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  1. Marag


    Hi all So first off I’m a bit of a lapsed railway modeller. Work and life got in the way. But work is what has started me back on the path, as I’m sure many others will attest to... I need an escape!!! Working in IT (a very watered down description of what I do haha), I need a non IT escape, and what better place to return to. Alas I digress, what is the plan?? Well I have two. The first is a passion of mine, the old pre grouping companies of Scotland. So for this a small OO gauge layout based for now on a bit of Glasgow. Bit of licence as well perhaps. It seems to be hard to find HR stuff easily so I’m going to stick for now with CR and NBR. The second project is n gauge, and predominantly a childhood memory reflective. My father worked offshore so he usually alway left by train from Inverness and as a child I always got to see class 37s, 26s, 27s etc on a monthly basis. I have very fond memories of the smells and sounds of the old Inverness station with all those diesels. So... for the most part I will be running late 70s to the end of BR Scottish region. Again with a bit of licence based on some stock I already have I will have the occasional steam on there as well. Can’t not have steam as they say. Space as always is an issue for a lot of us I’m sure so I have began to design the N gauge in particular to be a modular system with running under the scenics also. Each board will have the scenic aspect for running and hidden below with be hidden tracks and sidings, some for storage. I am intending for both layouts to be dcc also. The OO gauge will be a small layout based on a small area of the Glasgow network, and if I can fit it in will also include some of the under city line (such as the station at the botanic gardens). updates may be sparse for now but nice to get the intro out of the road... plus means I am somewhat committed now
  2. Hi all, anyone got any non running class 37s in n gauge only give me a shout
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