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  1. Thanks again rekoboy, I believe I have found this as a pdf via Google search. Best wishes, thanks again.
  2. Hello Ben I bought the CD from 'Harry's Modellshop 2000' near Berlin and it's rather good I think (no expert). About 270Mbyte of data including very detailed drawings e.g. a main general assembly drawing measuring 9800 by 4500 pixels. That's massive. There are also detailed engineering drawings of parts (e.g. cylinders, break rod assembly, ash box, ...). Looks like you could build the real thing from them if you ask me (again, no expert). 2 downsides: Some drawings appear to have been copied a few times before being scanned. All numbers remain visible and legible t
  3. Thank you all, very much appreciated. It's got to be 00 as the layout is (at the moment). I can see how EM or P4 would be much more fun and probably easier. Thanks again.
  4. Hello I have started researching the DR 61 Henschel Wegmann for a scratch build project in 00/1:76 scale. I'm looking for technical drawings of the class. Any guidance on how to obtain one would be much appreciated. With thanks and best regards.
  5. OP update. Received a very nice (and lengthy) email from Hornby's Head of Quality (Andy Walker) who, after a rather grumbly email from me, had clearly looked into my case in great detail. It seems the tender wiring is one big issue with the Rocket and that re-soldering loose wires has proven very difficult for the repair guys to do successfully. He explained that they use a jig to hold everything in optimum place but it's still very tricky apparently. No surprise really if you look at it with the solder points practically in the same place as the pivot (in my non-engine
  6. Apologies - noobie error, I'd move it if I knew how.
  7. This is going to be a short rant, be warned. Rocket (Ltd. ed., out of box failure with loose wires and missing axle housing screw) came back today after 4 months in Hornby's custody (no updates whatsoever but that's NOT the issue) to show no movement at all owing to A LOOSE WIRE. At least they managed to replace the missing screw. What are you doing mates? Now I understand that transport damage occurs and it may have worked in the shop but that means that the connections between Rocket and its tender are so poorly designed (FLIMSY RUBBISH) that any child couldn't have done wor
  8. AchimK

    New Hornby Rocket

    Of course not. Typed in jest (and I'm in no way an expert on the matter!)
  9. AchimK

    New Hornby Rocket

    Oh, it is now sooo tempting to start discussing the details and evidence of that number (126.5). But I won't.
  10. Indeed, R3810 is the fallback option if all else fails. Hornby have been good about the service return so far. Will update once I know more. Thx.
  11. AchimK

    New Hornby Rocket

    I got mine (3809) last Monday but it showed two out of box faults. 1. Loose power wire between loco and tender so it wouldn't run at all. 2. Missing front axle housing screw. Anyone else with quality problems? Hornby are very good about repair so far - free (return as it should be), let's see how long it will take them to get it back to me.
  12. No, that's exactly what I did before I sent if for repairs to Margate! Yes that's a possibility but as Robin Brasher pointed out, the coaches have different names and the packaging is different too (if one likes that sort of thing). Thanks for all replies.
  13. Hello RM community, first post, very excited! My extraordinary wife managed to get me the limited Hornby Rocket for my birthday. It's a phantastic model. Absolutely terrific. It arrived Monday in spiffing packaging but sadly two out of box faults: 1. Loose power wire between loco and tender. 2. Missing front axle housing screw. Did anyone else have any problems or is this a bad luck one off? Hornby are very good about repairing it by the way. Free of charge return and so on.
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