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  1. The Junee Loop in N gauge. At the TeaHouse in Bethungra.
  2. I return to Junee today, from Hobart. The XPT from Southern Cross Melbourne will be replaced by a bus.
  3. An XPT service from Sydney to Melbourne has derailed, killing the driver and an ARTC pilot travelling with him.
  4. The german legislation relates to a "banned political party"; and using associated symbols relating to those organisations. I have never seen any loco portrayed with the Nazi swastika as depicted above. All imagery I have seen has been of the Reichsadler, the german eagle suspending the swastika from its feet. This has been placed in the same locations as the previous logo for the DRG. The BR18 has it on the front of the cab also. Models displaying this have altered the swastika to resemble a diamond or check pattern in most cases. The topic of the discussion, the BR06, has its version on the tender.
  5. Great Southern at Adamstown just after the southbound XPT? I didn't see you waving ... Here it is at Broadmeadow from the XPT heading north
  6. Upon belatedly viewing the video and re-reading some posts: Artitec is your friend for all the WWII vehicle models, including tanks; and the heavy flatbed wagons. They do and astounding array of landscaping models. Marklin did several sets that have P109 planes as the cargo Liliput did 2 or 3 versions of U-Boats, I think one even in Prussian markings. The coach set appears to be from Liliput, also.
  7. With regard to "only two ever made" - the S2/6 was only ever a single loco. Brawa got it out in several liveries before Marklin/Trix did the same thing. This included the DRG BR15 of which there is no evidence that it actually existed as anything other than a roster number. I'm also not convinced that the Marklin and Brawa S2/6 are produced by different manufacturers, either. We may still see the "armoured" BR06 in matrix packaging yet. An important historical point is that The Flying Hamburger streamlined, diesel railcar had been operating since 1932 and seriously challenging steam producers. These late thirties s/l locos reflect the steam builders' response to that challenge. I have both Marklin's BR05 in 1938 black paint; as well as the Winter camo BR53. I'm stumped as to what I can haul with either...
  8. I'll be using Griffstande Pufferbohle as the name for my next online game character.
  9. Osterthun's site Start here. If you can't find what you're looking for, then you're looking for something pretty unusual.
  10. How extraordinarily generous of you.
  11. PLANT. That's all you need to know. Plant does not require explanation. It's main purpose is to cause bewilderment.
  12. In addition, Any models after 1997 should be able to use Trix wheels.
  13. A bit earlier in time, these were labelled 'Fast Electric Parcel Van'. It's weird livery. The yellow emblem on the front used to be on diesel rail cars, I think. I used to travel red rattlers regularly from Blacktown to Granville, then onto Yennora, until I got my first car. Didn't catch a Sydney train until 2007, after that. Gone are the days of standing next to the open (because it couldn't be closed) door. Of course, once you came into a station it would close from the momentum of braking and then wouldn't open. Have done trips in the early 1970's from Strathfield to Cootamundra on the old Intercapital Daylight; Southern Aurora; and Spirit of Progress. Also from Liverpool to Coota on the Riverina Express. Once went from Cootamundra to West Wyalong on the Temora Mail. This was a regular train service to Temora; then a rail motor to West Wyalong. With the chickens. Sorry, I was too young to notice much outside of the carriage that we were in to add anything else. The current batch of models done here should cover most of those trains mentioned. "Please Stand Close" was the only sign that didn't have a 20 Pound penalty notice.
  14. My favourite mystery. These were used for Fleche DÓr services. My understanding is that the containers came off the ferry, rather than the whole plat. But. Maybe you meant these? ETAT version. At Pierre Dominique's
  15. I prefer the Roco 40395 for my purposes. Replacing all the couplers on any collection will take time and money, so you need to be sure of what you want first. I run Marklin's 3rail C-track. I have a couple of Marklin's decouplers lying around somewhere. The decouplers work by 'flicking' the coupling from underneath. I will be sternly disappointed if they don't work with the Rocos as I want to be able to separate rolling stock on the track, without manual intervention. Or at least I did 8 years ago, when I bought them. The 'swing links' are referred to in eurospeak as identified kurzkupplungskinematik (kkk). Anything made in this century should be OK, but check first. I have a few Trix cars from the 80s/90s without this mechanism; and the results have never been pretty. Doing your research on this will save you a lot of angst.
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