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  1. I too would like to have a TOPS era wagon just for once. I haven’t yet kept one BCC membership wagon but at least they always seem to find a good home.
  2. As stated by Dave it’s 47585, which was indeed a SF loco. The black lining round the cab windows is another giveaway.
  3. Wouldn’t surprise me if steam locos on preserved lines were given an exception long into the future, but perhaps not so for diesels.
  4. There was a thread on here years ago with images showing the different sizes of numbers used on large logo liveried 47s. IIRC Scottish allocated and/or repainted locos typically had slightly smaller numbers and the 7s were more rounded. I suppose a standard size was prescribed but depot repaints used what was available.
  5. Perhaps the 45 failed in the Manchester area and this was the easiest way to get it "home" to Toton for repairs.
  6. The motorail with sleepers, so presumably to Scotland, has a pair of Class 25s being used, presumably for the short stretch to Willesden Jct. where no doubt an Electric would have been put on the front.
  7. That would have been a superb photo in colour, with the sun shining on the Class 50's clean BR blue paintwork in complete contrast to the what would have been filthy steam locos around it. But better that B&W photo than none at all. Was Mr Guppy the only person to photo the diesel during that shed visit, I wonder.
  8. In view of the scientific advice about COVID transmissability and it being better to be outside in the fresh air, surely the Staycation Express, both this year or last, should have been formed of pressure ventilated stock (Mk1s and/or Mk2a-c) with windows blocked open rather than Mk3 air-conditioned coaches. Would guarantee loco haulage too..... Of course I'm biased.
  9. Looks very good. Will need to find a bookseller that posts to the EU. Do you Simon?
  10. NSE liveried 47s got to the four corners as the expression goes. Not sure about north of Inverness though. Perhaps Invergorden if the workings to there hadn’t already finished.
  11. If one wanted to be pedantic, since the thread refers to "Sussex" anything after 1974 is not allowed as that is when the single council was split into East and West Sussex local authorities following the Local Government Act 1972.
  12. Still... Do you know something we don't? Is Morpeth and its curve soon to be bypassed...?
  13. HSTs with only one operational power car were not allowed over the Devon banks unassisted. Since WR power cars could be changed at Plymouth for a return working, it was common to see a loco put on at Exeter St Davids rather than CAPE the train. Cross country HSTs on the other hand (as in the photo at Newton Abbot above) were often assisted from Plymouth to Exeter SD, from where they could proceed alone, to get the HST back to Neville Hill.
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