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  1. That's a great looking model, wish Hornby would do a model of 62613 (or even 62618 in BR Green...) ever hopeful. Is that the PDK kit?
  2. Matty P

    Oxford N7

    I've had my BR black one for over a year now, & the fact that the smokebox door numbers were printed on always bugged me. Decided to fix that this weekend; just a piece of plastic from an old kit cut to size, sanded & painted black, and some transfers from Modelmaster. Stuck down with some uhu & a little bit of fiddling to get straight, but looks a lot better imho.
  3. Matty P

    2021 hopes

    My personal wishlist? All I'd really want to see is a D16 in some more liveries; just give me one in BR Green!! I'd like to see the 8F be re-released/ tooled, & also to bring back the Railroad range 121, but for actual new models, I could see an E4 or J69. I think a Maunsell Z class would be nice; outside of my region but I'd consider getting one if Hornby did one... Honestly don't know why as well Hornby haven't branched into the narrow gauge market, I think a basic set would sell like hotcakes imho. Wouldn't be surprised if we got some narrow gauge stuff from them
  4. I've been on the lookout for one of these bodies for months now with no luck. It does look nice, though with more & more 3d printed loco bodies, one wonders whether someone could produce a "better" more up to date version of the J19? I suspect there's still a gap in the market for something like it; I know the old TriAng B12 tenders are still easy to come across & even the newer Hornby B12/B17/D16 tenders aren't that much from what I've seen on eBay. I'd curtly buy one...
  5. Thanks! It certainly has, although being in the garage, & with the weather on the turn, it's not getting as much love. Ho hum, I've got plenty of stock that needs improving! That's very kind as well thanks! It's been about a 80/20 split with enjoyment & annoyance... I do have more plans for another bigger layout, though that's going to have to be an after Covid project, when ever that might be. I've also been slightly modding a OO9 loco kits, it's s turned out pretty nice I think! Just some simple thing; copper wire as pipework, lining one & PVA as some window "glazing". Guess looking back in it the last few months have been very productive....
  6. I've managed to do quite a lot honestly, managed to build my first "proper" layout, scenics & all. A lot I'd change if I did it again, but being on a budget & using only the set track I had, I think I've done okay. Started in ernest mid March & got to this point by about August. Lost of other loco & rolling stock projects as well including repainting locos (spent far too long "de-weathering" my D16 & adding the builders plate to it), adding real coal to wagons, scratch building & kit building all sorts of things including the below Dapol brake van. Been very productive for me personally, there's a lot more I could mention but yes, I've done a lot. I've also started building a OO9 layout!
  7. I think I'll end up doing the same with mine, but what I have found is adding extra weight to the tender, some lead from an old 4 wheel Hornby 4 wheel coach to be precise, helps. With smoother running. Seems to run a lot smoother with the extra adhesion (if that's what you can call it), I think the tender pickups like the extra weight. Haven't noticed half as much stutter since putting the weight in & stopping is a lot smoother. Here she is any way, slightly repainted from the horrible factory weathering & with a couple details added, not that it shows what the extra tender weight does... She is a looker!
  8. Long time lurker, first time posting.... I got the J69 through the post the other day, have to say for the price I'm very impressed. The level of detail on the model for under £50 is very good, though there were some printing anomalies, I soon sanded & used some filler on it to get it a bit smoother. I also filled some of the gaps in the cab which greatly improved it. My only real gripe is that it was difficult to thread the screws from the Terrier chassis (though that might have been more my fauly...). I do like however how it just plonks onto the chassis, no need to filing/ trimming like I've found with some OO9 stuff. Here's mine any way, finished as 68529. I know it's not 100% accurate but I had to work with the transfers I had, oh well. I also bodged the numberplate from some leftover stuff from an old Dapol kit, which does the job. Looks pretty decrnt for only a days worth of work! Excited to see what else comes from CDC, I'm really impressed!
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