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  1. Thank you very much for your kind offer, Well I’ll pay for shipping, and I can pay you by PayPal for the wagons, as I have no need for the carriages. thanks again, Douglas
  2. Bit more paint added on both wagons. Sadly I had to remove the cross bracing on the B&E wagon as it wasn’t accurate, so that’s why one will observe the flakes of wood and superglue. This will be repainted very soon though.
  3. GWR tilt wagon taking shape, and the engine should be arriving tomorrow.
  4. Sparkshot has a chassis and body kit available for a GWR Victoria 2-4-0 which you could turn into the engine that is pictured below.
  5. The cab on my Beyer Goods actually wasn’t too horrible, mainly depends on how accurate you want things to be.
  6. I don’t think it will be permanent, I was mainly using it as weight, (because every time I breathed the wagon would go sailing across my desk) but I’ll look into it. It would probably be more at home in a gwr steel six wheeler.
  7. A bit more detail has attached itself to the Bristol & Exeter wagon. Unfortunately the wheels in this will have to be taken out and put in the tender, so I’m off to try and make some 3d printable ones.
  8. Grass has been grassed on one side of the tunnel approach, and half of the signal has also been installed. I’m working on a possible 3d printed tender for Mammoth, but I’ll have to wait till Friday when the engine gets here to check the dimensions. The main problem with this will be the axle box/suspension assembly, which is very hard to design using TinkerCAD, the software I’m using. Really I should upgrade to Fusion 360 or something like that. Apologies for the rubbish photography.
  9. I though the virus was on its way out of The Land of the Long White Cloud, or have my relatives been a exaggerating a bit. I suspect the latter, but my suspicions are almost never correct.
  10. I am now in the debt of Mr. @Edwardian, as the paper mâchè method has worked “a treat”, as I believe they say on yonder green isles ‘cross the sea. The main structure is piece of wood, to give the paper some backing. This then has balls of paper along it creating a slope, which has been covered in a smooth layer of paper. Right now it does look a bit arctic, but after it’s been blasted with the Oklahoma sun outside and painted it should improve.
  11. Paper machèing has begun, I will post some pictures soon. The main structure will be a piece of wood though.
  12. I shall look into this, it seems like the best way to proceed if I must rip up the current progress. But the tunnel structure will still be left off, as I need more room for the string instrument yard. Falling off a log can be quite hard, especially if one is rather high up in the air, and wishes not to descend at great speed.
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