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  1. Thanks for your good wishes; there's a long way to go yet, but it'll keep me busy. It's good to put a name to your nick-name, too. ATB Terry
  2. Beast, thanks once again; it's a fascinating piece of footage and it points up some of the spatial relationships between buildings that aren't necessarily evident from photographs. That "fish & chips" building behind the up platform looks bigger than ever! Also the LNWR up starter before the footbridge doesn't have a sighting board, which it seems to have acquired by the early 50s. No doubt there is more that will leap out at me. The rest of the clip is fascinating too; it's a good game to try and guess locations! Thanks Terry D
  3. This is a blatant way of trying to attract readers of this site to come and have a look at the main area in which my modelling activities (if that isn't being too kind a description) are taking place. This can be found under the forum heading "Special interests; modelling real locations, Hest Bank in 4mm". I had this plan, which was to build an exhibition layout based on WCML 1950s practice. However, everything changes, and it is now a static layout in a shed in the westest of west Wales. For a fuller description, please go to the above site in Special Interests. At the same time, may I please give a plug to my friends in the South who are building a real corker of an exhibition layout called Horfield and also to express my appreciation for a certain gentleman (sorry Gilbert) who prefers to be known as Great Northern and who is building a stonking layout called Peterborough North. ATB Terry Davis
  4. Hi Dukedog As a resident of the Aberystwyth area, I can say that you've captured the character of the locality to perfection. I recall speaking to you at the Wolverhampton show when you were there with Pen y Bont. I think Morfa Bach was then just a twinkle in your eye? Just shows how well you've progressed. Keep up the good work!
  5. Hi HerbertHopkins Thanks for the comments. Yes, knowing Gilbert too, I think you're probably right; why would he even refer to Locoholism otherwise. One little point; I can't agree with your motto about "not having buses". How else are passengers going to get to the railway station to catch a train? ATB Terry Davis
  6. Thanks beast 66606 for the additional signalling info. All extra snippets are welcome. Just been doing some research on the buildings which form the scenic background; there are lots of residences which front Marine Drive up on top of the bank. Many of these are going to be represented more figuratively than actually, because I don't have enough lifetimes! Dapol's bungalows are probably going to be there in number - not accurate, but I think that anyone with local knowledge might still recognize it and that's really the whole idea. Just found that Google maps street view facility is brilliant for getting a handle on what buildings are where, so this has helped in placing models on the layout.
  7. Hi bino I think beast 66606 may well have answered your question; the main information on the layout is under "modelling real locations" , Hest Bank in 4mm. Regards Terry D
  8. Hello Mark Just to check with you that you are who I think you are, i.e. your father is Trevor, formerly a member of Wolverhampton MRC. I am still a member ( have been since 1977!!) and having lived in Wolverhampton from then up till 2009, the station site is very familiar. Shame that the heritage project for Low Level which was mooted back in the 1980s never got anywhere and that the place just underwent the inevitable decline since then. Nice project though! Incidentally, may I draw your attention to my own efforts under Hest Bank, also on this page. All the best Terry Davis
  9. Hello Beast 66606 Thanks for your message. The info I got from Mr Rigby was an extract (handwritten by him) from the WTT from June-Sept 1954 giving a detailed chronological sequence of freight workings between Carlisle Upperby and Euxton Jct. I'm afraid I have no special instructions for Hest, if indeed any exist. If you have better info, I would be glad, but I don't want you to go to extra effort, as I think it will be a while before I even bring operation up to the standard of my existing info. On another topic, thanks for alerting me to the splitting signal at Hest. It's as clear as day that the post is a welded fabrication which supports a platform on which are mounted two subsidiary tubular posts. Not only that, the whole ensemble seemed to have been moved north entire during the Dec 1958 rebuild to a new position on the end of the up platform.
  10. I guess my efforts to date would fall within the definition of a large layout. I don't know if anyone has thought of defining it but at 27'6" by 8'6", it's certainly the largest one I've ever built! This topic tag was really meant to draw the interested reader (he must be out there somewhere!) to the main description of the layout which appears under "Modelling real locations - Hest Bank in 4mm". Meanwhile, here is a quick taster.
  11. Quite by good fortune, I found the location Hest Bank in Antony Darnborough's excellent book "West Coast Steam". It seemed to me to offer many qualities I wanted from a layout; lots of traffic of all kinds including class 8P hauled, a small compact station, a junction for operational interest and a small yard for a bit of shunting. So I went ahead and started building it some time ago. The results to date can be found under "Modelling real locations - Hest Bank in 4mm".
  12. Adding my fourpennorth, I would like to draw your attention to my 4mm layout based on Hest Bank. It is set in the period 1954-58, so it would seem to qualify as a north west model. It is still very much work-in-progress at the moment (and will be for some considerable time to come); the main topic featuring this layout actually appears under the "Modelling real locations" section of Special Interests, so if you're interested, please look at it there. Meanwhile here is a small taster.
  13. Just a few extra pictures and captions to flesh out the information on Hest so far. Yet another "Super D" on an up empty minerals working. This time it's one of Bachmann's excellent offerings, to supplement the two ancient Gem versions of this archaic but very strong prototype loco. It is all too evident that it still has its front coupling (which will be replaced by a screw link type in due course) and that there are no lamps to denote that it's a partly fitted freight working. Yet another view of the storage yard, this time showing the stagger between the down and the up yards and pointing up the difference in lengths between the various roads. By having dedicated roads it is possible to fit the longest possible train into any given road. It also means that the operator alone is responsible for his train from beginning to end of a train movement, so there is no question of blaming someone else for one's mistakes! Finally, it means that every train can be run round on a continuous basis. I surely can't be the only one who feels that once is not always enough? View north from behind the "Cinderella bridge". This is only roughed out in plasticard at the moment, but I have plenty of evidence of what is should look like. Project number 34! The bridge apparently acquired its name because it gave access to a building which was once used as an orphanage. One of Hornby's 8Fs hauls a long up partly fitted mixed freight. View of the station area looking south as a down Manchester-Glasgow runs through behind a Newton Heath Jubilee. It was only yesterday that I realised that the Hornby footbridge, which I thought would be capable of being doctored into a fairly reasonable representation of the old bridge is, in fact, a good scale 6 ft too tall. Major surgery is therefore required before everything is fixed in situ. Heigh-ho. You think you're getting somewhere near and suddenly the goalposts have shifted themselves. The same train from the opposite view. The coaching stock is a mix of modified proprietary and kit-built vehicles, which typefies the sort of mix which the real thing would have consisted of. The loco is a venerable Jamieson kit towing a Mainline tender. Finally a lengthy oils waiting to venture forward onto the down main, having come from the Heysham oil terminal. I honestly don't know if the mix of tank vehicle ownership is prototypical or not, but I do like a nice long weathered tanker train. The loco is a DJH WD 2-8-0, which has been later augmented by the odd Bachmann one. I am very much indebted to Peter Rigby for a very comprehensive extract from the working timetable for Hest Bank which will enable me to ensure that freight movements on the layout are as much in accord with prototype practice as can be achieved.
  14. Aberystwyth, prior to the closure of the Carmarthen line (properly known as the Manchester & Milford line) would have been an excellent choice. The 5 platforms are not too long, there are two routes into the terminus; indeed the M & M line begins curving away to the south even before the train is off the platform. There is an MPD, freight facilities and even, if you want to model that far to get a narrow gauge aspect, the old V o R route into its terminus nearby. Locos were Manors, 75xxx, 43xx, Dukedogs and various others It was even fairly interesting in the blue diesel era, although the current scene is not sparkling, there being a 2 hourly service provided by a 2 car 158. Still, support your local railway!
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