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  1. Evening, Not much going on at the moment, other than preliminary exams on the run up to spring break. As I'm quiet young, I have not yetted be plagued by various "aches and pains" as the health commercials would say, although up until this year I regularly got quiet severe sore throats which would take me out of school for 3 days. Although I have heard that these aches and pains definitely aren't something to look forward to. In recent past I've started building again in Meccano, as proper model engineering was finally deemed "uneconomical" by me for
  2. I bet Ian Riley's is watching this with great interest. Although I believe they've recently finished up building their new facility in Lancashire somewhere.
  3. Sorry Rocker, just saw these. Currently the layout is packed away, as the floor was converted to something like the plotting floor of the Admiralty wargame room. (Dad and I were doing the track plan for a large Welsh goods yard in 4mm). To answer your question, I've got no idea what a track clip is, so I'm guessing I don't use them. The Vision 700e bogie arrived, fitted right in without any issue. My balsa pilot got destroyed on accident but we've been given a store credit from Trainz.com (the who we bought the engine from, great folks) to buy a new one. I keep forgetting t
  4. Evening all, Been away, school etc, The snow has all melted now, and temperatures have returned back to normal. I leave for Santa fe New Mexico in 2 weeks, for a socially distanced and isolated holiday on a bleak hillside somewhere, plenty of reading should get done. The dam in the river downtown is progressing. Earthworks have apparently restarted, as my dad saw an excavator up to its cab door in water spooning out bucket after bucket of riverbed into a waiting arctic dumper. That hasn't happened since October, so presumably an impasse has been passed.
  5. Yes I do agree. I think at some point a more L&M looking station will be acquired, as normally they were stone rather than brick, excluding the big Manchester Terminus.
  6. A new (prospective) plan, that will not please many, except maybe @J. S. Bach (). Said plan would be..... Hon3 gauge. This arose as a off hand suggestion from @kiwiokie (dad) about maybe doing a fictional extension of the Cumbres and Toltec. I have always liked narrow gauge, mostly because the Durango & Silverton was the first heritage railway I ever visited, at age five. We rode all the way up the line (4 hour journey) in one of the open sided cars, and acquired ash’s in our hair for weeks. So the probable plan would be to have a railro
  7. As a break from the very interesting discussion of the basis for the layout, some more modeling has been done in recent past. By this I mean the fitting of a Markits turned brass smokebox dart. I think I might scrape the black paint off it and leave it brass, it would give something for the cleaners boys to do. In the very scathing close up shot above we see the dart, and a terribly obvious splodge of red paint on the connecting rod. Oh well, I suppose it adds character but will probably get removed. Douglas
  8. This man, (or woman) deserves high praise for such an idea. It shall be out into place immediately. Thank you. Is that 0-6-0 a Mexican British built engine? Douglas
  9. I can very much see the attraction of a colonial railway, however then I would be missing the Santa Fe part. So here is a possible idea: I could do something along the lines of the Anglo Chilean Nitrate Railway, which was built by the British, and designed by one of the sons of Robert Stirling, inventor of the stirling engine, and also father of Patrick Stirling, the former GNR CME. I suppose my "argument" is that it could be possible to have a British built railway in a desert that wasn't in a colony. So, perhaps the Santa Fe and Tesuque railway was built to ser
  10. Well folks I have encountered the first major difficulty facing the freelance pre grouping modeller. Rolling stock. What do we think it should look like? The railway is based on 1850s Egyptian practice, but finding photos of anything other than the engine is quite difficult. This isn't a good thing as most of the inspiration was supposed to come from that. Any suggestions? Douglas
  11. Afternoon all, Still very cold here, and thankfully they haven’t cut our power, we seem to be out of the rolling blackout now. It’s supposed to rise above freezing tomorrow for the first time in a week. I’ve been away as school has just gotten very busy, and many other things needed doing. Douglas
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