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  1. Before I sent mine back I was advised to try setting CV54 to 0 to allow the decoder to have another go at fixing this. It didn't work, it actually make it quite a bit worse with an added lurch at the start. I have now received a replacement and it's running perfectly. Having spoken to my retailer they said the slow speed stutter is a known problem, but they've probably had the usual about of returns of this model. So this isn't an issue with every one. Probably just the vocal, unlucky few on the forums desperate for help giving the impression that all these models have issues. I'm sure there a
  2. I think the pump would have driven me nuts if you can hear it on the footplate. Just finished a 30 minute run in and it's still hesitating. You're right, it's too expensive not to be perfect and I'll be looking to return for a replacement. I think I told myself that I could live with it because I really like it and I don't want the hassle of a return.
  3. Hi All, Couple of questions for 94xx owners: 1) for those with the sound fitted version. Is the "chirping" noise with ever rotation meant to be there? It goes when I turn sound off, so I assume it's intentional, but I find the squeaking quite annoying. It's like there's an angry sparrow in the cab. 2) has anyone had wheels that hesitate very briefly once during rotation when at slow speed. The motor overcomes it, but I wondered if this was a common issue and if there was a known fix? I'm currently giving it a very long run in to see if that solves it. The pa
  4. Glad Charlie's fixed it. Has given me a bit more confidence to give it a go, especially since I can easily get the gradient to 1.5% by using straight sections between each half of the helix.
  5. Reading this with interest. Designing a new layout for a larger space. I want a significant amount of staging for 8ft+ trains. I'm considering a helix to allow staging below the boards, but I've had bad experiences with gradients before. I can get the gradient down to 1.1% by running three loops around part of the layout which drops the staging down by 50cm, but it involves 90m of track (double track), of which I think only 7m could be incorporated into the scenic layout which seems crazy.
  6. Thanks all, I only had to go back to post 171 to find where to fit the part and good news on the spares.
  7. I'm sure this has been discussed, but there's 176 pages to go through... would anyone know the answers to these questions: 1) Does Hattons provide spare parts. I've just opened my new 66 and I think one of the small pipes from near the steps (for sand?) is missing. I tried to contact them on chat, but they closed the chat window so have emailed, but I'm getting a bit stressed about this tiny detail. 2) Whilst searching for the missing pipe in the box I discovered the piece below. Does anyone know where it's come from? I'm starting to realise that these model
  8. Just stumbled across this whilst reseaching Cadbury wagons. Any update on the layout?
  9. Thanks Steve. I've had the same experience with membrane before, the type that feels more like fabric breaks down very quickly. This time we've used a woven plastic type material which was more expensive and it seems to be holding up better. Wish the developers had done a proper job in the first place, but they're just in it to make a quick profit and disappear.
  10. Grouse101

    Going Digital

    Using JMRI you can control locomotives via apps on your phone such as Engine Driver. In theory you don't even need to be near you layout, you could control them from anywhere.
  11. Grouse101

    Going Digital

    One of my biggest gripes with model trains when I was a kid was that you could really only run one train on one track at one time (I didn't know about blocks or isolating sections at the time and probably couldn't have been bothered with them even if I had). Not very realistic in my opinion. Trying to run two trains through one controller usually ended in disaster and even if you had separate tracks and controllers, flicking the wrong set of points could result in some expected behavior. When I discovered that DCC was readily available at a reasobale price I knew it was something I had to impl
  12. Grouse101


    I honestly thought that my layout would be something that would keep me busy for a few weeks at most, I'd recreate the Hornby track mat, get a couple of trains and happily run them occasionally. However, two things happened shortly after I'd purchased the Tornado Express that made me think that I might want to do a bit more: 1) The real Tornado visited the Severn Valley Railway and we went to see it. Such an impressive sight in real life! We spent some time in the museum and I started to catch the bug. 2) I got talking to a delivery man about local history. He asked i
  13. It was a freezing cold, rainy day in late 2019. My girlfriend and I were putting down a membrane in the front garden to stop the weeds coming through the bark chippings. I'd been dragging her out in the garden against her will to do things like this for months and it must have been around this time that she realised if she ever wanted to be able to feel her fingers again and have nails free from mud then she'd need to find me an alternative indoor hobby. It was shortly after this that we visited Cannock Chase with the intention of going for a run, but we'd left it rather late, the
  14. Thanks, all really useful. The incline from Harborne to M&B (1 in 66 in reality) is challengingly steep. I introduced the slight curves to reduce the gradient and the raised level is the lowest I could get away with. In testing smaller engines made it up with wagons without issue (and unrealistically some of the bigger more powerful stuff). There's only space for a handful of wagons or 2 short carriages so only smallish locos will be going up there. Considering gaugemaster power track just to be safe. Frustratingly my compounds are too light over the driving wheels and my black
  15. Thanks Paul, really appreciate the reply. Thanks for the insight into the operations. Having M&B sidings served from the Harborne side solves one of my problems. Do you know if passenger services and wagons would ever be mixed on the same service? I think I might be too far in to change the turntable position now. I wanted to put in the turntable that the original station had (see photo) which was pretty small, without a turntable the run around loop meant that the platform would be really short. Then my Dad gifted me a massive Hornby electric turntable which I coul
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