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  1. Anyone who uses Bachmann’s entry level E-Z Command system will not be able to change CVs. And those users are I suspect more likely to be people who don’t know the ins and outs of DCC and will expect to be able to plug in any 21pin decoder they have and expect it to work, not knowing the Class 90 is different. Retailers will have to warn purchasers and/or sell them the special decoder or they may end up with lots of warranty returns when the servo fails. presumably the special decoder maintain the correct CV values for the 90 even if fully reset?
  2. As I’m sure Olddudders knows, it was the same on the Central Division. Even numbers to Victoria, odd to London Bridge. As to the photos, there must have been something not quite right with the track alignment; my first reaction when I saw the second last coach in C4872 was that it was about to derail.
  3. The backscene is quite effective, in a minimalist sort of way. Other than the fact that I now always think it's an extract from The Fighting Temeraire, it means your eyes are drawn the more colourful ground, track and rolling stock, which is what i presume you are after.
  4. So no West Coastway 2-SAPs and the later 4-CAPs then...
  5. For a 6 coach rake of Blue/Grey Air Cons on the WR I would forget about the BSO/BFK and go for BG, FO, RBR/RMB, 3xTSO
  6. But the new coupling on the other hand creates a greater gap to the wagon/coach than the older, wider, one.
  7. Certainly an interesting choice. I'm not aware of them running in my (Country) area south of the river and to be honest I've already got plenty of RT3s for any layout or even Bus Station diorama I might build. Yes they're something a bit different, which I hope means they sell, but they're not a bus I remember seeing which is what matters for me.
  8. Yes it’s 55011. It’s nameplate was removed on one side -supposedly for safe keeping IIRC - for its final months in service.
  9. What have you done to that station sign Rob? Who's Ange and what can she be rented for? I can think of several words starting Rid...
  10. You can’t trust a drawing... Pinza’s nameplate is not centred under the grills in the Carter drawing. Very interesting about the bogies. My recollection is that, when the bogies under the Deltics were transferred to Class 37s, those 37s were renumbered to 37350 onwards to distinguish the from the standard ones.
  11. I am convinced that Heljan has some sort of limit on development of new models, whereby after a certain point they go ahead to production even though there may still be known flaws, presumably to keep costs in check. It would be a shame if Hornby followed a similar track with hi-fi models because they will only alienate their customer base.
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