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  1. It looks like you are all set to create a scene from "The Sweeney", all you need is a Mk.II Jag. jch
  2. I can recommend this company, Craftlight, a family firm that displays their range at IPMS shows, so will be familiar with the requirements of modellers. Perhaps not the cheapest, but their service is excellent. Regarding the comments on the headband style magnifiers, although I have a pair, I feel they have an intrinsic flaw. When you buy a pair of spectacles, the optician will measure the distance between the centres of your irises. Yet, on these magnifiers that distance is usually fixed, so unless you are lucky not ideal. There are ad
  3. While excellent for plastic, compasses and the various circle cutters will be useless for brass and are questionable for thicker plastic sheet, the line they make is 'V' shaped, so the hole or disc (whichever you want) still requires fettling to get a nice edge. For brass, I think a fretsaw and patience are the best option, again requiring some attention to get round. jch
  4. The DS19 was produced from 1955 till the mid 70s, so an older model would be reasonable, though it suggests the owner has a liking for innovation. Either Ford would be okay, as would a Mk.I Escort. jch
  5. As others have mentioned, budget 3D printers (and quite possibly expensive ones too) require a lot of setting-up to get the optimal results. I bought the cheapest (£99 as a kit), the Sstart The results are okay, but importantly it helped a lot to learn the design software. The tricky part of 3D printing is creating the files to print, think of it like an inkjet printer, without someone writing the documents it's an awkward door stop. Even if you use Shapeways, it's the designing that is the steepest part of the learning curve. jch
  6. I agree, though I'd start with a set tied in to one of the North Wales' lines, you would get sales from visitors who were not specifically model railway enthusiasts. Perhaps even an unpowered version for the mantlepiece. Nicely painted and accurate, perhaps "Prince and three 'bug boxes'" or "Dolgoch and some wagons" (I realise there is a gauge difference). A Hunslet could follow. jch
  7. If you believe the adverts in the Sunday magazines, stuff is sold as "collectable", usually the tackier and gaudier the better, ideally if it involves Elvis. jch
  8. Before you dismiss the cheap Chinese airbrush sets, I suggest you watch this video. These cheap sets are worth the money for practicing with and ideal for the basic tasks like priming after wards. jch
  9. It's mentioned on the BBC too It is partly to do with Brexit as the EU had a cap on fees, which creditcard companies can now exceed. jch
  10. Professor Google suggests Marks Models I cannot recommend as I've never used them. jch
  11. "Free Trade" does not apply or affect local taxes, like VAT. jch
  12. On a related matter, I saw this story. I can remember seeing a signs in many stores in the West End advertising that any VAT paid could be reclaimed after you leave the country, though I think it was a bit of a palaver, though worth it if you buy a Rolex. jch
  13. I saw this earlier. I'm not a betting man, but I'd wager a small sum that if a member of staff from 'Network Rail' approached and berated them, the staff would either be met with disbelief or a foul-mouthed response. These people think they have "rights", while conveniently forgetting they have responsibilities. Any warning signs are for others who are ignorant, they are smart, so a couple of hundred tons of train won't hurt them and if it's hits them it's the driver's fault for not stopping anyway. jch
  14. To give a specific, model related, example. I use a model manufacturer in Belgium (Resicast) who only supplies direct to customers, the situation is explained in their latest newsletter, my highlights. BREXIT The UK is no longer part of the EEC and this means a number of changes! EEC - Belgian VAT (21% VAT) will be charged on all order under £135.00 However all invoices will be in Euros and thus the exchange rate will no doubt affect the above. (£135.00 = approx 150.00 Euro as of 01 January 2021) An invoice and custom declaration CN 22/23 will now be included
  15. Like many here, I would be surprised if there were indoor exhibitions, model related or otherwise, much before the last quarter of 2021. However, I checked on the Leas Cliff Hall (which has held MR exhibitions as well as scale model shows over the years) and they are taking bookings for concerts and gigs from April. Now it might be they are hopeless optimists, but the Leas Cliff Hall is a fairly small venue so I can't see a 'socially distant' gig being very economic. Perhaps the local demographics mean that most people will be in the early rounds of vaccinations?
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