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  1. Sorry for the delay, been posting more real life trains! Here’s the next layout update, hope you enjoy.
  2. Looking at Kernows photos, does appear the ETH error has made it into production. A shame but a useful repaint candidate for a blue one.
  3. Their date has been continually moving back, it’s just looking on the Bachmann website and seeing it’s release date change.
  4. Northern and GWR examples now saying June/July on the Bachmann website
  5. The GWR one has the working bsi fitted in the samples, maybe in the detail bag? With the snowploughs etc
  6. Saw this on Facebook, do wonder if it was just a hattons stock email that was worded incorrectly. I know kernow have sold out of a lot of the Hornby hst pre orders already, maybe they are becoming a web exclusive through Hornby? Like the staycation stuff.
  7. As shown here, with the hattons photo of the real thing and the Hornby sample
  8. Noticed in the new engine shed, the samples of the 31s. The Dutch one is a /1, but has an eth fitting, is this correct?
  9. Very true, although there is the danger of Bachmann enlarging their N gauge one, but this is probably unlikely.
  10. And with so much of the 2019,2020 and even earlier ranges still not out or delayed. They might want to wait till they know that the products can be in the 3 month waiting time
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