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  1. Hello again, here's an update on the layout progress from the last few weeks. We've built a few Metcalfe kits: a goods shed, station building and signal box; we've also finalised the track plan and laid down some cork underlay. Some compromises have been made but things are looking promising for a first attempt. There are a few photos attached so you can see the beginnings of our layout.The next stage will be building the platform and making a start on the ballasting.
  2. Hi there, This is the first post in (hopefully) a series of layout updates. We have only just started planning so there is little to show for now, so here is what we've planned so far. This layout will be based on the track plan Minories by C. J. Freezer, with some slight changes to suit the baseboard. The aim is to model the year 1948, when BRITISH RAILWAYS was used on the sides of locos before the early BR crest. So far I have acquired two locos to match this era: West Country Class 34006 Bude with an LMS tender in loco exchange trials condition and a Fowler 2-6-4T 4P with the BR lettering on the side. To match Bude, I also have the Rapido Dynamometer car in 1948 condition. This is an awkward period to model due to the smaller number of RTR of locos in this livery so some locos and coaches from other time periods may appear because I like them, I guess having fun is just as important as being accurate . Anyway, below is a video of Sasha and I planning out the layout so you can see our (slow) progress. Thanks for stopping by!
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