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  1. Bought another 33 at the weekend. One of the Gaugemaster limited editions, 33025 in BR blue.
  2. I bought the GWR version from KMS Railtech in Aberdeenshire fitted with a Lenz decoder. I’m impressed with the look of the model, only one minor issue is fingerprints show on body really easily.
  3. I got my West Coast Railway’s liveried 33 on Friday, really please with it.
  4. I’ve tried to send you an email via the website, however I am getting a bounce back delivered to my email saying undeliverable.
  5. PH Designs brass etched kit of a Mobile Inspection Platform. Built by one of the club members in the Model railway club I am a member of, as it is beyond my modelling skill set.
  6. Here is the pre-production sample that was on display at Model Rail Scotland.
  7. Hope you have a great weekend. Good chance Eden Road TMD will be making the journey down from Scotland To next years show.
  8. Some Primo Models trees have been added to the layout. These are much more realistic.
  9. Does anyone know the timescales on the DRS Class 20, it was supposed to be in the 2017 range, but not really seen anything else on it since.
  10. Thanks I’m glad you like it, yes it was at the Dundee show in 2018, it’s first outing. I’ve a few more things I want to do to the layout, so will add updates as much as I can. Eden Road TMD will be the Bonnybridge show in April, Glenrothes in May, and Greenock in October.
  11. Hi Jamie yes they are really good, I have a few more to add to the layout albeit the no LED versions. I’m sure you will like them, please share pics with me once you add to you layout. I have ordered a Mark 5 set of TP coaches from Accurascale. Not sure where I’m going to put them as the layout is not large enough. Might have to build an extension Ryan .
  12. Hoping to attend this year on the Saturday. Look forward to seeing some of the layouts posted above.
  13. Some of the locos used on the layout. Dapol Class 68 - Transpennine Express livery. Dapol Class 73 - GBRF livery. Bachmann Class 66’s - Both DRS livery.
  14. That’s great to know Jo. I have a pack of the unlit ones as well, these will he added to the layout in due course.
  15. Hi Jamie thanks, yes at the moment the layout will be at Bonnybridge - 25th & 26th April, Glenrothes - 9th & 10th May and Greenock - 17th & 18th October. The main shed is 2 of Gaugemaster’s Fordhampton TMD kits. Joined together. I have a loco body I put on jacks on one of the tracks, so I can get three running locos in it at anyone time.
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