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  1. Sorry to continue the 47 discussion. 47085 still had dominoes both ends in April 1979 but by July 1980 was ex-works so may have been flush at no. 1 end then. Was actually flush both ends from 1980 until around 1983. The MAMMOTH plates were moved by SF to the higher position on transfer but were still WR style.
  2. The NE/SW sets had only one TF and these have two, so I agree not one of those.
  3. Minories was the original terminus of the London and Blackwall Railway and I always assumed that was the Minories referred to by CJF. But to me Minories is the bus station on Minories (street) from where the Green Line coaches to the East of London (Romford and the like) departed from.
  4. It’s so long ago I don’t remember whether there were booked 7-car sets on the ECML at that time or if a TSO or buffet is missing.
  5. Heaton always seemed to me to be a depot in need of a purpose following the loss off DMU workings to the Tyne & Wear metro and coaching stock diagrams to HSTs.
  6. I can't see rebuilt post accident cab without headlights, e.g. as per 47282 and 47484 both still with dominoes the other end. I'd be happy with nine variants, as long as they were all up to BR Blue/LL not later :-)
  7. what a wonderfully laxly worded sign. Don’t think I would wait 7 days while they carried out an MOT.
  8. Keep it diesel, keep it diesel keep it diesel... Any NCB locos could be Class 14 ex-WR hydraulics.
  9. Both ordered and according to the warehouse should be on their way today. Any news Kevin on whether the books below will still make it this year? Already been asked for possible Christmas presents...
  10. Will an obviously smaller Lazy Joe be making an appearance?
  11. Very nice. But I hope that's a mobile communications tower rather than overhead pylons, because of the potential for interference.
  12. Perhaps this should be posted in the Overseas Prototype forum?
  13. That trick was deployed pretty widely on workings to areas known to be short of Type 4 motive power - send out something that had to be sent back.
  14. I think Flood has pretty much hit the nail on the head. Locos were changed when passenger trains reversed or if traction knowledge required a change. Locos running round at major stations was a rarity then. With widespread traction knowledge of 45s, 46s and 47s, they usually worked through irrespective of depot allocation. I remember Class 40s being reported in the magazines as regulars on the Mossend - Severn Tunnel Junction freights but presumably they didn’t work every day, with 47s being the norm.
  15. Perhaps the two portions arrived at Leeds in the wrong order due to late running and were joined the wrong way round. J1493 is 55010.
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