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  1. Hi MarkC, interesting regarding the Esk Valley and Pickering, it's fantastic news they got to Whitby. It's also good news that they used the former Scarborough to Whitby Railway and got as far as Cloughton. I would like to have thought that they did get to Scarborough and possibly stopped at Scalby and Gallows Close good yard on the way. From what I've heard, I think Scarborough had a round house, so it would seem wise for the J27s to carry on to Scarborough, get topped up with water and coal, get turned round and head back to Whitby. On the plus side, it means I'll be using my J27 for branch line freight.
  2. Thanks Trev52A, really interesting photos, I find it really bizarre though, logs being carried in mineral wagons, first time I've seen this happen. On the plus side, I have some flexibility now, coal or log loads.
  3. Thanks Worsdell Forever, that' s a great help, that's the sort of thing I was looking for.
  4. Included in the accessory Bag are: 2x fire irons 1x long shovel 1x extra drawbar 2x 3 link couplings Also a shot from the back of the tender looking forward. Here’s a photo of the rear no: 20 Kadee and the rear hook stretching outwards from the buffer beam.
  5. Well I picked up my NER P3/J27 on Saturday and just can’t believe the value for money. Straight out of the box, it ran smoothly and quietly, now ran in both directions, what a lovely loco. Now fitted with no: 20 Kadees at both ends, the loco won’t take anything smaller due to the hook coming out so far. I went for the LNER red lined version no: 1214. I really wanted a pre-grouping liveried version, this will do though. Here it is seen pulling a goods train, the equivalent of 194Tons (including a 20Ton brake van). Just out of curiosity did these just pull coal wagons only, or did they do other types of freight? Would anyone know if there are any records, photos or films of these working on branch lines, during the NER, LNER or BR period? Callum
  6. Experimenting with Hornby’s LMS Princess Coronation no: 6220 “Coronation” and the Coronation Scot coaches (all 9 of them). I now know that I only need another 4 platform straights, to get the whole train in and a bigger board. Overall I’m pleased with the result I have at the moment (getting a visual idea of how the “Coronation Scot” will look). This will be the biggest type of trains I will want to run. with amount of empty space on the rest of the platform, I have a couple of things in mind. As for the station names they will remain the same, I’ve also been looking at other names as well fictitious of course. Station names: Sierraton Roversmith Fordington Vauxwell Carltonholme Eastlingby Eastlington Eastdale
  7. Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I last posted on my layout. The layout itself is on hold and will be for some time. I’ve been working on ideas in the background and have learnt from so many mistakes from the first layout. Here is a mock up of the Bachmann Great Central Station. To give me more of an idea of how things could look. The longest train will probably be the LMS Coronation Scot (Which I have to unbox all 9 coaches and loco again). This will be one of the biggest trains I will want to run on the new layout as for now the old main line is just reduced to a 2nd radius loop purely for running in locos and taking photos. Here you are seeing 9 X Hornby Gresley coaches.
  8. Thanks for your help Edwardian, that's a great help. The loco looks to be in really good condition considering it's a couple of years or there just about after the 1st world War.
  9. Now Robert, that would be interesting, some more NER, NBR, CR, GNR, GER pre-grouping liveried related RTR I’m sure would be more than welcomed.
  10. I did some experimenting earlier on this evening regarding a haulage test using the Bachman SE&CR birdcage coaches. (A hill start at the bottom of the 2% gradient followed by 2nd radius curves). Plus weight comparison of some 4-4-0’s and the other SE&CR related locos released just for comparison. First up comparison of 4-4-0 Bachmann GWR no: 3440 “City of Truro , 295grams, max haulage capacity 9X coaches Hornby L&SWR no: 120 (no traction tyres, 2021 version), 210grams, max haulage capacity 6x coaches. Dapol SE&CR no: 488 (no traction tyres), 230grams, max haulage capacity 9X coaches Bachmann SE&CR C class no: 583, 245 grams, max haulage 9X coaches. Hornby SE&CR H class no: 308, 168grams, max 9X coaches. Hattons SE&CR P class no: 27, 122 grams 9X coaches.
  11. No: 488 and it’s detailed cab, plus Bachmann C class no: 583, Hornby H class no: 308 and Hattons P class no: 27.
  12. The SE&CR grey D class no: 726 with the Bachman Wellington brown birdcage coaches.
  13. The tool that comes with the loco for undoing the nuts to change the front wheel sets. All three of the D class have had their traction tyres wheels swapped for metal ones.
  14. Thanks for the info Nile, something new I’ve learnt. It may be possible to remove the two extra lamp irons, the next task would be how to hide the holes and how to blend it all in. As for the loco, there’s a high chance I will run it with the other SE&CR green locos.
  15. Thanks Graham, that’s a great help. It’s given me food for thought and will certainly come in handy.
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