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  1. That really isn’t on. For as you say, £80 a coach it needs to be perfect.
  2. Valve gear still seems clunky to me. Those exposed screws look rather poor, unless this is prototypical (happy to be corrected).
  3. Definitely agree! Would love to see that. Although the question is, whilst a nice model,is the 43 up to Bachmanns current tooling. I wonder if they decided on a 42 they’d do a ground up model unnecessarily. Also the 43s sold poorly with I think both batches being in the bargain bin. Do hope a definitive 42 comes out, with all other Uk ‘Warships’ done to a high standard.
  4. Some more photos of some modern things. Ploughs on 049. Also received a delivery from Railtec for the western and Fox Transfers for some steamers! Will post more as we get these done. Cheers.
  5. And we are seeing rails and others are now sold out of DCC fitted TSOs, either they are incredibly popular, or they have a small production run?
  6. It definitely isn’t as major as one might expect, especially if you are running Hornbys 2E/F, however the small details do add up and obviously the lights if you go for them. They are really nice coaches, but when they are now £94 rrp and accurascale can do a similar model with lights for £59, they are on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  7. And executive, with appropriate numbers of TSOs!
  8. New addition! To become western Champion and have its modern day transfers put on! Also picked up a FYE one for more period running as Gladiator.
  9. I guess this is problem with not announcing stuff when work is started on it. There is a lack of peer review. And if problems are mentioned there is little that can be done to fix it. Whilst Bachmann and others have been slated for long release times, it has some benefits. The steps and the snowploughs are annoying. Snow ploughs easier to solve. I’m sure alternatives are available. It Does leave Heljan in a position to exploit these ‘weaknesses’. Also I’m not slating Bachmanns new announcement policy, it is far better and having waited almost a decade for the 158, it’s a welcome change. Also as with most recent models, the criticisms are tiny, but at a £229 price tag any problem is a big one imo.
  10. Again, Hornbys consistent errors and lack of liveries really do make me clamour for new models from others. The 31,50 have all been discussed I just hope for a new HST and MK3. I would like to see the FGW samples after this latest failure. It is really disappointing after the price rise which in some cases is charging nearly £40 for an old Lima tooling. The powercars themselves are good, but at £329. The shape issue becomes even more apparent, the incorrect number of slats on the side, lack of variations for MML sets and huge gaps in the livery just sum up hornbys lack of care for the modern modeller. I appreciate that they still do HSTs but at this standard with so many flaws, why bother. Their QC has been bad for getting on 5/6 years.
  11. Hasn’t stopped other models, you’d be surprised about how many would just buy it based on the box it comes in. If it goes into the Hornby range…
  12. Haven’t had this on my GWR one (yet) but nearly all other later tooled 150s I have,3, have had the issue. The coupling is utter *expletive of choice here* and I’m really ticked off it wasn’t changed to the plux 22 system or the one used on the 4 TC.
  13. Pretty sure Paul Isles (might be wrong on the spelling, now at Accurascale), did the mk3sd project and said Hornby had no plans for a new mk3. But, if the Hst and MK3 is done, they now have the Oxford tooling to use. We’ve seen how kholer feels about Hornby producing the ‘legacy’ stuff and how they will defend their range. The Hst is of that ilk. Just hope accurascale, or others explore this market.
  14. A real shame, but is it really noticeable? Especially when these are on the Lima/Hornby MK3S with numerous other flaws. A high fidelity MK3 is really what is needed. And with that a Class 43 (41 as well if you’re asking). Not bashing the Hornby powercars, I have 14 pairs and love the model. But the lack of tooling variation, (the model already has loads though), poor livery selection, high price and lack of Modern DCC control really does make me hanker for a new HST. Given Harry patch sets can sell for £500-£600 and the previous runs of FGW mk3s going for over £100 really shows the market. I await the FGW set I have ordered, sceptical of the results! If Dapol can do Fag Packet why can’t Hornby?
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