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  1. That photo is taken at Alcantara Terra, the train is just leaving the station and heading down to the sidings at Alcantara Mar, which give access to the container terminal in the docks.
  2. Hi Kevin, I've already commented on flickr but for those reading here, if its 47189, I can't see evidence of a black dominos headcode panel, which would put the photo later than October 1981, the latest date I can find a photo with dominos.
  3. The BB 34051 Winston Churchill (R3866) is already in stock with several retailers (who shall remain nameless to avoid favouritism). The green looks similar or is the same as to Bideford.
  4. It's long amazed me that, unlike other countries, the UK doesn't have motorway tolls. They would ensure that vehicles transiting the UK paid a contribution to road maintenance, pollution etc. Yes, UK drivers would also have to pay, but the tolls could be weighted against HGVs and be collected automatically by overhead gantry readers and a few toll booths, so not meaning large swathes of countryside tarmaced over.
  5. Rather unfortunate juxtaposition for the Network Rail sign and that 9F 0-10-0. Transforming the railway in Wales by reintroducing steam locos.
  6. You might want to check with them and also ask what customs arrangements they are making for shipments to the EU. I'm in Portugal and lots of expat facebook groups are complaining about excessive courier charges (especially DHL) for the recipient even where the sender is taking a pre-payment for customs charges, so the goods should be delivered without extra fees. Royal Mail and the Dutch (? from your location) postal service may take longer but may be more efficient.
  7. Is there any cross channel rail traffic that goes on to /comes from Ireland? I didn't think so, since transhipment to road would still be needed for the UK-Ireland sea crossing.
  8. I do hope at Bachmann will give an update or indication of its plans for reliveries/new versions announced years ago and still showing as “awaited” on it’s website, not just those arriving soon. The two Class 47s (47435 in BR blue and 47711 in LL) come immediately to mind. And I hope there will be another catalogue this year, but since it won’t include anything not yet announced and announcements are now only close to delivery, it’s going to get thinner each time as outstanding models are delivered and sell out. Catalogues are a chance to showcase a brand and demonstrate it has plent
  9. Interesting... that photo makes Dapol’s BR green look as bad as Hornby’s recent efforts on its BR(W) locos. Flat and dull or what... Do all manufacturers think BR green was different on WR locos? Does anyone know how it compares with the “correct” colour.
  10. Sufficient time has passed for the number to be reused. The only bit of the original 66734 still in existence is I think one of the cabs.
  11. I don't know about the start and finish dates, but there were plenty of 117s in BR blue without gangways.
  12. They won't be exact repeats...the BR green will be different in each case
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