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  1. That would most definitely be an interesting project to build and I would be interested to see pictures as you go along and a video of it running when finished
  2. 313201

    Class 88/93

    I have only started reading this topic again tonight and just had a thought being, if the 93s are almost identical to the 88s, would it not have made sense to number the locos in consecutive numbering 88011 - 880xx depending on how many locos would make the entire fleet or number them as 88101 - 881xx. My basis for this point was if the new locos are to be class 93s, they could have purchased any out of seevice 92s and upgraded the locos with more powerful transformers and motors ( depending on what is available ), turning the pantographs around so that they are opposite to the way
  3. I have attached a wire to the respective switch rails and the adjoining rail as shown in the picture in the opening oost of this thread. The performance of my locos running over the 6 modified turnouts which have been done up to now has been vastly improved although a few of them may need redoing as some of the wires have become disconnected from the switch rails.
  4. My 1st set which I got for my 6th birthday was an airfix 2-6-2 prairie with 3 wagons and an oval of track. After getting fed up with picking bits of fluff out of it because I could only lay it on the living room carpet at the time ( I can hear the groans already ) my dad eventually had enough money to purchase a 5 ft by 4 ft piece of 3 ply board and the track was then set up on that. Sometime in the 1980s or 90s a neighbour moved in next door and he had loads of spare track pieces, a few locos and rolling stock that he no longer wanted as he was more towards modern imag
  5. I managed to revive my 1st Bachmann A1 which I bought 15 years ago but was 1 of the batch that had duff motors. I managed to do this by using the motor cradle which has the gears and by jamming a washer under the back of the motor, this was just enough to allow the motor to turn the driving wheels. The loco needs a modification to my home made oickups that I originally made for it. They currently touch the backs of the driving wheels but will be altered once I have the materials I need so that they touch the wheel treads instead. I did try to do a princess
  6. I had the same problem on locos that had this stud contact format for passing power to the motor and it was duff pickup arrangements like that which started me on the path of making my own pickups. The original pickups need to be removed first and then once 2 pieces of copperclad board are attched to the keeper plate having been gapped prior to fixing to the loco, the pickups can either be reused or if the copperclad board pieces are long enough to stick out between the driving wheels, phosphor bronze pickup strip can be cut to the appropriate length once it has been formed into a
  7. Hi JDW & Marc d Would it not be possible to close the gap just cutting the nem pockets completely off the bogies and adgust the gap by cutting or filing down bit by bit the piece on which the nem pockets sit in order to close the gap to a suitable size but would still allow the unit to go around curved track.
  8. I like the LNER Apple Green on the loco, pity it never carried it in real life.
  9. Hi 33C I like what you have done with the locos you created using the triang princess chassis. The 1 thing I have to ask is how did you do the 4th axle for the 2-8-0 locos. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  10. Hi Everyone, I believe there was at some point a few years ago a kit available for the 503s but it had the original as built cab front the units had where they did not have the end evacuation doors which were later added in compliance with regulations which stated that all emu stock that was intended for underground use, must have end doors fitted in case an evacuation was ordered. As a result the doors were added to the 503s but their 502 counterparts which ran on the southport, ormskirk, kirkby and garston lines ( pre hunts cross extension ) did not get these modific
  11. Hi Everyone, I don't know if this will help but I will give it a try. In yerms if power controllers I currently have 2 x Hammant & Morgan Duette twin track controllers each putting out 12 volts DC at 1 amp per track. As a result of this, double heading is much easier but I have had upto 4 Hornby ringfield motors all running together in my hst when my railway was much bigger than it currently is, of courae that was before I had to move from my previous address due to impending demolition in 2009/10. For the hst when it did have 4 ringfield m
  12. Hi Cypherman I'm curious, as I have never owned a wrenn locomotive mainly due to the high prices being asked for, can I ask please, what are they like in terms of tractive effort for the load they can haul and what are they like in terms of maintaining them ( easy or difficult ).
  13. Hi Everyone, Good news received today from Angel Trains regarding my earlier post in this thread for preservation of class 507/508 units. They will be available at a price if around £20,000 per 3 coach unit and will be sold as seen. They do have traces of asbestos and thus it will have to be removed depending on what the units are used for once purchased. Also unit 508111 ( The Beatles Story ) is being donated by Angel Trains to the people of Liverpool. To date, Angel Trains have had many enquiries from preservation groups regarding purchase of
  14. There was a project done which was described on rmweb a few years ago where a class 110 was upgraded with a chassis from a Bachmann class 108 which was modified to fit the 110 body. The result was a 3 coach unit which performed much better than with its original drive unit. I myself have upgraded my 110 with the original motors stripped of all the original internal parts and fitted with cd drawer motors. All the gear cogs and wheels were kept on the motors. I have had them in 8 coach formation with 1 unit powered and even with the other unit unpowered, 1 mo
  15. Is the MLV fitted with alternators so that the batteries could be continually charged up while the unit is on the move
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