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  1. The extra car with the fans was added after the northern line run away ....... this car provides power in case of an engine failure so the RGU can maintain air and brake control during recovery
  2. From memory only 6 or 8 were converted and found to be 2 ton over weight so have all been stopped and not turned a wheel since they come back 2 have gone to Eastleigh to see if they can be modified to run as a single loco (2 permanently coupled running as one ) but after driving them on diesel and electric I found them to be under powered after the conversion I can’t see them ever running in revenue so will probably end up sold or scrapped but stranger things have happened
  3. her Networkrail/Railtrack registration/Tops number when we have her out on the mainline is 89212
  4. that fine looking bald bloke on L5 is yours truly ............ I also tested them on the Old Dalby test track
  5. Rayners Lane still has the same layout you can reverse west to east from the westbound platform (plt1) for south harrow (picc) or west to south to west harrow (Met) or use the centre siding just north of the station the only "change" when the point were re-laid was to replace the old spring toggle points (14A&B) with powered points
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