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  1. Not too much activity of late on the workbench as I concentrated on some wiring improvements to the layout. I did however look to complete the detailing of another 20t brake van.




    This actually started life as an Airfix kit being picked up second hand at a model show some years ago for a couple of quid. I decided I wanted to model one of the vans converted for running with air braked wagons and featuring the distinctive yellow panels...just for some variety. 


    The wagon has had glazing added to the windows, been re-wheeled with metal wheels, had moulded handrails removed and replaced with wire handrails, and Kadee 146 couplings added, as well as a full repaint and weathering. Railtec transfers finish the model.


    Here's the completed model on the layout within the consist of a departmental train hauled by 97408.




    Next up on the workbench is the Hornby class 60 which represents the very end of my modelling time frame:




    It will be backdated to represent a new 60021 'Pen y Ghent' in Railfreight Metals livery. I'm hoping the factory applied 'Transrail' logos will remove without the need for a full or partial repaint.



    1. Corbs


      Hi mate, this all looks great but you might want to post this in a thread rather than a status update, as this will be pushed down the statuses - this bit is more like twitter than a forum and it would be a shame to lose your updates.

    2. lincolnshiremodeller


      Yeah thanks Corbs  - I realised my mistake after I hit the button and I subsequently re-posted to the correct thread. Doesn't look like you can undo the status updates...?




    3. Corbs


      Ah yes no worries - I have subscribed to your thread!

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