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  1. On the assumption you’re asking about the D&E era, that’s about it in terms of proper stabling points. Liverpool Street and Euston both saw locos stabled in the station area and I’m not aware of a separate name for them. Marylebone, Fenchurch Street and the SR termini didn’t really have enough, or any, regular loco workings to justify a stabling point.
  2. If that’s the case how on earth did Scotland have an alcohol problem? Of course....crap beer so everyone drank whisky instead...
  3. I agree, but it needs the white cab surrounds. If they are maroon too as per the 37s and 47/57s the effect will be just as dull.
  4. Unfortunately London terminus starts/finishes for rail tours have been a problem for many years, not just for the timing of the actual tours but also the logistics and pathing of the ecs. I can understand that during the week but at weekends there really should be ways of pathing railtours on a four track railway, even with locos at lower that 100mph. Combined with the ridiculously early start and finish times of some tours, the London area will soon become a no go area for railtours. There have been occasions when I’ve been back in UK and thought about doing a tour, but looked at the same old motive power and early starts and thought no thanks. Only a seriously rare piece of track would tempt me now.
  5. Interesting photos of Penrith station. Do any passenger trains use the "extra" platform in C18363?
  6. No worries. Your photos are superb and I like the fact you don’t photoshop them as it makes them more true to prototype. I was just seeking to add a bit of levity - seeing the lamp above the grills made me smile. Been there, done that... A putter is a golf club btw and the head looks exactly like the lamp.
  7. Indeed. Getting down to ground, or better eye level gives a real sense of the size of the loco when standing nearby. Extra realism too - how many of us have taken what we think is a perfect photo only to get home and see an unfortunately placed person or object, like the putter stuck in the grills of 60062 :-) Hope you haven’t given up on your great videos Andy - maybe once you move your internet will be faster!
  8. This example if any was needed shows the steep increases in prices that have had to be made by Bachmann as a result of rising costs in China over a relatively short time. 31-380 2-EPB 6262 in Blue/Grey livery with NSE branding is currently being sold by retailers for around £125-£130. Bachmann has reworked unsold stock as 31-381, now weathered and with NSE branding removed, and retailers are discounting it at around £186-£190. Ok the original version is probably being discounted by Bachmann to retailers, but £60 is an lot extra for a bit of reworking.
  9. The Club J72 at £129.95 is actually cheaper than the standard release in NER lined green. The Club wagon plus the quarterly magazine are pretty good value and you can always sell the wagon if you don’t want it. If Clubs are not your thing then fair enough but I do think you get value for money from the cost of membership.
  10. 47202 was withdrawn in the original Railfreight grey livery, so I expect the Class 47 in J09926 is 47302.
  11. Rob I presume you already know about the Locomotion Models limited edition 94xx no 9400 in G W R unlined green, which according to the Bachmann Times is being developed alongside the three standard releases. Any use on ANTB?
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