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  1. Hello. I found your forum whilst looking for Alldays inspection cars. My grandfather was James Drewry and he designed and built the Drewry railcars mentioned above. (Drewry Car Co). I appreciate your group are really into models but thought a member may be interested in the attached photo I found in my grandfathers files. It was taken during the building of the Cape/Cairo railway in Bulawayo area in about 1906/8. Does anyone know if there is an record of the Alldays being in SA? Or does anyone know an email address of someone who could help me. Are there any rail models of inspection cars? The wording on the back of the photo, in my grandfathers writing, is : “ From left to right Buchan’s Allday’s, “little Drewry” reconstructed Alldays on “Drewry” Plans (?), Buchans new Drewry B. R. new “Drewry” Foreground Me and re-built “Drewry”
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