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  1. I fear I may have to join Facebook. These 2 groups look good and with MIOG on it too I may have to go against all I believe in
  2. That is one damn good tree, shame its hidden so much
  3. What do you mean by " i almost enjoyed it", Andrew? Your not getting itchy feet are you?
  4. I for one would go several times a year to see HLJ. I don't mind not taking pictures or video or signing some disclaimer as not to release them on any sort of social media etc ( I'm not on Facebook etc). I would very much appreciate a private viewing rather than trying to peer over somebody's shoulder or being pushed out the way just because someone else can't wait. Why wouldn't I? But I very much doubt I would be one of the lucky few to attend anyway. So at the moment let me enjoy the thought!
  5. I agree but..... ....we don't know when that will be, might even be years away yet. I wouldn't mind stumping up cash plus extra for say charity to come and see this huge blast from the past. Even if it costs more than having to pay entrance fees at an exhibition. Not much chance of people getting in the way of enjoying full length trains here! But at least there wouldn't be any travelling cost for the crew and lorries involved in moving and setting this beast up. Its up to Simon to decide if he wants a public viewing or a trickle of people to be the first ones t
  6. Great work Andrew, The one I didn't see originally was (1) trees in the distance above the van! Obvious really, but not after looking for the others.
  7. Yay, got them. Found 9 shortly after you posted, just found the 10th
  8. Wow. My boys and me used to watch that camera quite often. Usually something going on there, very busy. Its going to cause havoc! I bet the driver needed a change of pants after that, wouldn't fancy toppling off there at that height.
  9. I would liked to have put a deposit down on some of their future projects but can't justify it at the moment. Plus there are other purchases first. I will get them just can't commit until there is a realistic time frame for release and I know I will have the expenditure.
  10. If you go on their mailing list you can express your interest even without putting a deposit down. I had an email, I think last week from them about it.
  11. awesome weathering yet again. 314 especially looking superb and a great sound track to do it too
  12. I just watched the video and I need a sit down. That's a looooong walk Looking brilliant. Noticed the colas 60, is there going to be more up to date running as well?
  13. I like your idea of landscaping the fiddle yard Andy. It'll help with the visuals when you video engines coming into Seven mills. BUT you will need to do that bridge at some point! And you'll need the practice for the second bridge your looking at building
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