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  1. Definitely both on. The red lights work on the power car but not the white ones, and there’s nothing working on the dummy at all. Will follow those checks you mentioned.
  2. Oh wow, thanks! I’ll definitely pop along. I’ve been meaning to join the N Gauge Society.
  3. Ah, worth checking. I’m a little cautious about opening things up due to my lack of expertise, so might be time to join a local railway modelling club!
  4. Hey folks. I picked up a 2nd hand Dapol 156 DMU from eBay, and the directional headlights aren’t working except the red LEDs in the powered car when travelling in reverse. It’s not chipped for DCC. Additionally there’s a slight but noticeable buzz when running on DC using a Bachmann 44212 power pack (with UK transformer). As a newbie, I’m wondering if it’s relatively simple to have a diagnostic tinker or whether to take these issues to a professional. If it’s just a case of replacing LEDs I wouldn’t mind having a go.
  5. Looking for Graham Farish Class 47 47474 ‘Rowland Hill’ (372-242) in good condition. Happy to pay a good price.
  6. Apologies, only just seen this! Many thanks @AMJ
  7. I’m wondering how to go about modelling an approximation of this ground frame in N? Looked at a few suppliers and nothing’s quite right, and it looks far too fiddly to scratch build.
  8. Thanks folks. Seems like I can accomplish everything in DC, although DCC might be slightly easier as I don’t need section switches or a control panel. Plus there’s the likelihood my next layout will be DCC sound. If I can fit the decoders myself that’ll save some brass. Think I’ve got enough info to get started now! Time to invest in some plywood and power tools
  9. I do envisage the future Worth Valley layout as being significantly more complex and potentially using DCC sound. I’d like to be able to run two DMUs in tandem - is that easier in analogue or DCC? I also have the impression (perhaps mistakenly) that some stock is more reliable at slow speed running on DCC. Given the short lengths each train is running, that’s important.
  10. Many thanks @AndyB. Looks like DCC might be the way to go then.
  11. Rule 1 definitely applies on the Worth Valley, especially given the wide range of diesel and steam that pass through on real-life Gala Days. Prototype HST, GBRf-liveried 66; you name it, it’s been there! I should be able to comfortably fit a five track traverser to align with all tracks in the scenic section. I’ve eliminated the stabling siding for simplicity’s sake (can’t find photo evidence it was used much by 1990). I’m in two minds whether it’s worthwhile going DCC for this given its modest size and the potential cost. Additionally, I don’t have the first clue about
  12. I did put the cart before the horse and amass a fair number of KWVR locos before realising (on joining RMWeb and taking the time to understand layout design) that a 5ft x 1ft space wasn’t going to give them a lot to do. The KWVR layout plan is door-sized, so it’s certainly feasible down the line. I’m just in a *very* small rental and a move currently isn’t on the cards for a variety of mundane reasons. I really like both heritage railways and the late BR era so I don’t regret splurging, but it was definitely an expensive lesson in doing proper research first.
  13. I take your point about the limited set of operations available. As a newcomer to the hobby I’m seeing this as a testbed to learn baseboard and traverser construction, wiring, ballasting, scenics etc., with a bit of simple prototypical operation as a bonus at the end. In some ways the plan is a little more than a working diorama, but that’s fine. I do have a somewhat more ambitious plan to model a section of the Keighley & Worth Valley railway, but at the moment I don’t have the space or financial resources to tackle it.
  14. Nothing could be as bad as a nodding donkey, surely! So I’ve got my potential stock inventory to start amassing, based on roughly ‘88-‘92 period: DMUs: 142, 150, 156 (101+108 if modelling late ‘80s) DPU: 128 (RevolutioN) Locos: class 47, 31 Stock: Mk1 BG vans (blue + white, Royal Mail) Not RTR but modifiable from stock: 155 in WYPTE red ??: Scrap wagons from Laisterdyke
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