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  1. I’ve changed the name of the thread to Northeast Industrial Stuff because not everything on here is based at Tanfield. But I’m going to stay faithful to the Northeast, hence the new name. Over the past few weeks I’ve been making a model of ‘South Durham Malleable No. 5’ which is currently in poor condition at Beamish Museum. It was actually based at Tanfield for a while in the 1970s when Beamish Museum used the Marley Hill shed as a store. Records suggest that the prototype was built in 1873 by the South Durham Steel & Iron Company at their works in Stockton and was constructed from spare parts and some old bits and pieces from a Black Hawthorn loco. Nameplates are on order from Narrow Planet. I’ve made a compromise with the wheels – on the prototype these appear to be solid cast wheels but with a spoke pattern. I considered using some Pug wheels, but these didn’t look right without the cast spoke pattern. In the end I’ve settled for normal spoked wheels. This isn't so obvious thanks to everything being black. It would probably look good pulling some of the Chilton Iron Works chauldron wagons mentioned previously. The model follows my usual methods – EM Gauge with High Level gearbox and motor. The front wheels are in hornblocks with the axle resting on a pivot beam to give some compensation. Cheers Chris
  2. I think the GWR wagon looks OK. I once painted a GWR wagon in BR Railfreight Grey, but I would never admit it on a website such as this. It just about looked OK once it was lettered and weathered. Cheers Chris
  3. I spoke to Andrew at Wizard about the Markits wheels and he said that the fault was a known issue with some wheel types. The wheels that I have are a newer design and apparently the fault had not been identified - until now. A refund has been offered - top service as usual from Wizard Models.
  4. The one thing in my favour is that I bought the wheels from Wizard, so I'll mention it to Andrew - far easier than dealing directly with the supplier in my experience.
  5. By now I would have hoped to be able to post some pictures of the Hull & Barnsley G1 moving towards completion, but it has been a frustrating case of one step forward and more than a few backwards. In one of my previous posts I suggested that I had got to the stage of having a rolling chassis which was free running, and that I didn't see why it wouldn't work once the motor and gearbox was fitted. I fitted a High Level gearbox and motor, and some Markits wheels. Unfortunately it ran like a clown's car and I spent two or three evenings fiddling about with the chassis and not being able to solve the problem. I got to the point where frustration kicked in, I admitted defeat and I pulled the chassis to bits. But I was still puzzled why the thing bounced around and wouldn't run true after early indications suggested it would be OK when I had it set up with some old scrap Gibson wheels. Earlier this evening I cleaned up the frames and rebuilt the chassis. Then I realised what the problem was - the Markits wheels weren't round. They aren't massively out of true, but enough to cause a problem. I'll chuck them out and order some replacements from Alan Gibson, and will probably give Markits wheels a wide berth in the future. So, after farting around for a few nights being unable to work out what I had done wrong, it was nice to finally work out that I hadn't done anything wrong and that I had bought a set of oval wheels. I'm a bit pi$£ed off, and about forty quid worse off, but hey ho.... I've also had a problem with not being able to get some brass wire to fit through the holes in some handrail knobs. The problem here was the 0.45mm wire that I had bought from a well known supplier was actually 0.49mm. Hopefully some meaningful progress to report on soon. Cheers Chris
  6. Thanks Mick - I may have seen a couple of these pictures before but not others. One thing that I've been pondering is the livery. I assume that the lining would have been the standard grey and vermillion? I know that red tends not to show up on old photographs and although the lining appears to be a single solid grey line, I'm guessing it probably wouldn't have been. The alternative is course to just make it very dirty so nobody can tell. Have you made any further progress with your Class K?
  7. I've found a bit of time over the past week to make some progress with a few things that have been kicking around the back of my workbench for a while, some for a lot longer than others. I made the frames for the Hull & Barnsley G1 a few weeks ago and also cut out the basic shapes for things like the cab sides etc. The past few evenings have seen some progress with starting to solder it together. The side tanks are just balanced in place for now and will be made as separate fabrications before final fitting. The dodgy soldering at the base of the smokebox will be hidden by the splashers and piano front. The wheels are some old scrap Gibsons that I use for setting up the chassis - it is free running when I shove it along my test track so it should in theory run nicely when I get round to getting a motor and gearbox fitted. Still lots to do on this one. The old Dapol Austerity has been on my workbench in one way or another for many years. I must have had this for 30 years and it was always a very noisy and crap runner - I believe this was normal. The first 'modification' was to fit an Alan Gibson EM conversion wheelset - not entirely successful. It ran OK for a bit until the old Dapol motor gave up. The next attempt was to build an RT Models replacement chassis complete with hornblocks and a High Level/Mashima combo. Running was greatly improved but the body still looked a bit rough despite a repaint into NCB livery. The latest modifications have been to get rid of the very visible seam/gap on the tank by changing how the body clips together, fit some RT Models castings, fit a bottom to the boiler, replace the oversize handrails and some of the plastic mouldings etc. I need to fit a few more handrails then the tank can be repainted. It looks like I haven't properly clipped the cab into the footplate on the photo below. I'm not that interested in Austerities but this one was just sat there looking in need of some attention and I felt sorry for it. I haven't bothered with some of the other RT parts like replacement steps and window surrounds. I'm of the view that you can only polish a turd up to a point although some may disagree..... And for something completely different to scratch building steam locos I've had a go at making a Judith Edge NBL MAN shunter - a lovely well-designed kit. This has been another long-term project that I've dipped in and out of since the start of the year. Definitely needs weathering. I'll admit to not knowing a great deal about early diesels apart from being able to tell the difference between one class and another, but I've always thought these were a nice looking prototype. It boasts a High Level 90:1 Loadhauler gearbox and one of Chris's cheaper 1020 motors, and it runs nice 'n' slowly. Cheers Chris
  8. Hello Tony One of these is somewhere on my 'to do' list, but I would build it as the ex-H&BR version - was that a LNER N11? I've got plenty of other part-built things to finish off first though including a nearly done Y8, H&BR G1 and a diesel shunter of all things. Which layout is it? Cheers Chris
  9. I understand that Twizell was at Morrison Busty pit in the 70s, so I assume the thief would have been some wrong'un from Stanley. Before anyone takes offence at that suggestion I can confirm that I am originally from Stanley and could probably even suggest a few likely names.....
  10. Apologies to anyone who has already seen this over on my main workbench thread, but here is my recently completed scratchbuilt model of R&W Hawthorn 'Enterprise'. The real one is preserved at Tanfield but not restored. I guess this is my interpretation of what it might look like if it ever were to be restored. It is EM gauge with a nice High Level gearbox and motor, Gibson wheels and nothing particularly ground breaking. The name and works plates are from Narrow planet. Cheers Chris
  11. I think this one is more or less finished (until I spot something I haven't done).
  12. Managed to find enough time over the past week to make a couple of gearboxes for the Y8 and Enterprise, so both of them now run. Enterprise has had some correct-size Gibson wheels fitted and now looks more in proportion compared to the old oversize Romfords that I had used to set-up the chassis. The cylinder covers aren't fixed in place yet and need straightening up - they also need one or two more coats of paint and will be lined the same way as the tank etc, but hopefully this shows the general idea. I have used a high ratio Lo Loader gearbox (I think 90:1) with one of the cheaper High Level 1015 motors which gives nice slow running. I also need to make some brake hangers. I have used a Road Runner Compact Plus gearbox with a 1015 motor in the Y8 - this has a 60:1 ratio which actually works fine with the small wheels. This just needs some brakes making, Gibson crankpins finishing off and some cab glazing, then I think it is more or less done. Cheers Chris
  13. Hi Corbs, Thanks for the picture - I haven't seen that one before. I agree with you that the brown livery would have probably lasted during the period you have suggested. But I think brown is a nasty colour. It might look OK on an Austin Allegro or some other 1970s British Leyland offering but I'm not sure about a steam engine and, as I mentioned before, I had a can of green paint in the garage and was too tight to buy a different colour. Here is the current state of play complete with name and works plates, awaiting motor, gearbox and the correct wheels. In my parallel universe the loco was sold by R Y Pickering to another industrial user who painted it a proper colour and gave it some TLC (and, it would appear, a slightly different shaped dome and a chimney that doesn't look like a flower pot). Rule one and all that..... Hopefully it won't be too long until it moves under its own power, then I can sort out the cylinders. Cheers Chris
  14. Not much progress to report on in the last few months for several reasons. Firstly this has always been a bit of a 'winter' hobby for me as I can usually find other stuff to keep me occupied during the summer - I guess last summer was more productive than usual from a model-making point of view as there wasn't much else to do for obvious reasons. Secondly, I had got a few locos to the stage of needing gearboxes and motors at the same time as High Level was forced to close, so they have just been sat at the back of my workbench waiting patiently for Chris to re-open. And, thirdly, I've been lacking motivation after probably doing too much last year. So, with the excellent news that Chris appears to be ready to recommence trading I have spent the last week tidying up my workbench in anticipation for things to get moving once more. I haven't been completely idle. The Y8 which last appeared a few pages ago had some paint and transfers applied last month and just needs a suitable motor and gearbox installing. The coupling rods have been made up and I have some new Gibson wheels to replace the old set in the picture that I have used for setting the ride-height of the frames. I have ran out of 'LNER' transfers so this one has been done in 'NER' period. The model of 'Enterprise' has had some excellent Narrow Planet nameplates and works plates fitted but is essentially at the same stage of waiting for a motor and gearbox to arrive, then we should see some progress. I think my main winter project might be having a go at making a H&BRly Class A (LNER Q10) but that will be a fairly major undertaking and probably won't be started for a couple of months yet. In order to get me back into the swing of things I am going to build a H&BRly Class G1 - these were basic 0-6-0 tanks which didn't make it to grouping. I've spent a couple of evenings building the frames and cutting out the footplate and I might even have time to get soldering at some point this week. This will have my usual set-up of driving off a rigid rear axle with beam-compensated hornblocks on the front and middle axles. Cheers Chris
  15. Spent the last few evenings painting the D22 and swearing at Fox lining transfers. I've tried to go for a 'worn' look without it looking too scruffy. The real '1542' was withdrawn during the middle of 1933 and I've been working from a picture in the RCTS book that was taken that year. I assume it wouldn't have been in pristine condition by then.
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