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  1. IT'S DOWNLOADED. iF i CLOSE THE WINDOW, THEN DOUBLE CLICK MY "sTEAM" ICON It opens Library "Train sim [email protected] 2020", with a "Play" button. If I click "Play" after a few seconds it returns to the same screen but now says "Stop". However under "Library" it says, now in green, "Train sim [email protected] 2020 Running". But how do I choose ANYTHING ?
  2. the game is "Train sim [email protected] 2020" I've had to disconnect my internet connection. But I've continued with the downloading, again IT SAYS DOWNLOADED 13.5GB / 15.4GB
  3. It's still on 1 hour 30 minutes ? Is that wright ?
  4. When I click library it says over 1 hour downloading ?
  5. I have downloaded "Steam" but can not get it to run ? Any advice ???
  6. Can anyone recommend a good PC train driver game ?
  7. Thanks for this. I just presumed it will all be set up. WRONG ! So I have just ordered an unlock code, £48, off ebay. Fingers crossed !
  8. I have bought a second z21 white, to use with my n gauge layout. I already use 1, on my OO gauge layout, with my Apple i-pad. But I can not get this new 1 to work. It sends power to my track. And attempts to read my Locos. But after I've added them in "Railed vehicles. If I then go into "Play" and select my added loco. Although it displays my new loco it wont move it. Can anyone please help ?
  9. many thanks :- If I just solder these 2 black wires
  10. I have just looked at my N gauge points ............................... It is OO gauge ! Which are different.
  11. "(this is done by altering one of the small screws on the bottom of each point)" where ?
  12. "The DCC Concepts ADS-2SX decoder (coming back into stock very soon if another thread is correct) will work Kato motors when fitted with the SDC 3 to 2 wire adapter." cheers
  13. " If you configure each of your points to constantly pass power all the time (this is done by altering one of the small screws on the bottom of each point) then the two wires from your dcc system should power every part of the track all of the time. " Thank you as not all my points are not isolated, this was my next question. :- If I connect my z21 to the bottom track, with blue going to the top rail. And points 1 are NOT isolated, so straight 1 or 2 have power. Then points 2 ARE isolated. So everything is dead from this point. As I have been told NOT to directly connect
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