed & not actual employees Not a cat's chance, they will continue to screw as much money out of the clubs that they can, they haven't the intelligence to see they are likely to kill the golden goose
  8. I honestly have no idea, I find trying to find the truth quite anxiety ridden so sometimes ignorance is bliss, however had I been involved in it's creation I personally would be screaming from the rooftop what I F-up I'd made & would be doing everything I could to stop it, but that's just me, but I know the size of my & don't need to get into waving contests.
  9. It doesn't go into Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield Doncaster nor Leeds
  10. We now live in a Post Thatcher era, there are no factories (or not the same volume) to ramp up, we sold the family silver, this is still a Tory Government in power, they will support their friends in the square mile, the only difference is they may have to fall in line behind the NHS, but they will open its doors to their friends as soon as they can
  11. I think it's likely to be mute discussion anyway, it is very likely it will get mothballed, there is only so much money to go around & the Government is currently digging so deep into it's reserves to fight the current virus there is not likely to be enough left over for vanity projects like this. We're (those that survive) are all going to be paying for this current pandemic for many years.
  12. More efficient for whom? The customer, the owner, the shareholders, the local economy, we have to ask are all these commuter miles the only way to do it. I'm not a tree hugger, but we have to change the way we do things, every time a new road/bypass is built all it does is attract more traffic, it never solves the problem. Our first aim should be to get as many HGV's off the road, an integrated freight backbone would be the first step, so what if commuters are delayed, they do have a choice.
  13. I actually would love that, but it's not realistic is it, you're just being flippant as you think your way of life is at risk, now if you want a grown up conversation Why has the call centre got to be 2000 people in the centre of London, why not have 20 call centres around the country in 20 towns or cities, why has the square mile in London have to be there, again why cannot it be multiple sites around the country, we have to rethink what we are doing. I admit I use Amazon, but do I really need to have deliveries every day, could I not have all my parcels held somewhere & I get a delivery once/twice a week. I know this seems to be off topic from HS2 but it's not it's all part of the same problem, we have to ask what are we trying to achieve & is there a better/different way, I don't have the answer, but shoving a new train line up the centre of England, which misses nearly every city is not it.
  14. This is not offtopic at all, it is bang on topic, this is why HS2 is not required, new ideas need to be used, not harping backwards to the way we used to do things, they have to change or the world & humans will become extinct. We need to come up with new ways of working not continue to make people commute into large clusters using huge amount of resource, sorry if this sounds alien to you or even all hippy dippy but it's real!
  15. We have never needed HS2, what we need a new Freight line running straight up the backbone of the UK with terminus's at each port & large freight yards just outside strategic cities, with a ban on movement of anything via HGV over a certain distance. Taking the people to the jobs to the work is madness, the work needs to go to the people, get away from this London Centrist mentality, despite what they believe it is not the centre of the universe.
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