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  1. There is a video on youtube of 1 of yhe GWR units on test. As it went passed the camera I noticed it is fitted with 3rd rail shoes on the 2 driving coaches but unlike on the original class 319 set up where the shoes were on the outer and inner bogies, in the video they are only fitted on the inner bogies of the driving coaches
  2. Ok ok points taken. If not extra units, extra coaches therefore making the 5 units into 3 or 4 coaches
  3. Is there any likely possibility that due to the current restrictions, there could be a requirement for further class 484 units 484006/007 etc so that more passengers can travel and maintain the current distance requirement.
  4. The only possibility I can think of unless I am incorrect could be a difference in the length of the coaches of the 483s and 484s
  5. Hi Tony Many thanks for your information regarding the B1 & B12 locos aswell as the pictures which are also very useful for important reference and information gathering so that I can hopefully run the correct or as near to correct formations behind them.
  6. Hi Everyone Can I ask please what train loads the LNER B1 & B12 4-6-0s would have hauled. Currently I have models of B1 number 61250 A Harold Bibby aswell as 2 B12s both triang Hornby locos, 1 carrying the original number 8509 and the other I numbered as 8524. I generally have them hauling 5 Gresley bogie coaches as used on the flying scotsman train but rarely hauling freight as I have added weight inside some of the vehicles 16 of which are 4 wheel box wagons as the derailed if no extra weight was added.. Any information anybody has will
  7. From what I can tell in the pictures, it appears that a lot of isolations / plastic fishplates are required for complicated trackwork, which I can only gather is to prevent shorting out of the power. I have not used these turnouts / points yet although I have seen them at the model shop in chester and from what I have seen price wise they are almost the same price as an O gauge turnout / point.
  8. I may be incorrect here but I think there is or has been a video on youtube showing how the Cock 'O' The North loco can be changed into Prince of Wales
  9. Hi Everyone On my P2 loco which consists of a modified A4 body on a P2 chassis which I modified to have V2 valve gear to make it look like 2003 - 2006, I changed the original bad 3 pole motor for an X4026 5 pole motor which can be glued in place as the rear motor securing piece cannot screw into the chassis due to the position being different but despite that, the loco runs much better so I recommend that unless Hornby have started using a better motor that the motor is changed for a better motor..
  10. If I may add something I forgot to mention earlier, the piece which screws into the worm gear to pull it off the motor shaft did seem to get stuck as if it oversized to fit, maybe that could explain why the tool I purchased at the time got bent and broke so easily, also it wasn't that expensive anyway
  11. I tried the the expo tools worm puller so that I could remove the worm gears from the latest type Hornby and Bachmann motors and only succeeded in bending the piece that screws into the worm and breaking the part of the tool that goes behind the worm gear to help remove it. I wanted to remove the worm gears so that I could reuse them if I was able to purchase better quality motors for my locos and make them run much better than when I bought them Having seen the product that taffvale models produce I have been looking at using their motors to repair my locos when their
  12. I certainly will be keeping up with the 325 and your other dmu/emu projects as they give me ideas and inspiration for potential projects for me to try something similar someday. When it comes to networker units, I have often wanted to build at least a pair of 365s and 465s, virtually identical except the 365s also had or were at some point fitted with pantographs for 25Kv working too aswell as 750v dc but as there was no overhead on the network southeast tracks the 365s were transferred to the east coast tracks although some have recently seen service up in Scotland.
  13. They have a single shoe on each side of the leading bogies under the cabs whereas the 313s that operated under great northern from Moorgate to Welwyn GC used to have the shoegear on both bogies. The 507 & 508 units currently operating here in the Wirral and Liverpool also used to have outer and inner bogie shoegear until full authorisation was given for a through bus line to be fitted to 507001 back in 1989/90. It was tested heavily on both the Liverpool and Wirral tracks and was successful but here the shoegear is on the inner bogies only and gives s much smoother
  14. In the last few hours it has been reported on another forum that 507021 which was the rear unit was uncoupled from 507006 and moved to Kirkdale Depot without assistance after a full inspection was carried out and no damage found.
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