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  1. Following with Great Interest! Cant wait to see what you do
  2. Thanks very much! Exactly what I want to prove. Although my next current build will be much more busy!
  3. A Sneak Peak to the November 2020 Edition of Railway Modeller Featuring Benry TMD!
  4. Welcome to Benry TMD! After making its first official appearance to the public in the November 2020 Edition of Railway Modeller Magazine - I thought it was only fitting to create a thread on here! Benry TMD is a 2ft x 1ft Mirco Layout - a Modern Image Traction Maintenance Scene set in 1965-2000 with DCC and Sound fitted Locomotives. Since the Article in the magazine i wrote just over 6 months ago massive changes are ahead ready to when circumstances permit I will be displaying it on the exhibition circuit! Stay Tuned - changes start this following w
  5. Than you and these photos are very useful... more to come in coming days..... cheers, Ben
  6. Hi All, Another Update from Me! Showing of the recently resurrected Modern Image Rolling Stock! Showing the Recently repainted Rail Operations Group Class 47s and BR Blue Class 37 099 Complete as when it first joined Colas Rail for Test Trains!! Stay Tuned for More!! Cheers for Now! Ben
  7. Hello All! Quick Update from Me Today! Finished respraying both my Heljan Class 47s into the Rail Operations Group Class 47 813 / 15 Innovation Liveried Locos using the Very Good Transfers from Precision Labels, few more finishing touches such as adding the later Styled Grills on 47 813. Next up We Have a Super Detailed former EWS Class 56 Getting Stripped of its livery to go into the DC Rail Scheme!! New Purchase i'm waiting for is I managed to pick up a Class 47 in Colas at a Good Price!! Let Me Know what everyone thinks!
  8. cannot wait to see this progress.... cheers Ben
  9. Hi All, Progress Update on The BR Blue Class 37 099 when first Acquired by Colas Rail. Painted with Airbrush using my own mix of Tamiya Lacquer Based Paints, awaiting transfers from Precision Labels. More to follow tomorrow... Cheers, Ben
  10. You’re scratch building in plastic, is excellent. Nice One! Cheers!
  11. Evening All, Hope everyone is well! Lots of Updates here tonight - firstly like to thank everyone who alphas reacted, commented or followed this topic so far! Massive welcome to you all! Firstly - new addition to the fleet today - Colas rail class 37 421 (photo attached) few issues but have been mostly resolved . Projects on the Go! Been Paint stripping lots of rolling stock today! 2 Heljan Class 47s to be repainted into the Innovation Rail Operations Group Scheme, using the excellent precision Transfers and changing the grills to the correct variant (
  12. Really Looking Nice there mate! Sand looks spot on For Sizing, cannot wait to see more Progress Updates Cheers Ben
  13. Hi All, Progress Update No1 on Here - Photo as of Today (April 1st). Today a Milestone Was reached with 3 / 4 Scenic Boards Track laid and running with no problems in anyway so a Happy Bonus! The photo shows the Yard area where the test trains and locos will be stored.. Just going to add a few more dropper wires to entirely satisfy myself to ensure excellent performance. Tomorrow will see the track weathering and beginning of the Ballasting. Cheers For Now! Ben
  14. Hello & Welcome to my Topic, I’m Ben. This topic will be about my currently under construction Exhibition Layout 18ft x 14inches Depicting a Model Image Yard storing departmental Rolling Stock and limited servicing facilities, the scene will highlight my ever growing fleet of Network Rail Testing Vehicles and The mix of Modern Freight Locomotive seen in Real-Life at Derby RTC. The layout in no means will relate / symbolise Derby RTC except for the Rolling Stock. 3 / 6 Board have currently been constructed with Track Laid. Layout Consist of 4
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