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    Southern/BR Southern Region/SECR, Member of the Southwark and District Model Railway Club. Currently working on club layout Crystal Palace High Level and Lordship Lane private layout.

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  1. I would like to have a full length Eurostar running on my garden layout. Getting hold of divisable coaches is proving problematic and expensive! The articulated bogies are very easy to get hold of though! I have decided rather than cutting up coaches, it would be cheaper to make silicone rubber moulds of the roofs and ends as a complete unit and do the same with the underframe, but with provision for the articulated bogie, then cast them in polyurethane resin. The sides I would cut out of plasticard with my Silhouette cutting machine. Now does anyone know how you take divisable coaches apart and where you can get transfers for the original Eurostar livery?
  2. I am hoping to fit a Hornby Eurostar train (including divisable coaches) with interior lighting an passengers but am having trouble getting the coaches apart. I have tried the old trick of sliding thin card down either side of the body and chassis, but they refuse to come apart. I have tried the Hornby forum but didn't get a reply. Has anyone else ever done it before? I cannot see anything holding the two parts together.

  3. I ordered their GT3 which arrived in April this year. I have no link with KR Models, but I was more than happy with the quality of the model. There are bound to be teething problems with a new company when they are starting out when you compare them with the big boys like Hornby or Bachmann. Having watched both Kevin and Mike on Face time, they are both genuine and earnest and are trying to cover a gap in the market that other manufacturers don't think are worth covering.
  4. Yes my last payment has gone off too! Wondering what to do with my Golden Arrow version.
  5. We were lucky to have "The Friends Of Crystal Palace Subway",  who are involved in the restoration of this iconic grade II listed structure , under Crystal Palace Parade in South London, visit our clubroom on the 10th of August 2021. They were here to inspect our model of the Crystal Palace High Level station, which closed in 1954 and was demolished in 1961. They were particularly keen to see our representation of the subway. I think the model, still very much "work in progress", made an impression.


  6. Point Motors for Garden Layouts.

    Any suggestions for suitable point motors for garden layouts please? I generally use PECO point motors for exhibition layouts, but don't think they would be suitable for outdoor use mounted underneath baseboards. I am concerned about water getting in, causing short circuits and corrosion. I don't have any problem with surface mounted motors as this is not going to be my usual fine scale modelling (it's really an excuse to give my locos a good run!). I'm using analogue not DCC.


    Many thanks,


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    2. RJS1977


      Personally if I was designing a garden railway, I'd try my best to avoid having any points outside, leaving them for undercover areas of the layout.

    3. Spam Can Man

      Spam Can Man

      Thanks for the advice both of you. I will try the Garden Railways Forum. Unfortunately, I cannot avoid having some of the pointwork out in the open and quite a distance away from the operating area. I had been wondering about the PECO P-11 surface mounting point motors. The baseboards a quite thick, 3 layers of 18mm marine ply laminated with boat builders adhesive, so any under baseboard types would need long operating rods. The Conrad point motors looked promising as they are more or less sealed pre-wired units, but are very hard to get hold of these days.

    4. RJS1977


      TBH I've found the PL11s quite delicate, even for indoor use - every now and then the cover comes off and parts fly out! Apart from a couple of restricted locations, I've usually switched to using the Gaugemaster/SEEP equivalent.

  7. I have known Steve for over 30 years and I would echo all of the previous comments. Steve was often seen at the Erith, Gravesend and Beckenham & West Wickham exhibitions to name but a few. He was a superb modeller in "0" gauge, mostly of Southern and SECR locomotives. At one I saw him at, a few years ago, he had just finished a Ransomes & Rapier steam crane and a SECR in full Wainwright livery. At shows, he was very approachable, a mine of useful information and always good humoured. I last saw him and his wife Sally at one of the Gravesend shows in 2019, he had just overcame a short illness. My sincere condolences to his wife Sally and family. Rest in peace Steve.
  8. Hi Phil, I'll give Brian a try! I have recently got involved with various facebook groups, including "Memories of Crystal Palace" who have given me a lot of useful information. It's proving useful for our club layout "Crystal Palace High Level" as well!
  9. These photos were taken a couple of years ago at the Medway Model Railway exhibition (when we could go to shows!) Sad to say, progress is slow. I was only able to pick the baseboards up from the club at the end of the last lockdown. The bridge is a model of Cox's Walk footbridge, where Pissarro did his famous painting of Lordship Lane Station. The bridge hit the local news recently, with two large oak trees threatening to damage the foundations of the bridge. A campaign was raised to save the trees which Southwark Council were going to cut down to save the bridge. At the moment it's a stalemate between the two! The wall with the arches in is our Crystal Palace High Level layout!
  10. So sorry to hear of the sad passing of Vic Mitchell. I first had the pleasure of meeting him and Keith Smith at London Bridge station in 1991 at the open day. We were attending with a number of our club's layouts and Middleton Press had just brought out their "Crystal Palace (High Level") and Catford Loop book. We had just started out planning to build our model of this station and the model was still in it's embryonic stage. Both Vic and Keith were absolutely charming and both rather kindly signed the book for me. Vic was a font of railway information and over the years, I have amassed a collection of over 40 Middleton Press books. We have sadly lost another figurehead in railway literature. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace Vic
  11. Thanks Phil, 4901 and Nick for your replies. I was a regular visitor at the John Harvard library in the Borough until lockdown and also the Lewisham local studies as the area is borderline. I have a lot of photos of the station, many from Lens of Sutton and Dick Riley, but as Nick says, the shelter was rather camera shy. I have been on the Disused Stations website and personally emailed Nick Catford on a number of occasions, but sadly, to date, no reply. I do have a number of books on the High Level branch and was privileged to proof read John Gale's book (along with our club secretary, Ray Blanchard, our names are in the credits) as well as supplying a couple of photos. The station was bombed in 1944 and the upline shelter was replaced with a corrugated iron one, also, the station had one of the gables destroyed and the remaining roof was replaced by corrugated iron too. I want to get it right because you know what happens, you take the layout to an exhibition and some smart Alec comes along and says "Oi that's not right!".
  12. I have recently started building a model of Lordship Lane station on the Crystal Palace branch (as a compliment to our club's Crystal Palace High Level station). but I'm still having trouble finding information about the station. Any information. especially on the shelter on the up line would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  13. I bought a static one from the Signal Box at Orpington High Street more than 30 years ago (the shop closed many years ago!). I had plans to either make a bigger boiler or adapt an old Mamod boiler and use a meths burner or fit an electric motor. The gears were fitted to the driving wheels just like the working ones and it would need copper tubes going from the boiler to the cylinders. It currently resides in the loft. One day I must dig it out and have another go!
  14. Thank you! The model is far from finished! It gives us a good excuse to run Southern electric stock too! I was very impressed by George Hudson's Aldersgate layout and the very suburban feel, especially the disused churchyard, the market stalls and the subterranean toilets! We have subterranean toilets on this layout too, unfortunately not photographed. Up by the turntable end of the layout there is a parade of shops. In front of the shops, away from the public's view are the toilets. The real toilets featured on the first series of "George Clarke's Amazing Spaces" where a lady bought the rather dilapidated toilets off Lambeth Council and converted them into a subterranean flat! Believe me, it's true!
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