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  1. 4wDH


    That will probably be my next step, I just thought I would ask on the forum first.
  2. Mike I have followed quite a lot of your builds, but what impresses me is your buildings and the attention to detail.
  3. 4wDH


    Thank you for replying to my query, at least I know if they don’t communicate my items will arrive. It’s not good for business as communication is key.
  4. 4wDH


    Hi does anyone know if Slatersplastikard is open for business. Im asking because I ordered two kits on Tuesday of this week but have had no correspondence from them. Their website does not say if they open or closed.
  5. Another great layout build Alex. Superb work as always.
  6. PMP thank you most helpful, now to source as set of these rail joiners.
  7. Mark can I say you have produced a lovely little photo plank. The back scene along with the ground cover and foliage around the photo plank is spot on.
  8. Morning I am wanting to know can I add rail joiners with the wires attached to this track to run power from my gaugemaster combi controller. I am only using one length of track as it’s a photo/running plank.
  9. Evening Callum. I like to follow your layout builds as they give new railway modellers like me plenty of tips. Your latest build project is one I will be following with great interest.
  10. Simon this layout your are building is looking really good. The buildings you have built look nicely done.
  11. Thanks Mark for explaining this to me..
  12. MAP66 can I ask what size is your baseboard..
  13. Your platform build and detailing is very good. This is looking like an interesting build project..
  14. MAP66 nice introduction of your past and future railway modelling. I like little layouts such as the one you are going to build..
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