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  1. It may very well have been me driving!
  2. That cab instantly reminded me of the two green ones I used to drive for Smiles brewery, Bristol. They were MAN, G reg IIRC. Replaced by some not up to the job Daihatsu's. Paul
  3. I have EWS 030 if your interested? PM me. Paul
  4. I was looking forward to seeing one in drab Paul
  5. Wow. That unit runs through there as if it's fexitrack, really smoothly, no clunking. Food for thought there I think. Paul
  6. Rather you than me but it'll be worth it in the end, it's coming together nicely. Paul
  7. This is really looking great and I'm pleased your finding enjoyment in your builds. I for one can't wait to see trains running again. Paul
  8. Maybe with bodies removed, frames painted yellow and the word salmon stuck on the side as a very basic model then yes Paul
  9. I can take my sunglasses off now, looking at that 33 gave me an headache Looking a lot better now Mr P. I like your change of direction. Always fond of the Dutch livery. Paul
  10. Hi David I've been following your build since I found I had a problem with the curvature. Very interesting building it inside out. I do like the roof vent you put inside using the left over parts, I may nick that idea if that's okay with you? Yes I was surprised the walls straightened out aswell as they did without any need for a batten. I will add strength inside anyway as it will get moved around. Paul
  11. Hi people. This weekend I managed to find some modelling time and fixed all the sub assemblies together and I now have a windowless shed! It's actually straightened out better than I thought it would. I will add extra support inside where the joins are to reinforce and solidify the structure as it needs to be removable. I may even put in an MDF or ply floor with the track inset (with a pit) to keep the walls from bowing. I'll fit the glazing later this week. The poly didn't cloud the windows as I'd hoped, probably because I wanted it to! If I wanted clear windows
  12. I've glued both side pieces to the rear section but not the roof yet. I didn't want to try and glue it all in one go as something is bound to misalign and I won't notice until its dry! Also one end support on the side was a fraction too high and putting the wall at the bottom too high not matching the corner. I anticipated this so only glued them enough so I knew I could get a blade in and snap the joint without too much fuss. I'll give this an hour and try the roof. Paul
  13. I finally glued the last supports on the other day and let it set for 24hrs. It seems to have straightened out the sides more than I was expecting. I was worried it was going to curve the roof but that's not happened. I let it set with weights on ie coke cans to help it keep straight. Next up put all the sub assemblies together. Paul
  14. I too have been made redundant, my PILON running out the beginning of April. Still pondering what to do with myself as I'm 44 and still need to work! Nearly 2 1/2 months being a makeshift teacher whilst the kids were home and now 2 days of them being back at school It's "what do I do now" time. Still I've enjoyed a bit of modelling albeit around the kids schedules. Paul
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