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  1. Nobody has AFAIK mentioned Mk1 FOs in Intercity or charter liveries as used in main line steam specials. One of the big benefits of producing the Mk1 FO and yet no liveries later than Blue/Grey announced yet.
  2. Two interesting lists, thanks to Paul.Uni and Butler Henderson. Everything I’m waiting for is in BH’s list! I wonder how much is in Bachmann’s hands and how much is it Kader as parent company deciding to prioritise other brands because they are selling better at present and giving higher returns? If you take away the duplicates (sound fitted and not) the list is pretty thin compared to deliveries say a year ago. The backlog of reliveries using existing tooling is pretty impressive. I really hope for Bachmann they get this sorted out soon, but if they don’t have an allocated production slot for a relivery in the catalogue year, I think I would prefer the model didn’t appear in the catalogue until they do. It just raises expectations and then frustrations at the annual price rises while we wait...
  3. I'm surprised nobody has commented on 800109 moving to Doncaster Carr under its own power. For a damaged train subject to investigation that is a surprise to me and implies that all the electrical and traction systems have been thoroughly examined and confirmed to be in working order.
  4. I would agree, but Amberley seems to have standardised on this format for all its photo album type books from a plethora of authors, and including the Strathwood Spotting Days reprints. Presumably there's a commercial reason behind the decision.
  5. I certainly don't have a problem with the extra Ads and simply ignore them. What annoys is their loading time which leads to clicking in the wrong place, then having to go back, wait and then click again. Less time spent reading different threads, so fewer Ads seen that generate revenue.
  6. For a period a mix like that was common on The Clansman Euston-Inverness train.
  7. The 73 has what looks like a red painted shedcode plate on the front and is freshly repainted, so may be identifiable by someone. 202 or 205 perhaps?
  8. Sorry, you're quite right. 47500 still had its water tanks when named in BR Blue but had lost them by the time it went into GWR green. But I'm sure when I looked into renumbering mine there was something that didn't match up...and I'm not talking about the position of the ETH jumper.
  9. How much do you care about accuracy? The Bachmann 47628 model has incorrect underframe detail (water tanks removed) for 47500.
  10. There's only been the one production run, so unless Bachmann has been checking every model in its warehouse before bring shipped to retailers, I don't suppose anything has changed. It wasn't all the models that were affected, so they may be relying on retailers to send back defective models for repairs under warranty. Best to check the individual model in the shop before buying.
  11. Yes it is http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/65817/32-779Z-Bachmann-Class-37-0-Diesel-Locomotive-number-37-026
  12. That's a great announcement - and some time in preparation by the look of it. I can now get value for money out of my Bachmann 37 using it for a couple of more years until you produce a centre headcode version in original form, which is a better fit for the WR.
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