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  1. This isn't about the prize; it's about the smallest locomotives, plural. On that line of inquiry, what was the (dimensionally) smallest type or class of standard gauge locomotive built in quantity, i. e. not a "one-off" (2 or more built).
  2. That little Barclay looks especially appealing, as does the Kerr Stuart, even if the latter is in an ugly-cute way*. The prospect of building standard gauge version of a narrow gauge design has given me the most perversely unorthodox ideas, i.e. a standard gauge version of Dougal. *Which somehow makes it even more appealing
  3. Precisely what the title implies: what were some of the smallest standard gauge steam locomotives used in the UK? I ask because I wish to build a Gauge One model of one of these "little fellows".
  4. No; I believe that, as evidenced by the title, it was originally intended as entertainment for railway staff, though it subsequently morphed into a magazine of railway-themed fiction, and then, in the 1930s, into something very like our modern "enthusiast" magazines, but with a selection of said railway fiction. As near as I can ascertain, the magazine had its heyday through the 1950s, declining thereafter until it merged with "Railfan" magazine in the mid 70's. Spoken as someone who, living in America, has more knowledge of this (and an incomplete collection of the magazine from
  5. This is the "Gowan and Marx", a very Disk-style locomotive if I ever saw one. C'mon, you know you want one!
  6. For $100, I'm buying one. The real trick is not letting it grow into building my own Lego steam locomotives.
  7. Yesterday construction progressed to the point of applying the initial coat of sprayed primer.
  8. No, the project isn't dead; I just prefer actually working on it to maintaining a constant post schedule. It's acquired some green stuff filler and air and feed water greebles by now..
  9. Interestingly enough, a rough equivalent operated in revenue service(!) in Sweden.
  10. Nice job of diorama-building there. Would be interesting to build a micro layout of the setup. Now we just need animated miniature sailors!
  11. While you navally inclined folks might well already be aware, it has recently come to my attention that certain IJN destroyers had, of all things, narrow gauge railways on their decks! This was in the interest of moving torpedoes, and in light of its manifestly fascinating and peculiar nature, I wonder if anyone has any more details? Pictures here: https://www.amazon.com/InfiniBand-destroyer-torpedo-carrying-IMP3525/dp/B07CHXJGF9 https://www.shapeways.com/product/UHXTXL98Z/1-96-ijn-610-mm-24in-type-93-torpedo-tubes
  12. Work continues to progress on the Jintybodge. The slow speed is attributable to the fact that I am scratchbuilding the detail parts of plastic. The dome is of styrene tubing and sheet and a Tri-Ang boogie wagon wheel with the flange turned off it, while the T-joint in the outside steam passages incorporates turned Plastruct tube, a piece of scrap sprue for the actual T, and plastic discs made with a leather punch. The headlight is of ABS rectangular tubing, 5 thou styrene sheet, and more turned plastic tube. The outside steam passages themselves are of Plastruct tube also.
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