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  1. Two new arrivals to the layout, as well as some ground work and more hardstanding put in place. The newer laid hard standing is made from cork sheet and finishes off the main section of hardstanding and connects to the other side over the rails allowing one vehicle across at a time. This area at the back will then have a gate accessing the empty area in the background. Plan to get a couple cars to park there. Also seen is todays new arrival to the roster, a Class 66, number 66200, second, finding it is runs nice and slowly but finds some spots it disconnects on so will need to give
  2. Hello all, thank you all for your likes and interest in my layout. Been a while since my last update, not a lot done but many small things have been done since my last update. Cannot remember when certain jobs were done, and may miss a couple small ones too. Most notably, I have glued the bridge supports in to place, which I need to paint part of the cardboard I used, that is somewhat visible when viewing towards the bridge. Think this was done over a couple days and the small section of retaining wall glued in to. The top is just 4 sheets of card glued together, painted
  3. These pictures are taken earlier today, Yesterday had put in place more of the hard standing and this morning whilst watching anime, removed the top plasticard section of the part I had already glued and have fitted a new piece in its place, after filling the edge that goes against the track. This last one is where I will be looking to raise a little bit, as this will have a gate that can be used to access the depot, to allow vehicles to then cross the tracks.
  4. Yesterday evening I found some time to apply Metcalfe brick card to the bridge sections. Today received delivery of my second diesel, a Bachmann Class 66, seen alongside my Hornby 56, waiting for the 56 to leave before going to the shed.
  5. An update of the work I have done on my layout over the past week. Track and ground coverage painted over and started cutting plasticard to size to, which you can see two sheets of already glued in to place. I will want to get something like modelling clay to fill gaps between it and the rails, on the outside sections. Used newspaper glued over the Styrofoam sheets, which I will need to paint over. I have also got a loose card board cut out for the small retaining wall, which would be wrapped in bricks. I may lower the end near the backscene, so that the the planned bush/foliage c
  6. A new update. glued to back scene after cutting it to size and to suit the layout, painted the visible wood parts of the baseboard and the back scene area under the bridge. The foam sheet is back in place and have added one more layer to the right end, to make it slightly higher. Have cut out a section of cork sheet, and have marked down where I want to cut it further, with marked out areas for manual levers. Going to leave it for now to allow the weight of the track to help flatten it. The low relief wills unit has been glued together, with some plasticard. Have also
  7. The bridge and low relief warehouse sections spray with a basecoat of Tank Grey, ready to be painted and weathered. The shed is built and very happy with its planned home. Planned projects for the next couple weeks will be to glue the backscenes, paint the bridge, and kit built buildings and form the feet of the bridge and wrap it in brick.
  8. A quick update, have all the points and tested the 56 over the tracks, except the kickback. Also, have layered some card for the girder bridge and glued them to the girder sides. Also see in my picture are two end pieces from the wills kit, which will be spare so will form a low relief unit. Between that and the bridge going to have a wall embankment that comes down with the idea of foliage being placed above it. Have checked for space at the throat to see if there is enough room for locomotives to pass the edge of the planned depot.
  9. Thank you andyram. Have managed to find one, though used but classed as A will be checking it thoroughly. Otherwise would have purchased a new one, as cannot always be sure used ones will work from my knowledge. Received a parcel today for more long straights and a PECO Girder bridge sides, adding to my list of little jobs.
  10. Hello all, A little update. Have cut some foam to shape to create the base and currently building a low relief industrial unit, which you can the main body of to the right. Will be placed there, which is on a raised surface. Have ordered a second Y point to have two sidings instead of one very long siding. Hoping for the entrance, that a girder bridge will go over the top which I have thought how it may affect the 3 siding, as putting foliage beside the bridges support might come out to far. Another concern I have, is the space the MPD may require.
  11. Hello David51, Love the fencing at the front of the layout. Enjoying your pictures of the station look forward to seeing more.
  12. Thank you sb67 and ThomasG. I do agree the roofing from the metcalfe kit does appear to be the same shade in the photos, in reality it is darker, however I may at some paint a thin coat over it to make it darker. The inside of the Brewery was inspired by one of SDJR7F88's WW1 layouts. Think it was his Ardennes layout that is based on the smallest micro layout board that SMS make.
  13. Hello all, sorry that I have not been updating you all about Ember Brewery. Thank you paulbb for your message, had planned on using point motors underneath, however did not realise that I needed the extended pins to do so. Retailer I purchased them from was very happy to help me rectify my mistake. They were wired with Peco PL34 point wiring loom kit, so nicely installed, though one of the wires was so tightly packed against the metal plate that it got cut, this has been twisted to another wire and then wrapped with tap to prevent contacting anything and causing a short.
  14. Hello all, I have recently started on anew layout to create a micro MDP. Have always wanted to do one, so this will be this years project. Have chosen EWS to be my main fleet focus which I already have a class 56 to hand. Will be buying more over the next few months. Thinking of currently having it laid out like this, with the closest lane to the left being the road to the MPD, which I have a Wills industrial/retail kit that will be made in to part of the depot. It will allow locomotives also to go through to a hidden siding in what will be the fiddleyard. The track right at the bac
  15. Thank you all for your support. Sorry I have not been on here a lot recently, been very busy with work. Nothing to update really, have retouched the background as there was a few bits of paint mistakes going on to the blue sky, which are now covered up back with blue. I may consider using some white water colour paint to paint some clouds to give it something going on. The tiny little loco, despite it always losing connection with the track at a certain point, I really enjoy it. It has since been painted black, which I may leave as for the private company. At some point I wil
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