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  1. thank you! looking forward to it - and what seems (to me) to be an updated timetable. Andrew
  2. Indeed I was and I may have been a little intemperate in my posting but I was disappointed!
  3. Feeble minded. If we dont get back to normal as soon as possible we never will. things will be as good as they are going to get and we oldies will have had both vaccines.
  4. Over the past year or so I have bought a number of their modules either from them or from railroom electronics. they have been fine and I now have them working properly (instructions/features are not the easiest to follow at least for me with no knowledge of electrics!). I did notice some modules are out-of-stock. Try Railroom Electronics! Andrew
  5. I got mine from Smiths. (Found it a bit disappointing though - a year-by-year run through of events but no analysis...)
  6. I really really hope Guildex can go ahead. Its the first show I have hopes for and a bellweather for the autumn shows. If it can't go ahead I fear the Autumn programme will collapse. Fingers crossed! Andrew
  7. May may be a little soon. (The irony is, of course, that we older folk will get the vaccine first....)
  8. That is certainly true for most of us but for some (a few, perhaps) people going to model railway exhibitions (or similar activities) form an important part of their day-to-day lives, their patterns of living and their overall mental health. Andrew
  9. well, got another email from key and now it works! (seems I got the aero section not the model railway section).... Andrew
  10. Well I got a reply from Key saying all was now well. Was it ? Guess!! Andrew
  11. good luck! Problem may be that the magazine and the model railway company are not related! Andrew
  12. I may have a similar problem. I buy the magazine but wanted to read a (premium) article on the keymodelworld website. The site invited me to "subscribe" - special offer for 35.99. So I did, got a subscriber number and password etc and logged on. No joy with the premium article. Nowhere on the site does it say you need a sub to the magazine. In fact it implies with a sub you can access everything. So I emailed customer support, got an automated reply saying my query would be dealt with in a couple of days. That was 4 working days ago (OK there is corona virus...) So I wait. I am decidedly unhappy about the whole business.
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