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  1. https://uk.Hornby.com/christmas/advent-calendar-2021
  2. Hornby Magazine have posted a video of the new Hornby Clan: Some people have raised the running plate colour in the comments, to which Hornby Magazine have replied: and
  3. Changing by the day
  4. The Hornby website is showing both 5 and 7 car sets as being due in December 2021 now: https://uk.Hornby.com/catalogue/coming-soon?winter=true&page=1
  5. Simon Kohler said in an interview a while back that they had intended to re-tool the Class 90 but abandoned it when Bachmann announced theirs. From a consumer's perspective I guess that's worked out okay as we now have the option of the more detailed Bachmann at a higher price or the more basic Hornby model for the more budget conscious. Given the relatively small number of viable diesel/electric models (compared to steam), is it inevitable that we are going to see more duplication in the years to come?
  6. There's some footage of the 7 car APT set in this month's Signal Box:
  7. I think it's already been mentioned in the thread but I just got an e-mail from Hornby re the new APT featuring in tonight's episode of A Model World:
  8. Yeah, I prefer the pre-Mallard versions as well. Maybe they'll do them at some point in the future. Either way, it's definitely one of my favourite post-privatisation liveries.
  9. There are some new pictures of the GNER Mark 4 coaches on this month's Engine Shed blog: https://uk.Hornby.com/community/blog-and-news/engine-shed/mark-three-mark-four-maunsell
  10. New Engine Shed blog is up now: https://uk.Hornby.com/community/blog-and-news/engine-shed/mark-three-mark-four-maunsell
  11. His e-mail address has already been posted in this thread.
  12. Just got mine out to check the lights and they're the same as yours. I hadn't noticed before, and can't see that the silver details missing from more than about 12 inches away (probably my dodgy eyesight ), so I'll think I'll leave them as is for now. I checked the TFs and TSs and they've all got the silver detailing. On a more positive note, I wasn't able to detect any light bleed through the sides of the coaches.
  13. Received my remaining coach packs (TFs and TSs) this morning. Set them up on a table just to check the couplings were straight and everything sat nicely and they're fine. If it wasn't for the capacitors, I think these are really great models and, judging by @Wolf27's pictures above, it looks like they can be rectified (not that we should have to be doing that though....)
  14. It's been saying that for a while now, hasn't it? The "coming soon" page currently has the 5 car set due in December 2021 and the 7 car set in January 2022: https://uk.Hornby.com/catalogue/coming-soon?winter=true&page=1 Edit: Paul beat me to it
  15. The "Coming Soon" section of the website says they're due in May 2022: https://uk.Hornby.com/catalogue/coming-soon?spring=true&page=1
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