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    Oklahoma, aka the boring Wild West
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    The LMS before 1930 and the LNWR.
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  1. My first experience with Earl Grey has been excellent.:jester:


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    2. Tim Hall

      Tim Hall

      Earl Grey every afternoon, with a biccy or two occasionally.

    3. Izzy


      Earl Grey with no milk, but a slice of lemon. Very refreshing. It's also the basis of iced tea of any flavour.

    4. truffy


      I used to drink Earl Grey. It is quite commendable.


      But I have since moved up to Darjeeling (preferably first flush, the champagne of tea) and Pai Mu Tan.


      And I am, for my sins, partial to green tea; at least, it's the only thing that I can find to drink in Starbucks.

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