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  1. Nothing new to report on the layout, however the 47 has returned from Mercig Studios. I went for the works, including the fine etched handrails and roof fans. Admittedly, the cost of cab lights and detailing could’ve bought another 3 or 4 47s, but I couldn’t be happier with the single one I have!
  2. Is this the issue? https://www.railmags.org/index.php?id_product=7031&rewrite=pmr-1984-may&controller=product
  3. Trying to resist the urge to post too many photos until the layout is looking a bit more ‘finished’, but quite pleased with this iPhone shot of a Ped on parcels service. This will eventually be sent to Mercig Studios to be converted into a 31/4.
  4. Thanks for the info chaps! These wagons don’t seem to be available in N (The Chivers Finelines kit appears to be the EWS rebodied SSA on a generic Peco chassis), so it looks like I’d have to kitbash something. A future project, perhaps.
  5. Yep, apparently the HST ran into the Interchange until ‘88 (then Forster Square thereafter). I posted a question about loco-hauled services on the prototype questions forum a while back. There were seasonal trains to Poole (1O04) and Paignton (1V27) until summer ‘87, usually pulled by a Peak or 47 with Mk2 stock. I’d be interested to know about other services. All in all, a lot more interesting than the endless parade of Northern DMUs at the Interchange these days!
  6. Final question(s), promise! Do you happen to know the type of scrap wagon that would have been used, and where the train originated? I’m guessing it would have been hauled by a 47 around 1990.
  7. Yep, several hours of trawling through Flickr has sadly not produced any pics (seems people were more interested in snapping the Duffs and Peds). Sounds like it would make for a fun little cameo!
  8. Thanks! I’m interested in the tow tractor. Was it used to transport parcel trolleys? From what I gather, it seems that parcel trains often used platform 4, so there was a bit of distance over to the parcels facility.
  9. One corner of the layout is shaping up The retaining wall is 1mm card faced with Scalescenes ‘random ashlar’ texture, and weathered with DCC Concepts powders (a bit pricey but worth the money IMHO). Buildings use brick texture (from my own pics) on 1mm card, roofs are plasticard sprayed with Humbrol primer then weathered. Quite a few details left to add before everything gets glued down (e.g. there’s a big gap under the arch and at the end of the wall!) Took me a few tries to solder the 2mm FS buffer etch to a standard I was happy with. The cross beam is off cuts of bullhead rail & rivets glued with Slo-Zap. Gluing the assembly to card allows for proper(ish) sleeper spacing. The hydraulic buffer stop is the front part of a white metal kit glued to styrene tube, painted with Humbrol rattle cans. First attempt at masking and there’s a bit of paint bleed between the two layers, but overall I’m happy. Base yet to be painted, and lots of detail (pipes etc.) still to add. Quite chuffed with how everything compares to the prototype so far (top view courtesy of Google Earth):
  10. I shoulder all responsibility for any experimental paint jobs The main problem I have is that both the turnout and plain track in the passing loop are FB rail on wooden sleepers. I think the distinct shape of the plain line concrete sleepers would be hard to disguise (along with the Dow-Mac branding), and there’s no Finetrax FB/wooden plain track combination. I’ll probably paint the turnouts and leave the plain track as-is. TBH I’m not too fussed; it still looks heaps better than Peco track! I remember you mentioned over on the N Gauge forum that 2mm Easitrac can be used with Finetrax turnouts. I’ve just noticed that there is in fact an Easitrac plain line FB rail/wooden sleeper combo! Hindsight 20/20 and all that.
  11. Ah, now there’s an idea. Everything’s glued, soldered and wired but I could mask the rails perhaps? Hopefully the eagle-eyed won’t spot the microscopic Dow-Mac branding.
  12. Thanks, just what I needed! There’s a Peco kit that looks suitable, certainly to my untrained eye: https://peco-uk.com/products/10ft-wb-wagon-chassis-steel-type-sole-bars-with-disc-wheels
  13. Ah, like this (?): https://didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk/article.php/279/no-749039-demountable-tank-wagon Is there something similar I could hack together in N? The chassis resembles several RTR tank wagons and Peco kits but I don’t know enough to tell.
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