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  1. DCC supplies have a "G.W.R." 'O' gauge Dapol/Lionheart 74xx for £250 - that's at least £100 cheaper than usual. https://www.dccsupplies.com/search/results/?search=113404 Note that this is not the Dapol 57xx which is a much cheaper model.
  2. I don't mind waiting. (Although I do like to know roughly how long the wait will be for - even if it's bad news).
  3. WHEW! I am glad to hear that there's not some very serious medical issue or similar - he's a lovely guy to talk to on the phone when I ordered and I'd hate to hear something bad had happened. From the website: I hope everything gets back to normal soon (just as soon as we work out what is normal anyway). I am not sure whether to submit the order I want to place - or to hold off for a bit if he's already snowed under! In either case, don't forget (like many in the business) he's in it for the love of the hobby and so we should show patience and
  4. The photographer figure you found might be Martin Brent's self portrait, in the video he said the one on Arcadia/Rye harbour is a historically accurate (for the time) representation of himself - so maybe you found either the same figure or maybe a re-creation? That would be a lovely touch if it is!
  5. Thanks, that's all great (and correct) - I have just finished reading issue 281! The change of address was explained in the Editorial: "the loss of our [Didcot] premises through the sad closure of our landlord's business".
  6. Great to see it moving forward - the scale of the project is so massive I have to keep reminding myself that it's not OO gauge!
  7. Anyone know what the current subscription price for MRJ direct from Cygnet is? I assume this address is still current: Cygnet Magazines 1-3 Hagbourne Rd Didcot, OX11 8DP Tel: 01235 816478
  8. I remember seeing both guises of Martin Brent's Arcadia/Rye Harbour layouts back in the day, and am surprised that there doesn't seem to be any photos of this exquisite and inspirational layout on the internet at all. [I hope this isn't a repost as this is a very long thread...] Then I came across this, a video of a TV show which featured the latter. Brings back memories of those 80s exhibitions. There here would often be just one or two layouts that I found absolutely captivating. Lochside by Ian Futers was the other one that really springs to mind.
  9. Also if you want a Harry Potter train that looks a bit better than the rather insufficient 2 coaches that in the set, there's a nice pre-order deal at KMS on a six coach set... might a bit more track to do it justice, though https://www.kmsrailtech.co.uk/advent-deals/6002-hogwarts-express-train-set-r1234m-plus-4-additional-coaches.html I added just 2 coaches to the 2 coach N gauge set we had running round our desks at work, and it made a huge difference in terms of how it looked.
  10. Hogwarts Express for £130 using 20% off code "EXTREME20" https://www.iwantoneofthose.com/toys-cars-trains/harry-potter-hogwarts-express-model-train-set/12642514.html Might start a few young'ns onto the modelling path.
  11. I think weathering is the best "bang for the buck" in terms of making a convincing model, and that model absolutely nails it!
  12. I hope that works out for you, great way of easing into the layout! Great way of having terminus and through running. The only thing I would consider doing differently is maybe simplifying the 1st version of the fiddle yard to just a couple of points on a tiny board or even just one point so two sidings for the terminus and 1 siding and a through track on the loop. You might find you might need something different when you get the full layout built (e.g. length of sidings, number of trains stored, etc etc) so if you build the station part before the full fiddle y
  13. I'm not sure if I'm the only one but I find not just the scenic section of a layout fascinating, but also everything around the layout - the wiring under the board - looking into fiddle yards to see how they are made and how they operate - seeing a layout in a room, shed or exhibition enviornment (I think it makes it more real in a way than a set of disembodied pictures).
  14. "O" gauge "Llay Main" Private Owner opens 1/3 off: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/40622/Dapol-7f-080-019-o-gauge-8-plank-llay-main-wagon-no-952 same but weathered: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/40623/Dapol-7f-080-019w-o-gauge-8-plank-llay-main-wagon-no-952-weathered-edition-
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