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  1. Found one place I can order from....no wonder I couldn't find it, it's part or Hornbys new so called less expensive range Raiload, this one loco powered, yay, and considering it's in the childrens toy dept, it's still very very detailed and i'm gonna love it! oh, and this is definately 4p not a 2p in disguise; https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/railroad-lms-4-4-0-compound-with-fowler-tender.html edited to add info and link.
  2. Cheers Rowsley17D, gives me a fair chance at finding one. mine will get a repaint also as not a fan of the red livery on loco stock. Love that turntable too, your loco just fits on.......perfect!
  3. what is the point in putting up a photo of end of the box if the label is completely blank?. I guess I haven't been around the bay long enough to read the signs in the sky!
  4. yes, i have noticed a certain ammount of generalisation amongst the tooling for tenders around the 2p-4p-4f tenders. I expect that one of the specialists have produced more meaty fair for lms tender hearted.
  5. well actually, the model is described as a d-17 2p 4-4-0 made by Dapol. It may be vendor doesnt know the difference? heres the link to the advert....it deffo looks loco drive'ish. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dapol-D-17-2P-loco-and-tender-in-LMS-Maroon/133344072668?hash=item1f0bed13dc:g:fyoAAOSwce1eRtZj
  6. well, there we have it because Rowsley17D's loco has the motor in the loco. On the other hand I have found no mainline ones up for sale, but I have found a loco driven version by Dapol....who are ....airfix/Dapol/kitmaster.....it's a job to keep up with all insider trading going on....tooling changing hands so much.
  7. I would very much like the Hornby part number as I wish to try and find a loco powered version..yours looks great despite the dome..at least the dome is in the right place, and the boiler has correct number of bands unlike the triang 2p I have.
  8. Super foto Jonathon. looks great at the head of the coaches..Shame about the tyres, how many current collectors has it got...and what's up with the dome
  9. Thanks Kevin, I value your opinion...It would be quite a large scale project to drag the model up to even close to todays standeds. Therefor I will aproach hattons and hopefully they will refund my wedge towards a later version of the 4p 4-4-0. I'd prefer a locomotive driven vers as apposed to tender driven...not seen any good reviews of the tender drives so far. Has anyone actually owned a Hornby locomotive drive version and if so, how does it run?
  10. Hi all, Thanks for all the help chaps, there was some definate confusion there at times. The big question is what do I do with it, put it all back together and ask Hattons to refund me/replace with correct model? The model was one of their pre-owned offers if that makes any difference to the deal. At the moment, the loco runs poorly and very intermittent, also only has pickups on the four drivers.not good, I would at the very least, need to add some form of extra pickups, replace the original magnahesion drivers and tenders plastic wheels, the drivers are full of micro
  11. just nipped over to check out the L1 class, the Hornby model looks almost identical to the 2p compound thingy...So you were bang on..I could only see a couple of differences.
  12. wow, thats the one....thanks so much...looks like a keeper though, its nearly a antique. I have been looking for hours, the model itself bears no semblance to any other models of that class, the boiler bands are wrong, dome in wrong place, that big black box under the boiler hiding the motor works. yeah, the motor sticks the rear bearing block into the cab...very triang like. I can't wait to get the blades out to carve up the pipes/grab rails that are several feet deep and various bits that just don't belong! but before the carve up, learn how to add collectors to the tender and pipe it throu
  13. yeah, sounds iffy all over....Im even more twitchy now. the tender has part number, i;ll look that up if i can. thanks guys.
  14. hmmmm, So to be absolutely sure, I need find the place on the body where te R number is stamped, it has "Made in Gt Britain" and "Hornby Railways" stamped on footplate beneath front . You'd have thought someone at Hattons would have picked up on that. but, well, I thought it was maybe a goof of the original manufaturers.
  15. Hi there chaps.. Slightly confused over a recent addition to my to do box. A Hornby 4p compound 4-4-0, During inspecting for damage I noticed no sign of any visible cylinders?...wierd or makers ballsup? I checked the R number against other photo's of the various versions of the 4p 4-4-0, Hattens have one in the Midlands red livery, but low and behold! the thing has grown outside cylinders, And extra crankshafts, crossheads ect. Sooo, the same item but different livery means visible cylinders and valve gear? The black livery I bought has no cylinders. https://www.hattons.co.uk/
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