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  1. I would like an accurate 45/1 and I have high hopes, but the decider for me will be the top of the cab doors being slightly curved and the consequent changes in shape of the cab windows. Fix that please Heljan and I’ll be a happy bunny.
  2. What I can offer off the top of my head 5901 and 8521 were presumably already withdrawn and in use with the Research Dept?
  3. Which era are you modelling? The 47/3s had water tanks just like the others from new and some never lost them.
  4. What bashing was all about. You didn’t know what would appear; no sectorisation so a loco could work a freight then straight onto a passenger train. When it became same old, same old is when I lost interest in haulage.
  5. Sorry but I must disagree. The SR had a reputation for keeping its Class 33 clean inside and out and I don’t recall them being as dirty as that BR blue one.
  6. Did you have to reserve two seats if your hat was over a certain size?
  7. I really don’t understand why Bachmann has such a problem with roof ribs. If Hornby could get them just about right on their first Mk1s from the 1960s, surely with current tool cutting materials it should be possible to do as well if not better. But it seems not...
  8. I’d better start saving up now for a plain BR Blue one then, so I can afford it when Bachmann decides to produce one.
  9. Peterborough North is LNER so I wouldn’t want to go there (except maybe for a Deltic - not an A3 or A4) but if I was going from Seaton Jct I think I go the scenic route via Birmingham and Leicester.
  10. The proposed KMS 47/7 is the Edinburgh- Glasgow push-pull fitted version 47701-47717, which have different underfloor piping and tanks to the 47/7s that were originally RES locos including 47727, 47749
  11. Does anyone know when the last White/Blue DMUs were painted Blue/Grey? I remember seeing set L440 at Reading in white/blue (with W50083) on many occasions and I’m curious to know how long it lasted. My notes are currently AWOL. Here it is at Oxford in 1979 https://flic.kr/p/2iLZuaS
  12. for the record, these are RBRs not RMBs I do have some recollection of a Sunday afternoon up working on the Cotswold line but perhaps a bit before your timeline. Can’t remember whether the outward train was Friday or Saturday but it was an OOC NSE Mk1 set spare at the weekend.
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