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    Southern/BR Southern Region/SECR, Member of the Southwark and District Model Railway Club. Currently working on club layout Crystal Palace High Level and Lordship Lane private layout.

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  1. Hi Phil, I'll give Brian a try! I have recently got involved with various facebook groups, including "Memories of Crystal Palace" who have given me a lot of useful information. It's proving useful for our club layout "Crystal Palace High Level" as well!
  2. These photos were taken a couple of years ago at the Medway Model Railway exhibition (when we could go to shows!) Sad to say, progress is slow. I was only able to pick the baseboards up from the club at the end of the last lockdown. The bridge is a model of Cox's Walk footbridge, where Pissarro did his famous painting of Lordship Lane Station. The bridge hit the local news recently, with two large oak trees threatening to damage the foundations of the bridge. A campaign was raised to save the trees which Southwark Council were going to cut down to save the bridge. At the moment it's a stalema
  3. So sorry to hear of the sad passing of Vic Mitchell. I first had the pleasure of meeting him and Keith Smith at London Bridge station in 1991 at the open day. We were attending with a number of our club's layouts and Middleton Press had just brought out their "Crystal Palace (High Level") and Catford Loop book. We had just started out planning to build our model of this station and the model was still in it's embryonic stage. Both Vic and Keith were absolutely charming and both rather kindly signed the book for me. Vic was a font of railway information and over the years, I have amassed a coll
  4. Thanks Phil, 4901 and Nick for your replies. I was a regular visitor at the John Harvard library in the Borough until lockdown and also the Lewisham local studies as the area is borderline. I have a lot of photos of the station, many from Lens of Sutton and Dick Riley, but as Nick says, the shelter was rather camera shy. I have been on the Disused Stations website and personally emailed Nick Catford on a number of occasions, but sadly, to date, no reply. I do have a number of books on the High Level branch and was privileged to proof read John Gale's book (along with our club secretary, Ray B
  5. I have recently started building a model of Lordship Lane station on the Crystal Palace branch (as a compliment to our club's Crystal Palace High Level station). but I'm still having trouble finding information about the station. Any information. especially on the shelter on the up line would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I bought a static one from the Signal Box at Orpington High Street more than 30 years ago (the shop closed many years ago!). I had plans to either make a bigger boiler or adapt an old Mamod boiler and use a meths burner or fit an electric motor. The gears were fitted to the driving wheels just like the working ones and it would need copper tubes going from the boiler to the cylinders. It currently resides in the loft. One day I must dig it out and have another go!
  7. Thank you! The model is far from finished! It gives us a good excuse to run Southern electric stock too! I was very impressed by George Hudson's Aldersgate layout and the very suburban feel, especially the disused churchyard, the market stalls and the subterranean toilets! We have subterranean toilets on this layout too, unfortunately not photographed. Up by the turntable end of the layout there is a parade of shops. In front of the shops, away from the public's view are the toilets. The real toilets featured on the first series of "George Clarke's Amazing Spaces" where a lady bought the rathe
  8. We were extremely lucky to be invited to take Crystal Palace to the Crystal Palace Bowl in 2014 to commemorate the closure of the line in association with the Friends of Crystal Palace Subway and the Crystal Palace Foundation. The model actually incorporates the subway too! Although you cannot really see it that well as it is other side of the layout away from the viewing side and is obscured by the overall roofs.
  9. Crystal Palace High Level has already been done! We started our layout over 30 years ago and it is still work in progress, this is in 00 finescale. The palace, if we ever get round to building a low relief scale model would be 18 feet long and 3 feet high and the two water towers would be about 4 and a half feet high. I know of a gentleman at the Beckenham and West Wickham club who has built a model of the Greenwich Park Branch and I am currently working on a model of Lordship Lane statiom
  10. You can view the whole layout on our club's website [email protected] under Crystal Palace High Level (layouts and galleries). The photographs are a bit old now and quite a bit more progress has been made since then. The layout was booked to go to the Bluebell Model Railway Model Railway Exhibition at Sheffield Park the end of June this year, unfortunately, Covid 19 put paid to that!
  11. Yes I have had numerous problems with the Dapol signals. I found that after a few uses the completely cease to work (these are the Southern Railway rail built ones). It's a real shame. I have contacted Dapol regarding replacement circuit boards as my signals are bedded down into the baseboards but they say they will not supply new boards as it's not cost effective! I will just rewire the LEDs separately and operate the semaphore with a servo.
  12. Hopefully' when Dapol sort out the electrical fault, they will do a Southern one. I cannot understand why they moulded the base in white plastic; an earth brown earthy colour would be more appropriate!
  13. Like many people who used to visit the Ian Allan shop at Waterloo, I must confess to the occasional "impulse buy", something you cannot do online. Also it is nice to look at a book or magazine before you buy. It is a real shame, but I think with this Covid-19, this will be just the tip of the iceberg, where minority interest shops are unsustainable. A real shame.
  14. Our club, on average, gets invited to about eight shows a year. Naturally, every show we have been invited to this year has been cancelled. Now with lockdown being eased, many shows are still being cancelled as being economically unviable. With the organisers being forced to reduce the number of exhibitors attending, not being allowed to have catering and in some locations having the toilets out of bounds to both the public and the exhibitors, it makes you think, do you really want to attend? I really cannot see things getting back to normal until this virus dies out or we get a vaccine. Also,
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