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  1. Bachmann split chassis BR class 4 Driving wheels. Bought this mint looking, boxed, and second hand. had it for a good while now, in storge,ie not used, but once I got to testing, quartering was off by around 30 degrees, and three of the plastic centres were coned out,catching the rods, as is the norm with these. so she was badly limping. During wheel removal for curing the usual plastic insert problems,I've discovered destroyed motion mounting threads. It looks like the previous owner has replaced the axles in the wrong order, then forced the screws where they shouldn't fit, and it also looks like he's glued some of the others into badly sloppy holes. Otherwise she's fine !!!

    It wasn't at all obvious until stripdown. I'd assumed bad quartering(The wheels twist in the hollow axles anyway) and once the plastic hubs were repaired she would be easily rectified. I now need a replacement driving wheel set, and probably new motion to wheelset mounting screws.Problem is -  where to get a set from.Can't seem to find any. Ideas guys?

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