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  1. Update on my earlier posts. Gareth from Trains4U kindly got in touch with me privately and put aside for me one of his stock, which I have gratefully accepted. In future I will place my pre-orders with him. I am really excited and looking forward to giving it a run.
  2. Yes I called them, just one hope, one of the shops had a spare, but won't be able to let me have it at the moment. I am on the waiting list.
  3. Unfortunately none of these had any stocks.
  4. My order from Hattons was cancelled today. Too late to get one from Hornby. This is the 3rd time this year that I have been let down on Limited editions. I didn't get the centenary Rocket, the Duchess of Atholl and now Evening Star. It seams to me that when it comes to Limited editions it is pot luck whether you get one or not. I don't think I will bother in future.
  5. Just as a matter of interest, I believe that if you make up an Excel spreadsheet, you can convert it later to an Access database. Then you can also add photographs etc.
  6. Hornby website do take credit cards. Paypal is just another option.
  7. Thankyou, I was rather put out by that reply.
  8. If the case of the Hornby Rocket is anything to go by, spending loyalty means nothing. I had spent several thousand pounds in the previous six months with a major supplier, I still did not get one because they "oversold".
  9. Lol yes please. But seriously, I decided to order from one of the smaller retailers in the belief (wrongly or rightly) that I would get the model even though I was less happy to pay in full in advance. But I am sure that they were protecting their interests as I have heard of people placing orders and then cancelling them later.
  10. Why should I blame myself if there is a shortfall of the item?
  11. Actually I paid by paypal so I am fully protected. I had a look at their website just now and they are showing a one available.
  12. Well after being disappointed with the "over-selling" of The Rocket earlier this year, it look as though I am unlucky again, even though I pad for my model in January, as the shop demanded full payment in advance. If I do not get mine I shall be very angry! Whatever the cause and on this occasion it would appear to be Hornby at fault, this is unacceptable.
  13. Dave, Whether it was intentional or not, you still accepted pre-orders in excess of the confirmed allocation from Hornby. What you need to do is, when you have sold your initial allocation and you are unsure of additional stock being available, stop taking orders and ask customers to express interest (via your wish list). If you are then able to get additional stock, or a customer cancels his order you can then offer to a customer from the wish list. This seems a fairer way of doing things. You must also realise that when these situations arise, you inevitab
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