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  1. It is not the best in the world. Here is my terrier livery.
  2. How do i take the body off of one of these without breaking the tabs that hold said body in place?


    1. Harlequin


      Please ask questions in an appropriate forum/topic. Thanks.


  3. (Im Sorry For The Inconvenience!)

    If you see a Bachmann Junior Greg (Analogue Controlled) for sale could you link me to it please? 



    1. tomparryharry


      There are one or two going through 'Bay at the moment. Try typing in Bachmann Junior, or Bachmann Thomas

    2. Daniel Gee

      Daniel Gee

      I can not seem to find it.

      Thank You for the tip off though!

  4. I might get the collectors club B4 and Sussex. Dan
  5. Does anyone know where I can get declas that read

    "W & S" in gold for oo gauge? About 1.5 - 2 MM high.

    And where can i get (Dark Grey) replacement piston rods for the Honrby W4 Peckett?

    (I need them for a thing - Its classified)

    1. Corbs


      The rods should be easy enough to paint I would think.


      I'm planning to make some Wellsworth and Suddery transfers at some point in the next few months once I get up and running ;) 

    2. wainwright1


      Fox Transfers do or did alphabets in gold in a variety of styles and sizes.


      All the best


    3. Daniel Gee

      Daniel Gee

      Thank You!

      (@Corbs How did you know that I was modelling the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway?)

  6. Does anyone know where I can get a track piece where  a OO-9 line crosses over a OO gauge line?

  7. "heres one i built earlier" Blue Peter moment right there.
  8. "heres one i built earlier" Blue Peter moment right there.
  9. Where can I get a copy of this book?


    "The Island Of Sodor: Its People, History And Railways"

    1. PhilEakins


      Try Abe books online: abebooks.co.uk.

    2. John M Upton

      John M Upton

      Rarer than hens teeth.  If you do by some miracle find a copy, expect to pay a very large amount of money for it.  Last one I saw was £250+

    3. Daniel Gee
  10. How much for instructions for the wagon itself ? I was thinking a short wagon for hay bales on a light railway for a farm.
  11. Where did you get the "Fry's Somerdale" water slide decals. Could I have a link to them if possible?
  12. This is my layout plan. The Waiting room and other things (canopy & fence) will span all of the 1st platform and the canopy will span all of the island platform, the tunnel just leads to the fiddle yard. In my family's word i just "Want a space to play trains" (my late great-grandad would disagree with that statement as he was the man who got me interested in model railways and railways in general. He took me to the NRM when I was 3 which set my love for railways of with a BANG!)
  13. Ayup! Because i do not have the space for a full layout and because i am arachnophobic (so i am not going into the loft/attic) Because of these factors, i have decided to construct a shunting layout. Because of this I am thinking of purchasing these from scalemodelscenery.co.uk : Layout baseboard: https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/bb018-micro-layout-baseboard-in-a-box-2-730-x-95-x-207mm-8706-p.asp Fiddle Yard: https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/bb022-twin-track-photo-plank--fiddle-yard--dcc-programming-track-baseboard-400mm-x-150mm-9189-p.asp I
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