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  1. More bits of my 66’s have fallen off. This time it’s the grill and cover for the horns on one end. Only been out the box a few times.
  2. I got a message from them the other day, they are due imminently.
  3. Really impressed with the detail on his model.
  4. I have three 121’s and really pleased with them. They all run fine for me, I have fitted Dapol DCC chips on all of them.
  5. Purchased two Hattons Class 66’s after a lot of deliberation. I held off buying one as tbh I got spooked with a lot of the issues. However I took the decision to purchase a couple of pre-owned for a bargain price and wow, what a model. They do have a few marks etc but I knew this in advance.
  6. I’ve bought two pre-owned. I know the faults so worth a punt. £204 for the pair.
  7. Been doing some scenic improvements on Eden Road TMD in the past week.
  8. Not on Eden Road TMD, my Model Railway club room where the layout is stored is closed due to the current circumstances. Im currently thinking about some kind of micro layout to potter about with until I can get back to club meets.
  9. Lockdown has meant I have not been able to do anything with Eden Road TMD as I keep it stored at my Model railway club. I’m hoping to get on with the shed detailing soon, and in the meantime I have been making one or two purchases for the layout.
  10. Bought another 33 at the weekend. One of the Gaugemaster limited editions, 33025 in BR blue.
  11. I bought the GWR version from KMS Railtech in Aberdeenshire fitted with a Lenz decoder. I’m impressed with the look of the model, only one minor issue is fingerprints show on body really easily.
  12. I got my West Coast Railway’s liveried 33 on Friday, really please with it.
  13. I’ve tried to send you an email via the website, however I am getting a bounce back delivered to my email saying undeliverable.
  14. PH Designs brass etched kit of a Mobile Inspection Platform. Built by one of the club members in the Model railway club I am a member of, as it is beyond my modelling skill set.
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