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  1. WOW ! didn't mean to start WW3 guys ! sorry. Anyway - I have Absolutely zero problem repairing - or remanufacturing axles, in any material I have a modelmaker's / clockmaker's metal lathe. I simply need 6 replacement wheels, and 6 fasteners(or pins. I can do the rest. I simply cannot go with the existing wheels as the thread bores (and the Bachmann Hex Head bolts are all ruined. Also with regard to the missing rod parts / bowed cylinder. Mine are parallel, and complete. I think the bowing seems to have been Lens Barrel distortion in the photograph - due to the way it was taken. There is
  2. Hi Gazbo.

    Ignore my last message. There is a fault on the chassis that is not repairable unless you have a donor chassis. The inner part of the right hand side slide bar is missing. It will cause no end of trouble unless your old chassis's one is intact and can be used on this chassis. That on top of the warped wheel inners does not make it such a good buy.

    Sorry to get your hopes up.




  3. Cheers guys. I'm thinking now - I'm going to look out for a replacement chassis in working order. just had another look at this one, and as I re-fitted it all together,(So as not to lose the chassis to body screws etc , it all fell apart (screws fall straight out of the drivers, losing the motion etc). All attempts to rebuild securely fails miserably. Wasted a day just trying to make it stay in one piece. So..... if I can find a decent, non-Hong-Kong Bachmann unit.....£££ So she's parked for now, back in the loco drawer. Back together-ish - as long as no-one touches it
  4. Thankyou cypherman. I think this may well be a frankenstein setup though. There are definitely 2 pins, and 4 screws, whereby the screws were supposed to be into the forward and rearward wheels, and the pins into the centre set. not sure how, but it looks like they "Mis-arranged the wheels, and they fitted pins to threaded holes, and then ended up with screws, that wouldn't go into the remaining pinholes.Does that make sense? but they are definitely screws, as the remainder of the threads are still present. Not really bothered about that now though, as long as I can get a replacement
  5. Hi Guys. Firstly may I apologise for the longevity in replying. Now have a replacement laptop.(as is the case with half the country, Money is/has been tight !) So thanks all (Belatedly) for the great replies. I fully understand the advice around - putting it down to experience. Yes, I could just park it in a siding, but My layout does not have one, it's a (once completed)near scale of the section of line which passed our area, until closure in the 70s. It's 2.5 m in length, single track, with DIY auto reverse delay timers installed. works a treat. A. this loco was My main Birthd
  6. Brand new (Joined Yesterday - don't know where I'm going on here, so patince please guys, and thanks for the accept.) Bachmann split chassis BR class 4 Driving wheels. I bought a mint looking, boxed, and second hand class 4. I've had it for a good while now, in storage,and apart from an initial motor test, and aware of it needing some work, it remained unused, but once I actually got round to some proper testing,I found the quartering was off by around 30 degrees, and three of the plastic centres were, as usual, coned out,catching the rods. I've since discovered this seems to be the norm
  7. Bachmann split chassis BR class 4 Driving wheels. Bought this mint looking, boxed, and second hand. had it for a good while now, in storge,ie not used, but once I got to testing, quartering was off by around 30 degrees, and three of the plastic centres were coned out,catching the rods, as is the norm with these. so she was badly limping. During wheel removal for curing the usual plastic insert problems,I've discovered destroyed motion mounting threads. It looks like the previous owner has replaced the axles in the wrong order, then forced the screws where they shouldn't fit, and it also looks like he's glued some of the others into badly sloppy holes. Otherwise she's fine !!!

    It wasn't at all obvious until stripdown. I'd assumed bad quartering(The wheels twist in the hollow axles anyway) and once the plastic hubs were repaired she would be easily rectified. I now need a replacement driving wheel set, and probably new motion to wheelset mounting screws.Problem is -  where to get a set from.Can't seem to find any. Ideas guys?

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